Friday, May 2, 2008

Reclaiming Confidence

Heather and I had become pretty close friends this past year. We had lived next to each other in an upscale neighborhood in Austin, and were too consumed with work to become acquainted until recently.

Heather and her boyfriend just broke up a few weeks ago. Apparently the bastard was cheating on her.

"There just isn't any chemistry between us anymore," is what he claimed.
Heather's confidence was shattered.

"He said he's not attracted to me sexually," she told me in our last conversation

"He's a fucking fool," I told her. "You are absolutely stunning. Any man would kill to be with you!"

"That's sweet. You're too good to me," She said.

I had just got back from a business trip and settled in for the evening. I kicked back on the sofa to watch a meaningless ballgame on my flat screen. I quickly slammed my first Jack and coke, enjoying the mild buzz.

I got up to make another drink and my cell phone went off. It was a text from Heather.

"Go out to your backyard. Keep your phone with you," The message read.

Her house was located directly behind mine. I thought she was suppose to be out of town.

I causally strolled outside, oblivious to what I was about to see.

Heather was standing at her bedroom window half naked. The soft glow of the room complimented her stunning body. She was wearing a white tank top displaying her amazing tits. Her nipples were visibly erect through the ribbed cotton. Her top was paired with a lacy white thong that enhanced her tan legs and smooth ass.

The show was about to begin!

She started by caressing herself, she traced her hands up and down her body, running them down her legs and bringing them back up to press her huge tits together.

All I could do was watch like a frightened teenage virgin. My cock pressed firmly into my American Rage jeans as I continued to enjoy the peep show.

She lifted her shirt just enough to give me a better view of her firm mounds. She gave her nipples a pinch making her head rocked backwards as her bleach blond hair danced down her back.
Her eyes were shut as she got herself hotter by sliding one hand down her smooth body to pull away her panties, exposing her shaved pussy. Her other hand went up to her inviting mouth taking in a couple of fingers and sucking on them softly before heading south.

She slid both of her moist fingers inside of her cunt. Slowly working them in and out while massaging her clit with her thumb.
Her fingers shined with hot sticky cum.

She ripped off of her shirt and bent over to give me an amazing view from behind. I couldn't make out what she was doing with her hands.

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket.

"New text message from Heather," it read

I quickly opened it up!

"Want a better view? The front door is open!"

I was out the door in a dash.

She was waiting for me in the front living room, standing by the leather sofa completely naked. I eagerly rushed to press her naked body against me. Our lips fell into perfect sync. I stroked her soft skin up and down her body before cupping her round ass with my hands.

Heather stroked the head of my cock through my jeans, feeling the moisture of my drizzling cum through my pants. She ripped open my jeans and dropped to her knees taking the shaft deep in her mouth. My swollen member shined as she licked it up and down while massaging my balls. A heavenly moan escaped from my lips. God she was amazing.

I tore off my shirt revealing my toned body. Heather pushed me onto the couch. She positioned her moist pussy on top of my face and dropped her mouth onto my cock as we locked into a 69. I thrust my tongue deep inside of her alternating between her pussy and ass.

This drove her wild!

"Oh Darin, I've been wanting you so bad, I need to fuck you now!"

She climbed on top of me taking my dick deep inside. Her tits draped across my face. I eagerly pressed them together with my strong hands and worked both with my mouth as she rode me hard and fast.

"Oh my God Darin you're gonna make my come!"

She dug her long nails into my chest as her whole body shook intensely, drenching my cock as she released a deep orgasm.

I too was about to explode, her pussy was so hot. I started to cry out, "Oh fuck Heather here it comes!"

She quickly got off of me and took my member back into her mouth, swallowing me whole as she drained my cock completely.

Heather climbed back on top of me and leaned in for a deep sticky kiss. Our smooth naked bodies pressed together, both of us were gasping for air.

"You better get your second wind Darin. I have so much more I want to do to you!

"We continued all night! Every room, every position that you could possibly imagine! The kitchen floor, the shower, doggy style, on her back, in her ass, everything a man could want!

I would always be hers to have. Anytime she needed to reclaim her confidence.

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