Monday, April 21, 2008

"Better Than Baseball"

Joey and I have been roommates for about of year, but our friendship goes further back. We live in a third floor loft in the Pearl District. A quaint area near downtown Portland. Both transplants from the east coast, work bringing us to the drizzly northwest.

Being New England natives, we are both die hard Red Sox fans. Regardless of their recent success we still obsess about winning, especially when it comes to the much hated Yankees! Though our appetite for whooping Yankee ass is insatiable, we learned one hot summer night that some things satisfy are more appetizing!

Early in the season Joey and I were especially giddy. The Red Sox were on fire, jumping out to an eight game lead, comfortably in first place. My girlfriend Cindy who enjoyed baseball, was slightly annoyed with our obsession.

“You know boys, there are some things better than baseball.” We quickly discarded the comment. Growing up in New England, Red Sox baseball was everything.
Cindy would prove later, almost everything.

It was the dead of August when that incredible night came. The Red Sox lead over the Yankees dwindled down to one game. To say the tension was high would be an understatement. Both teams were in the middle of a three game series at Fenway, splitting the first two.

The three of us were set to watch the rubber match. Beer in hand, Joey and I watched intently, living and dying with each pitch. Cindy seemed disinterested with the outcome. We barely took notice to how stunning she looked that evening. I'm talking about a girl built like a greek goddess. Five foot ten, firm breasts and legs all the way to heaven.

After six innings, Cindy had enough. She was needing some true excitement.

She walked across the room in a business like manner. Heels clicking along the hard wood floor, making her way in front of the T.V.

“Come on babe, there's only three more innings!”

She stood there defiantly. Hip hiked to the side, her folded arms pressed against her breasts, accentuating her cleavage.

“I told you boys there are some things better than baseball.

Ignoring her, we tried to look around her to see the game.

“Well I've got a game you might like. Let's see how many times you guys can make me cum before this game is over.”

And before we knew it, her rasberry summer dress hit the floor, exposing her curvaceous body.
Cindy's body shined, nipples fully erect, enjoying the summer breeze streaming through the window. Her shaved pussy moist and inviting.

“Batter up,” She said.

In a whirlwind we were on top of her, Joey practically threw her on the bed. Squeezing and sucking her breasts. Cindy arched her back and moaned with lust as I planted my face between her legs. Working her clit, sliding my fingers in and out of her wet cunt.

We continued to work all of her hot spots. She grabbed the back of my head screaming as she orgasmed, flooding my mouth with her sweet and sticky cum.

Joey rolled onto his back and sprawled out across the bed, Cindy positioned onto all fours. Clutching and grabbing at his pants pulling them down, immediately finding his eager cock, taking it deep in her mouth. I quickly threw my clothes off, moved in behind and slid into her pussy. The warmth of her was overwhelming. Her hard ass pounded back against me, head bobbing up and down on Joey's dick. Her deep moans muffling against him as I continued to fuck her hard from behind. Pure lust was the only way you could describe it. Cindy unleashed another orgasm. That's two if your keeping score.

Cindy climbed on top Joey now and started to ride, thrusting for all she was worth. I moved to the head of the bed and without hesitation she leaned down to suck my cock. Her wavy blond hair shaking around, getting banged at both ends.

Abruptly she pulled away from me with a glazed look on her face and gave me a wink. Kinky girl! I knew what she needed!

Staying on top of Joey, she lowered herself to give him a wet open mouthed kiss. Her firm tits pressed against his chest, round ass in the air waiting for my lubed cock.

I slowly entered her back door, Cindy moaned deeper than I've ever heard. Sandwiched between us guys, taking us both. We fucked in perfect sink, building toward an earth shattering orgasm.

Collectively we all reached the point of no return, juices releasing deep inside Cindy. We collapsed in exhaustion on top of one another. Cindy between us, cocks still pulsating, giving her every last drop .

We laid comfortably together, basking in the afterglow of our sex.

In the background I heard the announcer saying, “Manny Ramirez will lead off in the top of the 8th.”

“Cindy didn't you say to keep going until the ball game was over?”

“Yeah, that's right,” Joey chimed in.

She smiled sinfully. Leaning down, tracing her tongue along Joey's lips. I moved in right behind her, licking and nibbling at the nape of her neck, feeling my arousal coming back.

“Batter Up!”

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