Monday, April 21, 2008

"Birthday Bang"

Tracy felt slightly buzzed from the couple of drinks she had at the bar as her and Sam headed back to their hotel room.

Once they arrived Sam pulled Tracy in close for a long, wet, open-mouthed kiss. She could feel his huge erection pressed against her, this made her hot. "Take your clothes off lover," he said.

She stripped down to only her panties and matching heels. Sam then proceeded to blindfold her and ask her to lie down on the bed, it was time for her special massage.

He was masterful as always, starting with a deep massage on her calves, then to her thighs and back. The combination of the drinks and rub relaxed Tracy and made her anticipate the special ending she usually receives even more.

Sam proceeded to rubbing and kissing her neck, chills went down her spine......she could feel herself getting wet with excitement. Sam buried his face deep in her pussy, working her slowly with his tongue, Tracy's moans increased more as she felt her orgasm beginning to build.......Sam handed her the purple vibrator, her personal favorite, and she worked her clit while Sam continued to tongue fuck her. As she was approaching orgasm, she now felt two sets of hands rubbing her legs. The sensation shocked and excited her at the same time as Sam and the Stranger were now pleasing her to higher levels.

They took turns foundling her tits and sucking down below........ Tracy continued to buzz and grind against Sam's face as she came.....her body went numb with pleasure.

Tracy was now overtaken with pure lust......both men escorted her off the bed and to her knees......she eagerly took a cock in each hand and started sucking them off back and forth, giving them equal pleasure.......moans filled the room.

The gentlemen then helped her to her feet.....Sam pulled her in for a French kiss and then the stranger took his turn as well......Still blindfolded, Tracy was then led by both men to another stud waiting in the corner chair......she didn't even realize he was in the room. The men guided her as she reached down and felt his pulsating cock slowly easing herself down, straddling him as she took all if it in......she fucked him slowly enjoying his throbbing dick inside of her. Sam and the Stranger went back to pleasuring her tits and sucking on her clit as she slowly rode the man in the chair. She stayed nestled on his cock as she sucked Sam and the Stranger off again.......she was getting close to orgasm again, but she knew that they weren't done with her yet......

The men now helped her back onto the bed on all fours and started taking turns licking her from behind. Tracy's excitement was overwhelming, she couldn't believe this was all happening. Before she knew it the stranger slowly pushed his wet cock inside of her. He fucked her from behind while Sam watched and waited....he wanted to have her last! With the sensation overload it didn't take long for Tracy to come again........she was sexually satisfied, but there was still one cock she needed most.

Sam rolled her onto her back and went down on her one last time. He continued to please her orally until Tracy pleaded for his cock. One swift stroke and he was inside her, fucking her hard while the strangers caressed her breasts. She heard Sam's usual moans and knew he was getting close.........this excited her and Tracy came all over his cock.....Sam's moans were growing and Tracy knew it was time........

Quickly she dropped to her knees and took Sam in her mouth and the stranger's cocks in each hand and starting pumping and sucking them as they shot their essence all over her tits and in her mouth!

Sam leaned down gave her a big kiss and thanked her for the birthday present and being the best lover a man could ever have!

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