Monday, April 21, 2008

"Better Late than Never"

Like any typical man, Jim was notoriously late. The usual barrage of excuses were always included. “Sorry baby, meeting ran longer than I expected.” “The Boys and I decided to play 18 holes.” “The game went into overtime, etc.....” “Besides baby, better late than never!”

Well after a year, it was time to show Jim the true meaning of that phrase!

Every Saturday morning Jim went golfing with his buddies. I left a note in his car sealed with a kiss that read, “Meet me in the bedroom at 1pm sharp! If you are LATE you'll NEVER find out what pleasures I have planned for you!”

I wasn't surprised to see Jim on time for a change. He promptly showed up with a business like demeanor. “Here I am baby what did you have in mind?” Jim almost seemed arrogant! What could she possibly have for me that was so great?

Without hesitation I forcefully pulled him in for a hard open-mouthed kiss. Our tongues dancing aggressively, I felt myself becoming moist. Reluctantly I pulled away, trying to with the plan.
“Take your clothes of now stud!”

Jim was always dominant in every aspect of his life, especially when it came to sex. I didn't know he could be such a good submissive boy! He was naked in record time.

I stood there and admired his long, lean, body. He glistened with sweat slightly as the sun crept through the blinds, trying to sneak a peek at his chiseled physique.

Jim just stood there naked, staring with those piercing pale blue eyes. His cock was rock hard.........cum already oozing down the shaft! Oh this is gonna be unbelievably good!

“Lie in bed lover,” I motioned with my head. There without delay!

I walked over to the dresser drawer, looking at him lustfully the whole way. I revealed my first surprise.

Jim's eyes grew wild with excitement when he saw the set of ankle and hand cuffs. Before he knew it he was cuffed to the steel bedposts.

I crawled onto the bed, positioning my face inches from his throbbing manhood. “I have one last thing to take care of, but can you wait for me?” I whispered at his dick.

“Oh yeah!”

“Good,” I replied seductively, and slowly ran my tongue from the base of his cock to the top before taking it in my mouth. He juices were salty sweet.

“I'll be back lover, please be patient!”

Then I was gone...........................for an hour!

What can I say, a girl's gotta go shopping and besides I had a few more surprises in store.
After handled the final critical details, I rushed back and got ready downstairs. I could hear Jim struggling upstairs and yelling. Mumbled non-sense is all it sounded like from the lower level.
“Patience lover patience,” I shouted...............It was time!

I entered the bedroom. My jet black hair slicked and pulled back in a pony tail. My dark eyeliner made my green eyes glow. I was wearing my new latex bustier, my large breasts fully exposed and matching thigh high boots shining with pride! Panties? Hell no! I was there for business!
Any signs of anger Jim had was gone instantly.

“You ready for your next surprise lover boy?”

Jim nodded like a little kid!

I reached into the drawer and pulled out the black, suede flogging whip. I look of fearful anticipation came over Jim.

I climbed on top of him now, straddling his stomach. The head of his cock pressed against my ass, throbbing with desperation. I reached back and gently massaged his balls. “I'm sorry baby, did I keep you waiting too long?” Before he could reply, I whipped him across the chest.

Stunned, Jim replied, “Oh uh......that's okay baby.”

“So what your saying is that you like waiting?” The whip came cracking down again, harder this time!

“Uhhh,” as all that came out! Jim's chest was red now. He seemed to enjoy the combo of pleasure and pain.

“I'm gonna show you what better late that never means to me!” “Do you want to me to show you?”


WHIP! One last time for good measure!

I turned around now, my round ass lingering just in front of his mouth, my breasts dangled across his cock. Jim fought against the cuffs, needing to lick me.

I tickled the inside of his thighs, making him squirm.

“Uh hahahah,” as all Jim could muster.

Then, I added the sweet contrast, digging my nails and scratching away the tickling sensation in his thighs.

I did this over and over, driving Jim absolutely mad!

I ran my lips up his inner thigh then asked, “Do you want me to suck that hard cock of yours?”


“Do you want to fuck me with your juicy tongue?”


“Beg Me!”

“Louder,” I commanded.


“Prove it!” As I pushed my ass right in his face. Jim thrusting his tongue deep inside, eating my pussy like it was his last meal! I moaned with incredible delight.

“You still want me to suck that big cock of yours?”

“Hmmm mmmm,” he muffled.

“You have get me off first,” I moaned.

It didn't take long! I came almost instantly, drenching his face with my juice.

I pulled my ass away. Jim was gasping for air.

I blew hot air on his cock, teasing him. Jim fought hard against the cuffs as I swirled my tongue around the top, moving painfully slow.

The headboard banged loudly against the wall as Jim fought harder.

“Need More?”


I took him deep inside my mouth now and slowly brought it back up. Over and over again. Jim was practically yelling with pleasure.

Then I shifted gears, going from painfully slow to fast and furious. Fucking him with my hot mouth.

Now Jim was yelling and on the verge of exploding down my throat.

Knowing he was close I immediately stopped!

Jim panted like a dog, So close to release, it was exhausting.

“Hold on sweetness.......I've got one last surprise!”

Out came the ruby red vibrator.

I knelt between his thighs as I dumped lube over it, making it shine.

“Are you ready for this?”

“Yes .”

“You need release?”

“Yes please,” Jim whispered.

Without delay, I slid the vibrator in his ass, slowly sliding it back and forth.

“Oh my god,” Jim moaned.

I straddled his cock, pussy hovering just above, juices dripping on him.

“Ready for the ride of your life?”

I slid down on top of him. Manically fucking and grinding on his cock. Riding him hard and fast!

“OH MY FUCKING GOD!” He came instantly, pumping his juices deep inside of me! Shaking in the restraints so forcefully I thought he was having a seizure.

I continued fucking him.


“Will you ever be late again?” I kept grinding.


“Won't keep this sex bomb waiting ever again?” Fucking him faster!


Finally I had mercy and stopped. Jim was shaking like a leaf, I stayed on top, enjoying him inside of me.

I leaned down and whispered in his ear, “Sorry that took so long.”

“Hey........better late than never!”

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