Saturday, May 17, 2008

Crime and..........Punishment?

There is an inherent risk with everything in life, especially when the stakes are high. But, the greater the risk, the greater the reward, especially in undercover narcotics.

I was in charge of a special tasks force to help restore order in Glendale. The area had become oversaturated with drug and gang violence. Given the dangerous nature of the job, I felt a sense of entitlement, a measly $35,000 a year was a far cry from what any cop deserved for putting his ass on the line daily. You bet your sweet ass I was going to reap the benefits of law enforcement. Drugs, money laundering, and of course, sex.

My sexual appetite was strong and I always had a hard on for call girls. One in particular I kept an eye out for was Roxy. She was fucking perfect, the absolute cream of the crop. A tall brunette with long shapely legs, a nice round ass, and tits that would make a gay man second guess himself.

I was cruising late Friday night in my black 1979 Chrysler Cordoba, I saw Roxy in her usual pickup spot and quickly pulled to the curb.

Time to work the deal!

"You looking for a good time baby?" Roxy said in a sultry tone.

"Always Roxy. I understand you're the best."

"The best don't come cheap honey. I hope you have a lot of cash!"

Her confidence made me hard.

"I've got something better," I said flashing my badge. "Get in sugar."

I drove to the outskirts of the city, Roxy sat calmly with her long legs crossed. I don't think this was her first time working with a crooked cop.

"I've got a proposition for you."

"Is that right officer?"

"I work undercover narcotics and I am looking for a reliable informant, someone keen to the happenings on the street. So here's the deal, you give me solid information on any activity you have know of and I'll keep you out of jail."

Roxy nodded in agreement, unfazed by the situation.

"There's just one more thing to our agreement Roxy." I pulled into the parking lot behind an abandoned wharehouse.

"Yeah, what's that?"

"I want unlimited access to your services."

Roxy raised an eyebrow, "I don't know if you can handle it baby!"

"Try me!"

"How do you want it?"

"I want to go around the world!"

"Wow! You don't fuck around do you officer?"

Her quick tone made my cock jump in excitement.

"Why don't we start here," Roxy said opening her trenchcoat, exposing her huge tits before climbing on top of me. Her soft breasts brushed against my face and I dove right in, kissing, licking, sucking, and squeezing with fury. Roxy was thrusting against head of my cock with her cunt as I devouard her delicous breasts.

Lost in the commotion of her flesh I didn't realize Roxy got a hold of my handcuffs until she dangled them across my face. Quickly I jumped, grabbing at them. Roxy playfully pulled them away.

"Now wait baby! You said you wanted the best," she said, continuing to pump her hips against my aching cock.

"If you want the ultimate pleasure, you have to be willing to take the ultimate risk."

I could only smile and nod in agreement. The girl knew this cop too well!

"Put your hands behind the seat. I'm placing you under arrest." She said seductively.

At her mercy I complied. She leaned into me close, cuffing my hands behind the seat.

The seat shot back abruptly as Roxy hit the release lever.

"Time to see what the best is!"

She ripped open my shirt and went to work, licking and sucking on my neck and chest. Her long tongue ran down my body and found my nipple. She nibbled and gnawed at it, making me squirm against the vinyl upholstery. Her hips continued to grind against my eager cock.

Roxy sat up momentarily, hiking up her skirt to expose her delicious cunt. She flipped around on the front seat, positioning her ass in front of my face. I worked feverishly to get what I could, licking and sucking on her ass cheeks. It's all she would give me.

I heard the tearing sound of the condom wrapper as she worked my stiff dick loose. Roxy took the condom in her mouth and slowly lowered it over the entire length of my cock. She bobbed up and down the sensitive head with her strong lips while stroking the shaft with a firm grip. I groaned with ecstacy.

Reaching into the pocket of her trench coat, Roxy retrieved a small bottle of lube. She held it high in the air as the liquid came pouring out, drenching my cock and her fist as she pumped away with her strong hand.

She flipped around facing me and lowered herself on top of my throbbing cock. The heat of her pussy was intense.

"Mmmmm, I love a cop with a nice big cock," she moaned, fucking me slowly.

"Oh I bet you do baby!"

"Oh yeah officer, fuck me hard!"

She continued to pump away, moaning and groaning with delight, bringing herself to a hard orgasm. Her pussy tightened around my shaft, nearly sending me to the edge.

"Nuh uh. You said you wanted it all, don't you cum yet officer!"

She rose up and turned her back to me, lubing my hard member again before working me deep inside of her ass.

"Oh yes that's it officer. Time to show you why I am the best!"

She slid smoothly up and down my cock. Roxy took two fingers into her dripping cunt as I fucked her ass.

Roxy's fingers hit my cock perfectly through the dividing wall, sending us to levels of pleasure I could never dream of.

"Oh my God Roxy don't stop."


She kept pumping away, loving the double penetration.

We both cried out with pleasure, both of us cumming simultaneously. My juices released deep inside of her. The smell of sex permeated throughout the car.

Lost in a sea of lust, we didn't notice the police car pull up until the lights started flashing.

"Please step out of the car," the patrol officer commanded

Hopefully we can convince this cop that we're just a kinky, happily married couple fulfilling a fantasy.

If not, this crime is worth any punishment!

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