Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mutual Desire!

Melonie and I have been best friends since our teens. I had moved away ten years ago but we had always maintained a strong relationship.

Her husband Keith called me early in February to see if she could come out to visit in June. He was going away on a business trip to the East coast. I was thrilled since I hadn't seen her in nearly a year and was anxious to get caught up.

"Now don't try to seduce my girl while I'm gone," he joked. Keith had always accused us as being closet lesbians. In hindsight, I think Keith had this planned all along. Or maybe Melonie did.

Melonie and I always had a deep respect and a mutual attraction for one another, but during this visit things went beyond normal. Something liad deeper within.

Her flight arrived late Friday afternoon. We meet at baggage claim. Like giddy school girls we ran to each other and embraced.

I was in awe with her beauty. She looked as sensational as ever, even after two kids....... Long sandy blond hair, impressive tan, and in phenomenal shape.

Uneventfully we made it back to my place and settled in. Both of us were exhausted from a hectic week, so we decided to stay in for the evening to relax and enjoy some wine. The hours flew by as usual when we were together.

Conversation revolved around usual topics: work, family, etc.,and of course reminiscing over the past.

She always brought up our time as roommates in San Diego. We were both freshman at SDSU, living with youthful freedom in our small, cozy two bedroom apartment.

Typical first year students that we were, we had no responsibilities, partyied too much, and studied too little.

We were deep into our second bottle of "Chupacabra," a deliciously smooth merlot that melted us deep into the sofa.

As the evening wore on our conversation took an unusual detour.

Melonie was never shy about telling me how attracted she was to my boyfriend Jim during that time. As it turns out it wasn't necessarily Jim that got her hot.

"You know, I could always hear when you and Jim were fucking like the rabbits that you were."

I cocked my head back in laughter, bordering on hysterical, "I knew it! I always wondered if you could hear. How couldn't you? Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I don't know. I guess I was a little embarrassed, but at the same time I enjoyed hearing you."

"You're so naughty Melonie," I cackled.

"The funny thing is, as smitten as I was over Jim I think you turned me on more."

"Really!" My heart rate began to accelerate.

"Yeah, hearing you moan while you were doing it, my imagination went wild. I wondered what he was doing to please you, and it drove me mad. I would masturbate sometimes, wishing I was with you."

She slid closer, putting a hand on my thigh, sending a chill through me.

"You should have told me, we probably would've let you join us back in those days." I said, placing my hand on hers.

"I'm telling you now Alison. She leaned toward me, her hand sliding towards my pussy, her head just a whisper's distance from mine.

"You're making me a little nervous Melonie."

Excited would be more accurate.

She leaned in and kissed me with her soft, delicate lips. I started to ache for more.

A looked deep into her hazel eyes as she pulled away for a response.

We knew what needed to happen next........all along.

With both of my hands I craddled her head, massaging her soft hair before pulling her back in.

Our tongues danced in each others mouth, a long meaningful kiss sending a shock through us.

We continued, unleashing our hidden desires as we made out on the couch. Hands exploring each other with a delicacy that only women know.

It didn't take long before Melonie took over, working her hand up my blouse caressing my breasts, giving them a gental squeeze. I cooed with delight as she managed to slide one hand under my bra, giving my nipple a firm pinch. Her other hand made it's way inside my shorts, stroking my clit.

She continued her magic, shifting focus to my neck with her mouth and tongue, taking her time, slowly bringing me to a boil.

Melonie slowly unbottoned my shirt, opening it to reveal my soft skin, exploring every inch.

My moans grew louder.

Finally, she unhooked my bra, my big tits spilling out to her delight as she took one into her mouth, swirling her tongue and gnawing at my erect nipples. She managed to slide two fingers inside of me, gently stroking my g-spot, getting me wetter.

Continuing her exploration she slid off the couch and nestled between my legs, unbouttoned my shorts and worked her mouth around my stomach just above the waistband, clutching and clawing before sliding my shorts off.

She slowly licked and kissed the inner lips of my snatch, taking her time before taking my clit into her mouth, still fucking me slowly with her amazing hand.

"Oh my god Melonie, that's so good, don't stop! Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh my god." I cried out, unable to hold back anymore, releasing a deep orgasm.

"Was that good Alison?"

"God yes! I want a turn! Let me please you!"

"Let's go up to the bedroom, I brought a present for the occasion," she said with a raised eyebrow, her face shining with my juice.

We made our way upstairs. Melonie ran to her room and returned with a leather strap on harness and black vibrating dido.

"Put this on and please me how Jim used to."

I slipped on the harness as Melonie ripped off her clothes and stood waiting anxiously, glowing with anticipation.

I felt so empowered with the strap-on cock, pushing her back onto the bed, diving between her legs licking at her gushing snatch. She tasted deliciously sweet.

I worked her frantically with my mouth and reached up to squeeze her sweet tits with my hands, just like Jim did.

I desperately wanted to fuck her from behind.

"Oh yeah, that's it Alison, come on baby, fuck me with that big cock, I can't wait any longer!"

Neither could I!

I rolled her onto all fours and positioned the big black dick in front of her mouth first. She eagerly took it in, working it deep, getting it ready!

I came around to her incredible ass, turned the vibrator on and slid inside her wet cunt with ease.

Amazing! God she was beautiful. Seeing the cock slide in and out of her was truly erotic. I never felt so sexually charged, so empowered to fuck someone this way, especially her.

I worked her hard and fast as Melonie bucked back against me.

"Oh Yes! Yes Alison that's it, keep going, like that, oh, ah, ahhhhhhhhh!"

She came hard.

I didn't let up for one second. Jim never did.


I did! I kept fucking her until pure exhaustion! Just like she always wanted me to.

In a blur, the weekend came and went. Our newfound seductive journey occupying most of it.

On Sunday I dropped her off at the airport and gave her a long kiss before she got out of the car.

"Maybe next time when I visit, you can show me how Keith pleases you," I partially joked.

"Next time, Keith might show you himself!"

My flight leaves July 24th.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

How to Have a Threesome

For a lot of couples there comes a time where a discussion of a threesome may surface. I stumbled across a great article by Ann Andriani that points out issues a couple should consider before "Expanding there Horizons." Though the focus of the article is introducing another woman to the scenario, the same principles would apply if you are in search of a man.

How to Have a Threesome
by Ann Andriani - All Sex Guide

Having a threesome can be an exilerating experience It can also be a recipe for disaster. So how then, is a couple supposed to know if it's right for them? I've received lots of questions about threesomes over at and have been inspired to share my thoughts and experiences in this threesome guide for couples to help you and your hunny have an earth shattering sexual experience or avoid the biggest mistake of a lifetime. I do want to stress, before you start reading that because of the questions I've received, this article is written with heterosexual couples in a serious relationship in mind. It will help to keep things organized.

There's a lot of things to consider when embarking on the journey of a threesome. Some people fear such a big step and others think, well it's just sex with one more person involved so what's the big deal? To those folks I say, Plenty! It takes a strong couple to get involved in a threesome. According to Nina Hartley,

"It's a very big step and it's very hard to go back on it." There are so many emotions involved that if things are not planned out and discussed ahead of time, one or both of you could be in for a big surprise, and not a good one either. Now, I'm not trying to scare you away and tell you that it's a bad idea, because I've been there and I know it's a great experience, but you know the old saying, "No pain, no gain."

That saying rings true for my experience, but the pain has been totally worth it because my boyfriend and I have been able to experience something very special. I've always been attracted to women and am willing to play with the right participant, so it gives me a chance to fulfill a fantasy, and is a very hot show for my boyfriend. But the road to threesome heaven, for us at least, has not been without its roadblocks. Now, not everyone's experience is going to be this involved or this serious. In fact, some couples will fall right into it with no problem. However, we've been through it all and would love to share our experiences to help others. So here we go.


One important requirement in having a successful threesome is having a stable relationship, meaning all partners involved should be happy with one another, trust one another and respect one another. If deep down you're not happy in your relationship, a threesome is not going to fix it. If anything, it could end the relationship altogether. If you're not happy, you need to fix your troubles first. Don't ever get involved in a threesome to win back your lover. Do it because it's something that you really want to do. Also realize that for some couples, this is a big step and once you take it, there's no going back, which is why you should do it for yourself. There's no placing blame and getting upset about your partner going through with it later. What I'm trying to say is make sure EVERYTHING in your relationship is in order. I realize that most differences that couples have can not be completely resolved, but it is important to learn how to live with them. So make sure things are "honestly" happy between you and your partner.

Threesome - Communication

Communication is a must when including another person into your private, sexual play. Of course the communication is important when revealing this fantasy or idea with your lover, but it's also important in planning and preparing for the big event. Now, I'm not just talking boundaries, we'll discuss that more later. I'm talking about honest open, emotional communication with your lover. If you have any fears, let him/her know.For example, the wonderful woman that my boyfriend and I are involved with is a result of MY doing. I told my boyfriend I was attracted to her. I was the one who spoke to her and coordinated our first encounter, but that didn't mean that I didn't have my fears. Yes, I was totally excited, I had fooled around with women in the past, but this was going to be my first time going all the way. It was also going to be the first time that my boyfriend was going to have intercourse with another woman since we were each other's first. Deep down, I am secure in my relationship. I know that my boyfriend and I have a love that's deeper than words can describe and one night with another woman could never even come close to jeopardizing that. But, I was still having feelings of insecurity, thinking such thoughts as...will she pleasure him better than me? Will she do something or offer something that I can't? You bet, it was still jumping around in the back of my mind. Instead of letting these issues grow, I communicated these things and put the fire out. That's the kind of communication I'm talking about. Being able to honestly discuss your fears and concerns, because you will have some and it's important that those fears be put to rest before that night. If not, the explosion could be of monstrous proportions.

Self Respect

Most of us have negative issues about ourselves, be it body issues, income issues, social issues, etc. We all have them and we all have to deal with them, but make sure that those issues don't affect your self respect, especially if you're planning on having a threesome with your partner. I put self respect in its own category because you and only you are responsible for how you see yourself in this situation. Yes, it's important that your partner respects you, but if you don't respect yourself, I think your view of things that night may be a little skewed.

For example, if you have small breasts and have always been unhappy with them and the woman you include in your sexual play has rather large breasts, are you going to be jealous the whole night? Are there going to be times during the experience when you think your lover is having more fun with her because she has larger breasts? Or what if the other guy that's included has a larger penis? Will you be concerned that your wife/girlfriend is receiving more pleasure from or is more aroused by this man's larger penis? Even though, your partner may be enjoying the difference, it may only be the novelty of it, but deep down your partner loves you and/or cares about you. So you see, those body issues will affect your performance and your pleasure of the experience and unfortunately for you, that's not your partner's problem. It's problems you created on your own. So take care of your own issues, so you can be confident in yourself and have fun.

Define Your Relationship

Putting things into perspective and looking at what the relationship is, honestly, can be very helpful. I don't know if you've noticed, but I only referred to this third person as being involved in "sexual play" not "lovemaking." I believe they are two totally different experiences. For example, when my boyfriend and I "make love" it is a loving act between the two of us and during the process we express those emotions. When we're including our girlfriend, those emotions and feelings do not get expressed. When we're with her, it's just sex. Yes, we care about her and she cares about us, but he doesn't "love her" and don't "love her" the way we love each other. In my experience, I think it's been best to keep the two separate and if you're secure enough in your relationship and you've planned well ahead of time, than you should have no trouble making the distinction.This might also be a good time to mention that you may want to define your relationship with this other person. Is this person also a good friend of yours? Is he/she just a casual friend that you see for this type of play? Is this someone you want to hang out with out of the bedroom too? How close do you want to get with this person? Can they stop by on a whim or do you need some advance notification to prepare yourself? Take our girlfriend, for example. In driving time, she lives about 5 hours away, so we don't see her often at all. We usually get together a few times a year and that's when we play. We've defined our relationship as being close friends that have sex. We talk on the phone and online when we can to keep in touch, but when we meet, it's time to play.

Boundaries in a Threesome

Lastly, but not any less importantly is boundaries. You should define with your partner what your limits are. What kind of sexual play will be you experiencing? Are you going to go all the way or are you just going to go out and fool with around with each other? If another woman's involved, is your boyfriend or husband going to have intercourse with her or is he just going to watch and pleasure himself? Or...are both women going to orally and manually pleasure him? It may not seem like a big deal but when you're in the thick of it, it really matters. Let's look at a few examples. These examples all have to do with adding another woman.

A couple, that we're friends with, have also had a threesome, but they had very specific boundaries. There was no kissing the other woman, only they, the couple could kiss and he did not have intercourse with this other woman. I think that it was only his girlfriend that fooled around with her. I think both women pleasured him orally, but that was it. They had very strict boundaries and apparently the other woman didn't seem to mind because she was really interested in playing with the girl.

In my case, there really weren't any boundaries. My boyfriend could do whatever he wanted with our girlfriend, as long as she was cool with it, and the same applied to me. The only rule or boundary we have is that no one says "I love you" to her, during the act of sexual play. And, the whole threesome experience can not last more than a night and the next morning. The first rule would never happen anyway, but it was still spoken out loud. The second rule was designated by me because I really don't like to share my sweetie for any longer than that amount of time. My boyfriend and I are used to being only with each other on a day to day basis, so by the time our shower play is finished the next morning, I've shared more than enough and am ready to retreat and have him all to myself again.

You can also go as far as Betty Dodson, the Mother of Masturbation, and her boyfriend and be completely open to having sex with other people. Betty and her man, can actually go out and have sex with other people and the other one doesn't even have to be there. In fact, Betty gave her boyfriend to her girlfriend for her girlfriend's birthday. Her girlfriend loved the experience so much that she wanted to see Betty's boyfriend again. Even though Ms. Dodson did that, she revealed that when her girlfriend wanted to see her boyfriend again, she became angry. And even in their open relationship, Betty's boyfriend Eric says, about non-mamonogamy, "Believing in something intellectually doesn't mean that it's easy to accept emotionally..." But they still have rules. So you see, no matter how stupid you think a rule or boundary is, speak it, make it known otherwise, like I said earlier, you may hit some serious road bumps right in the middle of the experience.

Now that you have expressed and defined your boundaries with each other, it's time to find out what that lucky third person had in mind. Don't be afraid to come right out and ask. Everyone is involved in this to fulfill some kind of fantasy and it's important to know what this third person, that you've both never been intimate with wants to get out of this situation. You also don't want to overstep any boundaries that this person has. It will leave them feeling used and violated. So showing him/her that you care about them, also shows them how important they are. It also avoids any unpleasantness that would happen if his/her boundaries were overstepped during the event. This is another human being who has feelings and desires and deserves as much respect from you and your partner as you would want to receive from each other. Even though we've been with our girlfriend a bunch of times now and the newness is over, we still inquire before a meeting if there's any fantasy she wants fulfilled and if there is she lets us know. We also check in with her afterwards to find out if everything was okay, and she does the same for us.


This has to be right up there with Communication. Since you are bringing a third person into sexual play, you may not know much about them and their past, so it's always best to play safe. Make sure you have latex gloves, dental dams and condoms handy. And make sure you let this third person know ahead of time that you both only engage in safe sexual play, just so no one gets offended when all the prophylactics come out. If she can't play safely, then she can't play at all.Those are the important initial steps to heading down the road to a successful threesome. I can say that it has been a wonderful experience for my boyfriend and I, but it has also been one that we have also discussed not experiencing any more. It's that solid, honest communication and the various topics we discussed that has helped us decide each and every time. This is by no means a total and complete guide, but at least it will get you and your partner travelling down that road to deciding whether or not you should make this fantasy a reality.

For more information:

I also want to mention that one of the reasons our first threesome was such a success was because of "Nina Hartley's Guide to Swinging." Her video showed us all these points and helped us to start talking about what concerned us most. It showed how feelings of jealousy and inadequacy could creep in when you least expect it, but once you do talk to each other, work things out and plan ahead, how wonderful an experience a threesome can be. I also highly recommend Nina's newest DVD's Nina Hartley's Guide to Threesomes to any couple that fantasizes about having a threesome because watching things unfold on this video, may really help you and your lover sort through things and find out if this fantasy is right for you.I hope that this threesome sex guide has shed some light for you and your lover. I hope the story that I've told and the lessons we have learned will have you both on your way to a very pleasureable threesome experience!

I highly recommend these DVDs by Nina Hartley. Both threesome scenarios are sold seperately depending on your preference or if your looking to experience both!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

"The Wham Bam Thank You Van"

This week it was my turn to drive. Never in a million years did I think I would look forward to driving, but I needed the fucking rest. Our service was in higher demand than I could ever possibly imagine.

The Van was looking immaculate! Fresh out of the shop, a midnight black 1978 Chevrolet G Van Shorty. New paint and gloss on the exterior, chrome hubcaps that made the motherfucker shine. As far as the upholstery, the floor was lined with red shag carpet! Comfort was needed most when you were talking about a bang mobile. The only chair was on the driver's side. Three guys satisfying a woman's primal desires on the open highway, you needed all the room you could get.

Most of these girls who seek our service were sexy, smart, and sophisticated. They just needed an escape from the monotony of the everyday humdrum. At the core, I think everyone needs to unleash the beast from within.

Cruising down the freeway my associates were in the back ready to please.

Maceo a.k.a. “Big Chocolate”. A huge Afro-American buddy of mine who made Ving Rhames look like a fucking dwarf. He was chiseled out of stone, oh and yes, he's packing some “big” heat.

Rafael, a.k.a. “The Spaniard”. Model good looks with a medium athletic build. Long slick black hair and matching goatee, with a magical tongue that drives the women insane!

And David, a.k.a. “Tuff”. Nickname came from his 10 year stint as a minor league hockey player. Ruggedly handsome, the only thing he handled better than a hockey puck was tits and ass!

Our next stop was just off interstate 215, also known as the Belt Route. The house was located near Holliday in a neighborhood that was made for television. Very high class, mostly occupied by doctors, lawyers, business owners, and most importantly..........clients!

“Were here!” I shouted.

The Van screamed into Kara's driveway. Her CFM boots clicked loudly across the driveway as she practically sprinted to the van. A deeply tan brunette, huge tits bouncing in her white halter top, and denim shorts showing off her muscular legs.

She climbed in and the boys immediately mauled her, all three of them naked and ready to feed her hungry soul.

Maceo and David took her down to her back, quickly ripping her shirt off to get at her delicious breasts. Not far behind Rafael stripped off her shorts and enjoyed her smooth muscular legs, licking and nibbling his way up toward her pleasure zone.

Kara cried out loudly, sprawling out on the soft shag, furiously stroking Maceo and David's meaty cocks while they pleasured her luscious melons.

Rafael was working her wet pussy with that impressive tongue of his. I could tell she was on the verge of cumming.

I was doing my best to stay focused and get the van back on the Belt Route. We hit a red light just before the entrance. A fat balding man in a convertible mustang pulled up in the other lane next to us. He gave me an odd look. The van was shaking noticeably since Kara was now riding Rafael while taking Maceo and David's shafts into her hot juicy mouth.

I turned to stare back at Mr. Convertible through my razorblade sunglasses. He quickly looked away.

I spun the tires as the light turned green, speeding onto the freeway. Wind came screaming through the windows as I reached 80 mph.

The moans and groans were filtered out by the noise of the freeway. I struggled to keep my focus on driving, but it was hard with such an erotic display in my rear view mirror.

They were like a well oiled machine! David was fucking Kara in the ass while she kept grinding away on Rafael's member. Not denying Maceo any pleasure she continued working his massive black cock with an incredible suck job. Her hunger was being filled completely.

After our final loop the gang bang reached a colossal orgasm, all of them howling with pleasure, David and Maceo releasing deep inside her ass and cunt, while Maceo sprayed her chest with his creamy sperm. Kara quivered with pleasure as we sped back to her house.

Just like that we were back in her driveway. Kara hoped out of the Van, energized by the raw sexual experience. She walked around to the driver's side, panting, and leaned in for a quick kiss.
“I hope you saved enough for me,” I said in a stern tone.

“But of course! Think you can comp me this one time?”

“Maybe just this time,” I said with a smile.

Kara went running towards the front door then stopped abruptly and turned back around.

“Can you still pick up the kids from soccer?”

I gave her a quick wink and hit the gas..................didn't want to keep Mrs. Tuff waiting too long!

Monday, April 21, 2008

The Futurotic Slim Line Lover

"I'm ready, give it to me now," Tanya cooed. Continuing to work her with my mouth I slid the flesh vibrator inside of her slowly. Soft moans escaped her lips as I slid it back and forth. .

Tanya continued to buck against my face as I fucked her faster with the cyberskin vibrator. It's realistic feel pleased Tanya, making her moan and groan with excitement.

I rolled her over onto all fours, "Are you ready," I asked. "Oh yeah," she gasped. Her ass rocking side to side, looking as inviting as ever.

I reapplied lube on the toy and tickled the rim of her backdoor. Taking my time I slowly seduced her ass and worked it deep inside of her. "Mmmm," she moaned as the smooth vibrations penetrated her.

I lubed up my cock to give her a double dose and entered her awaiting pussy with the vibrator purred deep inside her luscious ass.

The vibrations massaged my member through the thin wall. The double penetration was so erotic it didn't take long for us to release.

"Oh my God........... I'm gonna cum," she cried out. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise, sending through the roof as I released my orgasm.

The vibrations made us shake and quiver.

Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night!

A very refreshing and realistic vibrating dildo by California Exotic. The Futurotic slim line lover vibe feels very real and is non-intimidating in size. Great for vaginal and/or anal play.

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"Better Late than Never"

Like any typical man, Jim was notoriously late. The usual barrage of excuses were always included. “Sorry baby, meeting ran longer than I expected.” “The Boys and I decided to play 18 holes.” “The game went into overtime, etc.....” “Besides baby, better late than never!”

Well after a year, it was time to show Jim the true meaning of that phrase!

Every Saturday morning Jim went golfing with his buddies. I left a note in his car sealed with a kiss that read, “Meet me in the bedroom at 1pm sharp! If you are LATE you'll NEVER find out what pleasures I have planned for you!”

I wasn't surprised to see Jim on time for a change. He promptly showed up with a business like demeanor. “Here I am baby what did you have in mind?” Jim almost seemed arrogant! What could she possibly have for me that was so great?

Without hesitation I forcefully pulled him in for a hard open-mouthed kiss. Our tongues dancing aggressively, I felt myself becoming moist. Reluctantly I pulled away, trying to with the plan.
“Take your clothes of now stud!”

Jim was always dominant in every aspect of his life, especially when it came to sex. I didn't know he could be such a good submissive boy! He was naked in record time.

I stood there and admired his long, lean, body. He glistened with sweat slightly as the sun crept through the blinds, trying to sneak a peek at his chiseled physique.

Jim just stood there naked, staring with those piercing pale blue eyes. His cock was rock hard.........cum already oozing down the shaft! Oh this is gonna be unbelievably good!

“Lie in bed lover,” I motioned with my head. There without delay!

I walked over to the dresser drawer, looking at him lustfully the whole way. I revealed my first surprise.

Jim's eyes grew wild with excitement when he saw the set of ankle and hand cuffs. Before he knew it he was cuffed to the steel bedposts.

I crawled onto the bed, positioning my face inches from his throbbing manhood. “I have one last thing to take care of, but can you wait for me?” I whispered at his dick.

“Oh yeah!”

“Good,” I replied seductively, and slowly ran my tongue from the base of his cock to the top before taking it in my mouth. He juices were salty sweet.

“I'll be back lover, please be patient!”

Then I was gone...........................for an hour!

What can I say, a girl's gotta go shopping and besides I had a few more surprises in store.
After handled the final critical details, I rushed back and got ready downstairs. I could hear Jim struggling upstairs and yelling. Mumbled non-sense is all it sounded like from the lower level.
“Patience lover patience,” I shouted...............It was time!

I entered the bedroom. My jet black hair slicked and pulled back in a pony tail. My dark eyeliner made my green eyes glow. I was wearing my new latex bustier, my large breasts fully exposed and matching thigh high boots shining with pride! Panties? Hell no! I was there for business!
Any signs of anger Jim had was gone instantly.

“You ready for your next surprise lover boy?”

Jim nodded like a little kid!

I reached into the drawer and pulled out the black, suede flogging whip. I look of fearful anticipation came over Jim.

I climbed on top of him now, straddling his stomach. The head of his cock pressed against my ass, throbbing with desperation. I reached back and gently massaged his balls. “I'm sorry baby, did I keep you waiting too long?” Before he could reply, I whipped him across the chest.

Stunned, Jim replied, “Oh uh......that's okay baby.”

“So what your saying is that you like waiting?” The whip came cracking down again, harder this time!

“Uhhh,” as all that came out! Jim's chest was red now. He seemed to enjoy the combo of pleasure and pain.

“I'm gonna show you what better late that never means to me!” “Do you want to me to show you?”


WHIP! One last time for good measure!

I turned around now, my round ass lingering just in front of his mouth, my breasts dangled across his cock. Jim fought against the cuffs, needing to lick me.

I tickled the inside of his thighs, making him squirm.

“Uh hahahah,” as all Jim could muster.

Then, I added the sweet contrast, digging my nails and scratching away the tickling sensation in his thighs.

I did this over and over, driving Jim absolutely mad!

I ran my lips up his inner thigh then asked, “Do you want me to suck that hard cock of yours?”


“Do you want to fuck me with your juicy tongue?”


“Beg Me!”

“Louder,” I commanded.


“Prove it!” As I pushed my ass right in his face. Jim thrusting his tongue deep inside, eating my pussy like it was his last meal! I moaned with incredible delight.

“You still want me to suck that big cock of yours?”

“Hmmm mmmm,” he muffled.

“You have get me off first,” I moaned.

It didn't take long! I came almost instantly, drenching his face with my juice.

I pulled my ass away. Jim was gasping for air.

I blew hot air on his cock, teasing him. Jim fought hard against the cuffs as I swirled my tongue around the top, moving painfully slow.

The headboard banged loudly against the wall as Jim fought harder.

“Need More?”


I took him deep inside my mouth now and slowly brought it back up. Over and over again. Jim was practically yelling with pleasure.

Then I shifted gears, going from painfully slow to fast and furious. Fucking him with my hot mouth.

Now Jim was yelling and on the verge of exploding down my throat.

Knowing he was close I immediately stopped!

Jim panted like a dog, So close to release, it was exhausting.

“Hold on sweetness.......I've got one last surprise!”

Out came the ruby red vibrator.

I knelt between his thighs as I dumped lube over it, making it shine.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Yes .”

“You need release?”

“Yes please,” Jim whispered.

Without delay, I slid the vibrator in his ass, slowly sliding it back and forth.

“Oh my god,” Jim moaned.

I straddled his cock, pussy hovering just above, juices dripping on him.

“Ready for the ride of your life?”

I slid down on top of him. Manically fucking and grinding on his cock. Riding him hard and fast!

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” He came instantly, pumping his juices deep inside of me! Shaking in the restraints so forcefully I thought he was having a seizure.

I continued fucking him.


“Will you ever be late again?” I kept grinding.


“Won't keep this sex bomb waiting ever again?” Fucking him faster!


Finally I had mercy and stopped. Jim was shaking like a leaf, I stayed on top, enjoying him inside of me.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Sorry that took so long.”

“Hey........better late than never!”

"Full Service"

I had been going to Serenity Style for about a year to get my hair done. Naturally my friends gave me shit for going to a top dollar place, questioning my manhood! What can I say? Metrosexual is in. Since when was it a crime for a guy to give a shit how well he looked. Besides, when was the last time any of you guys got laid? And no masturbation does not count!

They didn't know what they were missing anyway. We're talking about the royal treatment at this place. Very modern style, complimentary beer or wine, plasma televisions with sports on every channel and a massage afterwards. Plus, the stylists were drop dead gorgeous. In particular, Heather was my favorite. Great personality, actually knew what the fuck she was talking about when it came to sports, flirtatious, and smokin' hot!

Now, I always had a hunch that Heather had a little crush on me, but I had no idea of her true potential until my next visit.

I had an important business trip come up on short notice and wanted to get in for a quick trim. Heather was more than accommodating.

“I'm sorry Jay. I don't have any openings but I'll tell you what, I have to close shop tonight. Why don't you come in at 9:00 and I'll squeeze you in after hours.”

“Sweet! Thanks darling, your the best!”

“No, you are handsome!”

I show up later that evening. Heather greets me at the door looking stunning as ever. Wearing a silk blouse with a razor black skirt and with sexy heels. Kind of a fetish of mine.

Everything started out business as usual. We talked about work, a little sports, and so on before the conversation became truly interesting.

“So Jay do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, I just use girls for the sex,” I said jokingly.

“Ha! Your so dirty Jay! Maybe, you just haven't found the right girl yet?”


“What's your ideal girl?”

“Smart, beautiful, a strong sense of herself, adventurous.”

“Adventurous? Hmmm.” Come on Jay, let's go rinse you off.”

We go to the back room and Heather sits me down at one of the sinks. This is actually my favorite thing about the salon. The sinks are actually comfortable! You don't feel like you need a chiropractor after getting your hair washed!

The lighting was dimmer than usual, adding a certain intimacy which seemed appropriate.
Heather started rinsing and washing my hair, her thigh rubbing up against mine and her breast lightly brushed against my arm as she massaged shampoo into my hair. She made no attempt to pull away.

“Jay, I have a conditioning treatment I would like to try.”

“Sounds good.”

“It has to sit and penetrate deep into your follicles for about 10 minutes. You don't mind a little penetration do you?.”

“No,” I replied with a big cheesy smile.

“Good, let's start.”

She massaged the conditioner deep into my scalp, leaving a cool tingling sensation deep inside my head.

“Just lay back and relax,” she whispered softly.

Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt exposing my muscular body, running her hands all over me and lightly digging with her long manicured nails. She traced around my body with her tongue, enjoying my chest, flicking her across my nipples before taking it in her mouth. I let out a deep satisfying moan.

She worked her way downward, nibbling and kissing just above the waistline of my trousers. Massaging cool peppermint cream into my body simultaneously with her hands. Leaving me with the same sensation I was feeling in my scalp.

Cool on top half and now warm down below. Heather had worked my pants down around my knees, positioned between my legs, sucking my cock, slowly working up and down on the shaft.

She stood up and hiked her black skirt up around her hips, turning around exposing her silky smooth ass. She slowly teased my cock, dancing on my lap. She continued her seduction, bending at the waist showing me her wet pussy, my cock was aching for her.

Heather reached inside a drawer and pulled out some warming lube, massaging it all over my manhood. The warmth was incredible! With the same hand she took her fingers inside her pussy, soft moans escaped as she pleasured herself momentarily before finally sliding down on me slowly riding me.

It was beautiful to watch. Her skirt pulled up just enough to expose the dragon tattoo on her low back. .

“Oh my god Sam you're gonna make me cum,” she cried out, drenching my dick with her wet orgasm, gripping at my thighs still riding strong.

She now knelt before me again. This time she massaged a cooling balm onto my cock and let it cool before taking it in her mouth. Heather kept alternating between sucking me with her hot mouth and stroking with cool cream. I was getting close.

With my cock now deep in her throat there was no holding back, I was about to erupt.
“Oh fuck Heather, here it comes!”

“Mmmm Hmmm,” she moaned, no intention of pulling off as I flooded her mouth with my juice. She gulped it down, sucking every bit of I had.

“Oh my God, that was fucking amazing,” I mumbled, still enjoying the sensory overload.

“Did that meet your idea of adventurous?” Heather asked.

“That would be an understatement.”

“Well lets finish up and then head over to my place for the main course.” “That was just the appetizer baby!

Now do you see why I go there?

"Better Than Baseball"

Joey and I have been roommates for about of year, but our friendship goes further back. We live in a third floor loft in the Pearl District. A quaint area near downtown Portland. Both transplants from the east coast, work bringing us to the drizzly northwest.

Being New England natives, we are both die hard Red Sox fans. Regardless of their recent success we still obsess about winning, especially when it comes to the much hated Yankees! Though our appetite for whooping Yankee ass is insatiable, we learned one hot summer night that some things satisfy are more appetizing!

Early in the season Joey and I were especially giddy. The Red Sox were on fire, jumping out to an eight game lead, comfortably in first place. My girlfriend Cindy who enjoyed baseball, was slightly annoyed with our obsession.

“You know boys, there are some things better than baseball.” We quickly discarded the comment. Growing up in New England, Red Sox baseball was everything.
Cindy would prove later, almost everything.

It was the dead of August when that incredible night came. The Red Sox lead over the Yankees dwindled down to one game. To say the tension was high would be an understatement. Both teams were in the middle of a three game series at Fenway, splitting the first two.

The three of us were set to watch the rubber match. Beer in hand, Joey and I watched intently, living and dying with each pitch. Cindy seemed disinterested with the outcome. We barely took notice to how stunning she looked that evening. I'm talking about a girl built like a greek goddess. Five foot ten, firm breasts and legs all the way to heaven.

After six innings, Cindy had enough. She was needing some true excitement.

She walked across the room in a business like manner. Heels clicking along the hard wood floor, making her way in front of the T.V.

“Come on babe, there's only three more innings!”

She stood there defiantly. Hip hiked to the side, her folded arms pressed against her breasts, accentuating her cleavage.

“I told you boys there are some things better than baseball.

Ignoring her, we tried to look around her to see the game.

“Well I've got a game you might like. Let's see how many times you guys can make me cum before this game is over.”

And before we knew it, her rasberry summer dress hit the floor, exposing her curvaceous body.
Cindy's body shined, nipples fully erect, enjoying the summer breeze streaming through the window. Her shaved pussy moist and inviting.

“Batter up,” She said.

In a whirlwind we were on top of her, Joey practically threw her on the bed. Squeezing and sucking her breasts. Cindy arched her back and moaned with lust as I planted my face between her legs. Working her clit, sliding my fingers in and out of her wet cunt.

We continued to work all of her hot spots. She grabbed the back of my head screaming as she orgasmed, flooding my mouth with her sweet and sticky cum.

Joey rolled onto his back and sprawled out across the bed, Cindy positioned onto all fours. Clutching and grabbing at his pants pulling them down, immediately finding his eager cock, taking it deep in her mouth. I quickly threw my clothes off, moved in behind and slid into her pussy. The warmth of her was overwhelming. Her hard ass pounded back against me, head bobbing up and down on Joey's dick. Her deep moans muffling against him as I continued to fuck her hard from behind. Pure lust was the only way you could describe it. Cindy unleashed another orgasm. That's two if your keeping score.

Cindy climbed on top Joey now and started to ride, thrusting for all she was worth. I moved to the head of the bed and without hesitation she leaned down to suck my cock. Her wavy blond hair shaking around, getting banged at both ends.

Abruptly she pulled away from me with a glazed look on her face and gave me a wink. Kinky girl! I knew what she needed!

Staying on top of Joey, she lowered herself to give him a wet open mouthed kiss. Her firm tits pressed against his chest, round ass in the air waiting for my lubed cock.

I slowly entered her back door, Cindy moaned deeper than I've ever heard. Sandwiched between us guys, taking us both. We fucked in perfect sink, building toward an earth shattering orgasm.

Collectively we all reached the point of no return, juices releasing deep inside Cindy. We collapsed in exhaustion on top of one another. Cindy between us, cocks still pulsating, giving her every last drop .

We laid comfortably together, basking in the afterglow of our sex.

In the background I heard the announcer saying, “Manny Ramirez will lead off in the top of the 8th.”

“Cindy didn't you say to keep going until the ball game was over?”

“Yeah, that's right,” Joey chimed in.

She smiled sinfully. Leaning down, tracing her tongue along Joey's lips. I moved in right behind her, licking and nibbling at the nape of her neck, feeling my arousal coming back.

“Batter Up!”

"Birthday Bang"

Tracy felt slightly buzzed from the couple of drinks she had at the bar as her and Sam headed back to their hotel room.

Once they arrived Sam pulled Tracy in close for a long, wet, open-mouthed kiss. She could feel his huge erection pressed against her, this made her hot. "Take your clothes off lover," he said.

She stripped down to only her panties and matching heels. Sam then proceeded to blindfold her and ask her to lie down on the bed, it was time for her special massage.

He was masterful as always, starting with a deep massage on her calves, then to her thighs and back. The combination of the drinks and rub relaxed Tracy and made her anticipate the special ending she usually receives even more.

Sam proceeded to rubbing and kissing her neck, chills went down her spine......she could feel herself getting wet with excitement. Sam buried his face deep in her pussy, working her slowly with his tongue, Tracy's moans increased more as she felt her orgasm beginning to build.......Sam handed her the purple vibrator, her personal favorite, and she worked her clit while Sam continued to tongue fuck her. As she was approaching orgasm, she now felt two sets of hands rubbing her legs. The sensation shocked and excited her at the same time as Sam and the Stranger were now pleasing her to higher levels.

They took turns foundling her tits and sucking down below........ Tracy continued to buzz and grind against Sam's face as she came.....her body went numb with pleasure.

Tracy was now overtaken with pure lust......both men escorted her off the bed and to her knees......she eagerly took a cock in each hand and started sucking them off back and forth, giving them equal pleasure.......moans filled the room.

The gentlemen then helped her to her feet.....Sam pulled her in for a French kiss and then the stranger took his turn as well......Still blindfolded, Tracy was then led by both men to another stud waiting in the corner chair......she didn't even realize he was in the room. The men guided her as she reached down and felt his pulsating cock slowly easing herself down, straddling him as she took all if it in......she fucked him slowly enjoying his throbbing dick inside of her. Sam and the Stranger went back to pleasuring her tits and sucking on her clit as she slowly rode the man in the chair. She stayed nestled on his cock as she sucked Sam and the Stranger off again.......she was getting close to orgasm again, but she knew that they weren't done with her yet......

The men now helped her back onto the bed on all fours and started taking turns licking her from behind. Tracy's excitement was overwhelming, she couldn't believe this was all happening. Before she knew it the stranger slowly pushed his wet cock inside of her. He fucked her from behind while Sam watched and waited....he wanted to have her last! With the sensation overload it didn't take long for Tracy to come again........she was sexually satisfied, but there was still one cock she needed most.

Sam rolled her onto her back and went down on her one last time. He continued to please her orally until Tracy pleaded for his cock. One swift stroke and he was inside her, fucking her hard while the strangers caressed her breasts. She heard Sam's usual moans and knew he was getting close.........this excited her and Tracy came all over his cock.....Sam's moans were growing and Tracy knew it was time........

Quickly she dropped to her knees and took Sam in her mouth and the stranger's cocks in each hand and starting pumping and sucking them as they shot their essence all over her tits and in her mouth!

Sam leaned down gave her a big kiss and thanked her for the birthday present and being the best lover a man could ever have!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

"The Audition"

Tyler was downstairs waiting for me on the couch just as I had instructed. I'm sure the anticipation was killing him since he knew I had something particularly special in store for him this evening. It was time to blow his mind!

His jaw nearly fell to the floor when he saw me enter the room. I was wearing nothing but thigh high boots, holding a cyberskin vibrator and lube in one hand and a camcorder in the other. “I'm here for the audition, would you like to see what I can do on film baby?”

All he could do was simply nod as I handed him the video camera.I sat on the couch across from him as he fumbled to start recording, he couldn't do it fast enough.

I started first with my tits. Rubbing them and squeezing them together, letting out soft moans as a brought one up to my mouth and ran my tongue across the nipple, my pussy now was dripping wet!

Moving and caressing my hands downward feeling the smoothness of my own body sent chills down my spine. Tyler's eyes were wide with excitement and I could see that he had grown hard inside his jeans.

I slide my finger in and out of myself getting it extremely wet, alternating between penetration and rubbing my clit. I was now moaning very loud as I was getting close to orgasm.

I repositioned to all fours across the couch, slowly poured lube on the vibrator and entered from behind. It's smooth vibrations sent me through the roof. Arching and writhing around I fucked myself silly and screamed with delight as a orgasmic wave went through me.

The joy of performing for Tyler was overwhelming satisfying! He had managed to get his cock free and was stoking himself, camera still rolling.I now crawled over to him staying stretched out on all fours and took him in my mouth.

Up and down on his shaft I worked, long and slow, mimicking the same motion I was using with the vibrator, continuing to pleasure myself. My moans muffled around his firmness as another orgasm rushed over me!

Knowing he was getting close I took his shaft out of my mouth and continued to stroke him as I licked his balls. I don't know how he was able to keep the camera still!

Tyler's groans started echoing throughout the living room. I took his cock against my breasts as he shot his massive load all over my chest!Both of us just stayed there, him on the couch and me on the floor breathing excitedly, numb with pleasure!

I caressed and massaged his essence into my tits.Smiley wickedly at him I said, “So, am I film worthy baby?”