Monday, April 21, 2008

"Full Service"

I had been going to Serenity Style for about a year to get my hair done. Naturally my friends gave me shit for going to a top dollar place, questioning my manhood! What can I say? Metrosexual is in. Since when was it a crime for a guy to give a shit how well he looked. Besides, when was the last time any of you guys got laid? And no masturbation does not count!

They didn't know what they were missing anyway. We're talking about the royal treatment at this place. Very modern style, complimentary beer or wine, plasma televisions with sports on every channel and a massage afterwards. Plus, the stylists were drop dead gorgeous. In particular, Heather was my favorite. Great personality, actually knew what the fuck she was talking about when it came to sports, flirtatious, and smokin' hot!

Now, I always had a hunch that Heather had a little crush on me, but I had no idea of her true potential until my next visit.

I had an important business trip come up on short notice and wanted to get in for a quick trim. Heather was more than accommodating.

“I'm sorry Jay. I don't have any openings but I'll tell you what, I have to close shop tonight. Why don't you come in at 9:00 and I'll squeeze you in after hours.”

“Sweet! Thanks darling, your the best!”

“No, you are handsome!”

I show up later that evening. Heather greets me at the door looking stunning as ever. Wearing a silk blouse with a razor black skirt and with sexy heels. Kind of a fetish of mine.

Everything started out business as usual. We talked about work, a little sports, and so on before the conversation became truly interesting.

“So Jay do you have a girlfriend?”

“No, I just use girls for the sex,” I said jokingly.

“Ha! Your so dirty Jay! Maybe, you just haven't found the right girl yet?”


“What's your ideal girl?”

“Smart, beautiful, a strong sense of herself, adventurous.”

“Adventurous? Hmmm.” Come on Jay, let's go rinse you off.”

We go to the back room and Heather sits me down at one of the sinks. This is actually my favorite thing about the salon. The sinks are actually comfortable! You don't feel like you need a chiropractor after getting your hair washed!

The lighting was dimmer than usual, adding a certain intimacy which seemed appropriate.
Heather started rinsing and washing my hair, her thigh rubbing up against mine and her breast lightly brushed against my arm as she massaged shampoo into my hair. She made no attempt to pull away.

“Jay, I have a conditioning treatment I would like to try.”

“Sounds good.”

“It has to sit and penetrate deep into your follicles for about 10 minutes. You don't mind a little penetration do you?.”

“No,” I replied with a big cheesy smile.

“Good, let's start.”

She massaged the conditioner deep into my scalp, leaving a cool tingling sensation deep inside my head.

“Just lay back and relax,” she whispered softly.

Slowly she unbuttoned my shirt exposing my muscular body, running her hands all over me and lightly digging with her long manicured nails. She traced around my body with her tongue, enjoying my chest, flicking her across my nipples before taking it in her mouth. I let out a deep satisfying moan.

She worked her way downward, nibbling and kissing just above the waistline of my trousers. Massaging cool peppermint cream into my body simultaneously with her hands. Leaving me with the same sensation I was feeling in my scalp.

Cool on top half and now warm down below. Heather had worked my pants down around my knees, positioned between my legs, sucking my cock, slowly working up and down on the shaft.

She stood up and hiked her black skirt up around her hips, turning around exposing her silky smooth ass. She slowly teased my cock, dancing on my lap. She continued her seduction, bending at the waist showing me her wet pussy, my cock was aching for her.

Heather reached inside a drawer and pulled out some warming lube, massaging it all over my manhood. The warmth was incredible! With the same hand she took her fingers inside her pussy, soft moans escaped as she pleasured herself momentarily before finally sliding down on me slowly riding me.

It was beautiful to watch. Her skirt pulled up just enough to expose the dragon tattoo on her low back. .

“Oh my god Sam you're gonna make me cum,” she cried out, drenching my dick with her wet orgasm, gripping at my thighs still riding strong.

She now knelt before me again. This time she massaged a cooling balm onto my cock and let it cool before taking it in her mouth. Heather kept alternating between sucking me with her hot mouth and stroking with cool cream. I was getting close.

With my cock now deep in her throat there was no holding back, I was about to erupt.
“Oh fuck Heather, here it comes!”

“Mmmm Hmmm,” she moaned, no intention of pulling off as I flooded her mouth with my juice. She gulped it down, sucking every bit of I had.

“Oh my God, that was fucking amazing,” I mumbled, still enjoying the sensory overload.

“Did that meet your idea of adventurous?” Heather asked.

“That would be an understatement.”

“Well lets finish up and then head over to my place for the main course.” “That was just the appetizer baby!

Now do you see why I go there?

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