Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Muse - 1st entry

Muse - the spirit that is thought to inspire a poet or artist; source of genius or inspiration.

I thought about you again last night. Your soft skin, big breasts, and how your tattoo compliments your perfectly round ass.

I imagined that you, Slash and I were engaged in a threesome. Both of us guys standing naked before you, our firm cocks at attention, eager to be pleased.

You are kneeling before us. Your leather thigh high boots and naked body shine under the flicker of the candle lit room.

You work us maginicently with your hot mouth and amazing hands. Pleasuring us both. Moans fill the room.

We finish off with you sandwiched between us on the bed. You're on top of me. Your tits press firmly against my chest as your pussy grinds against my cock.

Your moans tickle my neck as Slash fucks you in the ass. We climax simultaneously, giving you our hot white cum.

See what you do to a man? You're the sexiest woman alive and don't even realize it!

I'm going to show you again and again and pleasure you like the goddess you are!

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