Monday, May 26, 2008

Friends with Benefits - Part 2

It was 2 am when Amber finally came home. I lay awake restless and eager to hear how her playdate went. It was July which meant it was Ryan's turn with the girls.

I pretended to be asleep when she slipped into the bed next to me. She rubbed her naked body against mine. Amber smelled of chlorine and sex. The hot tub had definitely seen some sweet action.

She reached around grabbing my muscular chest and kissed me on the back of my neck.

"Have a good time beautiful?"

"Of course! You weren't really sleeping you?" she whispered in my ear. Chills seared through my body and my cock jumped to attention. I could tell she needed more.

"Are you kidding? Tell me all about it baby!"

Amber's hand slid down my smooth skin and found my huge cock. She slowly stroked its length and began whispering the details of her night in my ear.

"Brenda, Ryan, and I went out to the hot tub for a little fun. She was wearing her white bikini and I had my black one on that you love so much. Ryan sat on the corner of the hot tub. We took our tops off so he could play with our tits while Brenda and I made out. Our bodies were slick with water and sweat. Then we took turns licking his cock and balls...... Is this getting you hot baby?"

"Oh yeah, tell me more sexy!"

"We continued working Ryan with our mouths. Brenda licked his balls while I kept sucking his cock."

"How did he taste?"

"Sinfully good baby, sinfully good!"

"Then what happened?"

"I climbed on top of him and rode him kind of like this." Amber then climbed on top of me in a reverse cowgirl. She eased down onto my throbbing cock, her cunt pleasantly moist!

"I fucked him slowly while Brenda licked my pussy. The combination of her tongue and his cock was so hot. I came so hard baby!"

Amber moaned deeply as she fucked me slowly and fingered her clit, continuing her erotic storytelling.

"I got off of him so Brenda could have a turn. Brenda was facing Ryan as she fucked him. I fingered her hot ass while Ryan sucked her big tits. She rode him hard baby! She cried out so loud when she came, I was worried the neighbors might hear!"

"Then what," I moaned, enjoying Amber's warm pussy.

"We went inside and hopped into the shower to finish Ryan off. The three of us lathered up with body soap and sandwiched between him. Our slick bodies rubbed against him while we massaged his cock with our hands. He finger fucked us at the same time!"

Amber got off of me and slid under the sheets to taste her sex. She worked up and down the shaft of my dick with her juicy mouth. "Then we both got on our knees before him and sucked him clean," she continued, taking the entire length of my cock into her mouth, sending me through the roof.

The image of their soapy bodies pressed together as they sucked Ryan dry sent me over the edge. I growled wildly, releasing my cum into Amber's mouth as she swallowed it down. I lay there enjoying the numbing sensation from my intense orgasm.

"Remind me to tell you about Brenda and me fucking with a strap-on dildo tomorrow!"

"Tomorrow! I want to hear it now!" I jumped up, throwing Amber onto her back, burying my head between her legs. She tasted salty sweet.

"Oh God, you're such an animal. I can tell you now as long as you keep doing that baby," she cried out, moaning uncontrollably.

"You can tell me later. I'd rather just taste you," I said as I fucked her with my tongue.

"Oh yeah baby!"

Besides, there will be more erotic tales soon. Amber gets both guys next month!

We're just living the dream baby!!!!

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