Saturday, May 31, 2008

Man versus Machine - Part 2 - by KM

Naked and warm from the steamy hot bath, I slide with a blissful sigh between the crisp sheets with my "every day's a holiday" wish book.

"Let's see, ooooh, here we go! 5 Star rated." I'll pick five of the these. We'll see how you rate against the best of the best."

"Oh yeah, look at this beauty – a glass dildo with pretty red pleasure hearts."

Hubby ignores me, flipping through his latest copy of Uno Magazine while I shop.

As I'm drooling over a sweet pair of vibrating nipple clamps, hubby slaps me hard on the ass.

"Rule change."

"What? Rule change? And what was the slap for? Are you going to put me over your knee next? Don't go all 1950s alpha male all over my ass."

"Listen to you! Don't you get all dikey wifey on me, Mrs. Buttery Cornhole. You want me to fuck you in the ass, I get to slap you silly – with a paddle. We'll discuss all that later. Right now, I want a rule change. I want to pick out a toy. I'm jealous. It's my metrosexual coming out. I want to shop too."

"What? That's not part of the deal. It's Man versus machine, remember? Not man versus woman versus man versus machine versus – whatever!"

"Just one. Just one very inexpensive one for me."

"Oh fine!"

Hubby casually flips to the centerfold. I can feel his cock harden against my leg.

"So," he says. "How long will it take for the package to arrive?"

"A few days, maybe a week."


Hubby rolls over to reach his cell phone from the night stand and dials a number.

"Who are you calling?"

"My toy store. Mine offers free delivery."

I hear a faint "Hello" through the phone.

"Hi Natsumi –it's Adam. How are you? It's good to hear your sexy voice. Check your calendar hot stuff. Jamie and I have an overnight pass in a couple of weeks. We thought it might be fun to get together."

"You devil!" I whisper in his ear.

"Say yes Natsumi!" I chime into the phone."

"Excellent! We'll see you Saturday night."

Hubby clicks the phone shut and rolls on top of me, sucking my breasts, already fired up for our date night.

Natsumi is the embodiment of my alter ego -- the mysterious seductress side of my typically playful personality. Yin and Yang. Adam loves watching the two of us together. Darkness and light and all for him.

"Now stay over there rule breaker," I say, pushing Adam back to his side of the bed and slapping his girlie magazine on top of his crotch. "I have more shopping to do."

I finish selecting my weapons – a jelly crystal vibrator, a hot crystal wand, and oh, why not? Headmaster II -- some "hot for teacher" action that Natsumi will get off on.

A couple of weeks later, we meet Natsumi in the bar of our favorite hotel for a drink before heading to the room. She always looks great, but tonight she is looking especially foxy. She's wearing a tiny black sequin baby doll dress and CFM pumps that lace up her ankles. Her smoky eyes and full red lips are set off perfectly by her shimmering long black hair.

I'm wearing Adam's favorite sexy outfit – a tight red mini-dress and mile high red sequin slide pumps.

Natsumi greets me with a big kiss on the mouth, her slender fingers grazing my ass. The bartender looks at us like he's ready to quit his job and follow us to the fifth floor. Adam just grins, all casual and kicked back with his whiskey in tight-fitting leather jeans and his thin white silk shirt that drives me wild – looking like the king of the world.

Man versus machine indeed. The man will definitely have his hands full tonight.

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