Monday, April 21, 2008

The Futurotic Slim Line Lover

"I'm ready, give it to me now," Tanya cooed. Continuing to work her with my mouth I slid the flesh vibrator inside of her slowly. Soft moans escaped her lips as I slid it back and forth. .

Tanya continued to buck against my face as I fucked her faster with the cyberskin vibrator. It's realistic feel pleased Tanya, making her moan and groan with excitement.

I rolled her over onto all fours, "Are you ready," I asked. "Oh yeah," she gasped. Her ass rocking side to side, looking as inviting as ever.

I reapplied lube on the toy and tickled the rim of her backdoor. Taking my time I slowly seduced her ass and worked it deep inside of her. "Mmmm," she moaned as the smooth vibrations penetrated her.

I lubed up my cock to give her a double dose and entered her awaiting pussy with the vibrator purred deep inside her luscious ass.

The vibrations massaged my member through the thin wall. The double penetration was so erotic it didn't take long for us to release.

"Oh my God........... I'm gonna cum," she cried out. Her pussy gripped my cock like a vise, sending through the roof as I released my orgasm.

The vibrations made us shake and quiver.

Not a bad way to spend a Tuesday night!

A very refreshing and realistic vibrating dildo by California Exotic. The Futurotic slim line lover vibe feels very real and is non-intimidating in size. Great for vaginal and/or anal play.

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