Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Man Versus Machine - by KM

"Heya there big boy. Look at what's new!" I dive onto the bed next to my husband, waving my new toy catalogue at him. "Want to help me with my wish list?"

He rolls his eyes and takes the booklet from my hand, reaching under his shirt – I'm naked and freshly showered & shaved in one of his stiff button-down white shirts.

"What do you need a bunch of playthings for when you have ultimate toy right here?" he growls, grabbing his crotch.

I straddle him and swoosh my hair across his face, grabbing the catalogue back from him. "Baby, of course you're better than any toy, but, you know, girls just wanna have fun….and just look at all of these pretty shiny things."

Hubby sits up with me still in his lap and begins unbuttoning the shirt. "I challenge you and your little catalogue to a duel," he says, attacking my neck.

"Oh really? I squeal, pulling away. "A duel? As in Man versus Machine?"

"That's right baby. Pick any five toys you want. If I win, I punish you as I see fit. If your pretty shiny things win, I'll double your toy allowance."

I open the catalogue and flip to the women's sex toys.

"You're on sugar! I'll choose my weapons right now!"

"Not so fast," Hubby says. "Me first. Then you can shop."

"Of course you first! But I'm bored with the same old routine. The kids are fast asleep and it's a chilly night. Let's take a nice hot bath!"

I light a couple of candles - passion scented drizzle wax for a sexy massage later – and fill the tub, Soon the tub is full of water, steaming and foaming with my special bubble bath and a few drops of love oil that I'll massage onto his cock later. Hubby slides into the tub while I slowly finish unbuttoning my "night shirt." I start to pull it open as he grins from the tub, then stop and turn around, sliding it slowly down my shoulders while rotating my hips in a sensuous hula dance. I fling the shirt across the room and sit on the edge of the tub.

"How's the water baby?" I ask, uncorking the bottle and rubbing ruby red love oil onto my breasts and between my legs.

"Water's fine, but I'm getting lonely."

I dip one foot in, then the other, before sliding onto his lap, tucking my feet around his ass and licking at his hard nipples, pouring water from my hands onto his head and nibbling at his earlobes.

Mmmmm. The warm water feels so good. Without saying anything, I tickle his ass with my favorite water toy stashed under my bath pillow, a waterproof "g-spot" vibrator. Well, hubby's a bit naïve, but he'll soon realize that this toy isn't just meant only for me. It's definitely time to turn the tables with this whole toy experience. It turns out that this vibrating wonder wand is also a great "he-spot" tool. Now if I can just get him to relax about anal sex and let me fuck his virgin asshole! Once he gets a taste of this action, he'll be begging for more.

I giggle as he jerks his hips up at the vibrating sensation tickling his butt.

"What the?" You trying to rape me?" He says, tugging on my purple nipple chain to slide my tits into his mouth, yanking the wonder wand from my hand.

"Come on baby! You really need to open up. Your sweet ass is dying for some loving. Just wait 'till you slide your cock into my tight hole. You really don't know what you're missing."

"I'm missing your cunt is what I'm missing, he says, pulling my hips towards his face and licking my slick, wet bare pussy from top to bottom. Good God, is there anything more incredible than a warm bath, sweet smelling oil and the joy of sitting atop a man's pussy fucking tongue? I swear on my ever-hungry soul that I truly have no other wants, no other needs than this. I want to die right here, my sweetness eating me out in a tub full of suds and cum.

Hubby swirls his tongue gently around my clit, sucking at the sensitive glossy pearl, the sensation of pure ecstasy making me crazy to take his hard cock into my mouth.

I slide down his wet chest and stomach, reaching around behind to stroke his balls before pouring oil into my hands for a nice slow 'cock massage' with my hands, tongue, breasts and ass cheeks.

"Do you like it when I squeeze your huge dick in the softness of my ass?" I purr.

"Oh God, you feel so good."

"Do you like it when I squeeze your beautiful fucking cock between my soft, wet breasts?"

"Baby, please."

"Do you like it when I lick your huge wet 'badajo' and suck on your balls….like this?"

I plunge my head under the water to suck on his Kama Sutra love oiled balls like a very naughty mermaid, fingering his ass at the same time and preparing him for the vibrating 'he-spot' stick that he'll soon realize is the tomcat's meow.

When I bring my head up for a breath, he is moaning like a man dying of thirst.

"Oh God baby, suck me hard, fuck me with your beautiful lips. Take my juice."

"Oh, I'll drink you dry, don't you worry," I tell him sweetly. "Patience lover, patience."

I lift his feet from the water and soap and wash his feet and ankles, massaging them with tender, caressing strokes, then suck on his toes, swirling my tongue around each one like it is a piece of candy. Hubby is in agony as I lick at his soft underparts, his heat seeking missile ready to fire. I run my hands up his thighs and pull his hips towards me, guiding his hot rod into my mouth, the battery powered underwater rocket ready for action.

"Relax baby. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Let me take you someplace special. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the ride."

God, his dick is so delicious as I slide it down, down, down deep into my throat. I grip the base of his smooth, oiled shaft tightly and gently tease his balls with the man toy that I have yet to put into power mode. Hubby groans with delight as I alternate between licking, and blowing and throat fucking, slowly increasing the speed and carefully preparing his ass for the new toy.

Hubby's hands knead my breasts and pinch my nipples as I go down on him again and again. He is moaning furiously now, begging for release. I switch the wand on and suck hard on his cock while I slowly slip the toy into his ass. He tightens for just a moment before letting out a deep, low moan.

I pull my lips away for a moment, still fucking him in the ass as he grips the sides of the tub, obviously enjoying this unexpected pleasure.

"Does that feel good baby? Does that feel so very, very good, pure ecstasy from the inside out?"

"Oh my God, yes, yes, it feels so incredible. You are so incredible. Don't stop. Don't ever stop."

I dive back onto his throbbing cock, turning the wand on high and aiming it for his zone. As soon as I hit his 'he-spot,' he jerks as if hit by an electric shock and groans, "Now, baby, now!" I push his cock deep in my throat and enjoy every last drop as he fills me up with his sweet cum.

When every last drop is squeezed from his thick, pulsing cock I slowly release my lips and lean back with a satisfied sigh.

"Wow honey. You're so hot. That was incredible."

Hubby opens one eye and wipes the moisture from his brow. "Oh no, you're the hot one. And you've certainly opened my eyes with your little man toy. You can play with my ass anytime."

"Oh, I will baby, but you'll have to return the favor."

Ah yes, nothing like some bathtub loving. Now…..back to that toy catalogue.

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