Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mutual Desire!

Melonie and I have been best friends since our teens. I had moved away ten years ago but we had always maintained a strong relationship.

Her husband Keith called me early in February to see if she could come out to visit in June. He was going away on a business trip to the East coast. I was thrilled since I hadn't seen her in nearly a year and was anxious to get caught up.

"Now don't try to seduce my girl while I'm gone," he joked. Keith had always accused us as being closet lesbians. In hindsight, I think Keith had this planned all along. Or maybe Melonie did.

Melonie and I always had a deep respect and a mutual attraction for one another, but during this visit things went beyond normal. Something liad deeper within.

Her flight arrived late Friday afternoon. We meet at baggage claim. Like giddy school girls we ran to each other and embraced.

I was in awe with her beauty. She looked as sensational as ever, even after two kids....... Long sandy blond hair, impressive tan, and in phenomenal shape.

Uneventfully we made it back to my place and settled in. Both of us were exhausted from a hectic week, so we decided to stay in for the evening to relax and enjoy some wine. The hours flew by as usual when we were together.

Conversation revolved around usual topics: work, family, etc.,and of course reminiscing over the past.

She always brought up our time as roommates in San Diego. We were both freshman at SDSU, living with youthful freedom in our small, cozy two bedroom apartment.

Typical first year students that we were, we had no responsibilities, partyied too much, and studied too little.

We were deep into our second bottle of "Chupacabra," a deliciously smooth merlot that melted us deep into the sofa.

As the evening wore on our conversation took an unusual detour.

Melonie was never shy about telling me how attracted she was to my boyfriend Jim during that time. As it turns out it wasn't necessarily Jim that got her hot.

"You know, I could always hear when you and Jim were fucking like the rabbits that you were."

I cocked my head back in laughter, bordering on hysterical, "I knew it! I always wondered if you could hear. How couldn't you? Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"I don't know. I guess I was a little embarrassed, but at the same time I enjoyed hearing you."

"You're so naughty Melonie," I cackled.

"The funny thing is, as smitten as I was over Jim I think you turned me on more."

"Really!" My heart rate began to accelerate.

"Yeah, hearing you moan while you were doing it, my imagination went wild. I wondered what he was doing to please you, and it drove me mad. I would masturbate sometimes, wishing I was with you."

She slid closer, putting a hand on my thigh, sending a chill through me.

"You should have told me, we probably would've let you join us back in those days." I said, placing my hand on hers.

"I'm telling you now Alison. She leaned toward me, her hand sliding towards my pussy, her head just a whisper's distance from mine.

"You're making me a little nervous Melonie."

Excited would be more accurate.

She leaned in and kissed me with her soft, delicate lips. I started to ache for more.

A looked deep into her hazel eyes as she pulled away for a response.

We knew what needed to happen next........all along.

With both of my hands I craddled her head, massaging her soft hair before pulling her back in.

Our tongues danced in each others mouth, a long meaningful kiss sending a shock through us.

We continued, unleashing our hidden desires as we made out on the couch. Hands exploring each other with a delicacy that only women know.

It didn't take long before Melonie took over, working her hand up my blouse caressing my breasts, giving them a gental squeeze. I cooed with delight as she managed to slide one hand under my bra, giving my nipple a firm pinch. Her other hand made it's way inside my shorts, stroking my clit.

She continued her magic, shifting focus to my neck with her mouth and tongue, taking her time, slowly bringing me to a boil.

Melonie slowly unbottoned my shirt, opening it to reveal my soft skin, exploring every inch.

My moans grew louder.

Finally, she unhooked my bra, my big tits spilling out to her delight as she took one into her mouth, swirling her tongue and gnawing at my erect nipples. She managed to slide two fingers inside of me, gently stroking my g-spot, getting me wetter.

Continuing her exploration she slid off the couch and nestled between my legs, unbouttoned my shorts and worked her mouth around my stomach just above the waistband, clutching and clawing before sliding my shorts off.

She slowly licked and kissed the inner lips of my snatch, taking her time before taking my clit into her mouth, still fucking me slowly with her amazing hand.

"Oh my god Melonie, that's so good, don't stop! Oh yeah, oh, oh, oh my god." I cried out, unable to hold back anymore, releasing a deep orgasm.

"Was that good Alison?"

"God yes! I want a turn! Let me please you!"

"Let's go up to the bedroom, I brought a present for the occasion," she said with a raised eyebrow, her face shining with my juice.

We made our way upstairs. Melonie ran to her room and returned with a leather strap on harness and black vibrating dido.

"Put this on and please me how Jim used to."

I slipped on the harness as Melonie ripped off her clothes and stood waiting anxiously, glowing with anticipation.

I felt so empowered with the strap-on cock, pushing her back onto the bed, diving between her legs licking at her gushing snatch. She tasted deliciously sweet.

I worked her frantically with my mouth and reached up to squeeze her sweet tits with my hands, just like Jim did.

I desperately wanted to fuck her from behind.

"Oh yeah, that's it Alison, come on baby, fuck me with that big cock, I can't wait any longer!"

Neither could I!

I rolled her onto all fours and positioned the big black dick in front of her mouth first. She eagerly took it in, working it deep, getting it ready!

I came around to her incredible ass, turned the vibrator on and slid inside her wet cunt with ease.

Amazing! God she was beautiful. Seeing the cock slide in and out of her was truly erotic. I never felt so sexually charged, so empowered to fuck someone this way, especially her.

I worked her hard and fast as Melonie bucked back against me.

"Oh Yes! Yes Alison that's it, keep going, like that, oh, ah, ahhhhhhhhh!"

She came hard.

I didn't let up for one second. Jim never did.


I did! I kept fucking her until pure exhaustion! Just like she always wanted me to.

In a blur, the weekend came and went. Our newfound seductive journey occupying most of it.

On Sunday I dropped her off at the airport and gave her a long kiss before she got out of the car.

"Maybe next time when I visit, you can show me how Keith pleases you," I partially joked.

"Next time, Keith might show you himself!"

My flight leaves July 24th.

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