Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sam's Surprise

I wait patiently in the colorful hotel room. It was almost carnival like. Maroon bedspread, black and white love sofa, beige walls, and dark green curtains covering the patio window. The loud decor is a sharp contrast to my metallic leather pants and black steel toed boots. My long black hair is draped across my face, masking any sign of emotion. Beneath my aviator sunglasses I am the object of what every woman needs.

I am sex in its purest form. I am lust!

I finish my scotch and continue to sit in the office chair, twirling the leather paddle in my hands, waiting like an assassin. I wasn't there to kill, only to reclaim what was mine. I had been waiting for over a year to have Angel again and after much planning and persistence my wait was over.

Angel was downstairs having a drink in the bar, waiting for a text from her husband Joe, saying, "I'm ready for you sexy!" I would be the last person she would expect to see, but hardly disappointed!

Joe and I had this planned for over a month. The three of us had quite a colorful past together sexually speaking. But a solid understanding of where we stood. I was a necessity and restored balance to Angel's deepest desires. She had been denying herself "true" pleasure for over a year. Trying to convince herself that she didn't need me anymore. The harder my disciples try to avoid me, the stronger their thirst grows.

Some just need to be reminded.

I hear the door click and my erection pushes harder against my pants.

Angel walks in and stops frozen in her tracks.

"Hello Sexy," I say in a deep bedroom voice.

She just stands there breathing excitedly. Her breasts are heaving through her white halter top and her firm nipples press through the fabric. Her plaid mini skirt enhances her long sculpted legs.

"It's been a long time hasn't it?"

"Yeah it has," Angel replies.

I stand up to display my tall and chiseled body.

"You still need this don't you," I say massaging the head of my cock through the cool metallic leather.

Angel gazes down nods lustfully as I stroke its length.

"I thought so. There's a present for you on the bed. Take it into the bathroom and get changed. Don't keep me waiting too long lover!"

Angel grabs the box and hurries into the bathroom. I pour a quick shot of scotch and knock it back, enjoying the lingering burn.

Angel comes out wearing a pair of black vinyl thigh high boots; the same pair she used to always wear while fucking Joe and me. It seemed appropriate for the situation.

She looks as sexy as she ever has. She is an exotic beauty, tall and muscular with her dark black hair slicked back into a pony tail. Her tits perfectly round and a moist pussy that would make the sex Gods envious.

Angel walks over and presses her body into mine as our mouths erotically devour each other's. Angel grinds her cunt against my leg and digs at my bare chest with her long nails. A soft moan escapes her lips as her hand finds my huge cock.

I grab her by the back of her ponytail and forcefully jerk her head back.

"Not so fast beautiful. It's not going to be that easy," I croon, running my long tongue up her neck and stop to suck on her ear.

"You've kept me waiting too long you bad girl," I whisper, sending chills down her spine.

"Sam's gonna make you earn this fuck."

I escort her over to the bed where the silk shackles are already in place and I position her on all fours, tying her hands to the headboard.

I gently trace her inner thighs with my paddle making Angel spread her legs with excitement.

"You've been a bad girl haven't you?"


I give her a strong hit across the ass.


"How could you deprive yourself of this?" I ask as I press my throbbing head against her from behind.

"I don't know," she moans and grinds against my cock through the shiny leather.

I smack her harder this time leaving heart imprints from the embroidered paddle.


I slide underneath her and take one of her tits into my mouth, sucking hard at her nipple as I massage her mounds. I continue working back and forth enjoying them both.

"Oh God Sam," she cries out.

Angel coos with delight as I place the sterling silver nipple clamps on her breasts.

I unzip my pants directly in front of her hot mouth. My huge cock springs out just in front of her lips.

"You want some of this baby?"

"Oh yeah!"

I slowly work the entire length into her mouth. My dick shines with her saliva as I work it in and out, fucking her mouth in a smooth rhythm.

"You want this big cock inside of you?"

"Mmmm hmmmm," she moans over its girth.

I hop off the bed and slide out of my leather pants and put my boots back on.

Angel's ass rocks back and forth, desperate to be pleased.

I slide behind her and start with my tongue, working her pussy from behind before giving her another slap with the paddle, reminding her that there is pain with pleasure. I push two fingers inside to massage her g-spot as my tongue swirls around the rim of her ass.

I'm driving her mad!

"Oh fuck Sam, oh my God you're getting me so hot, please fuck me, please!"

I position the head of my monster right at the entrance of her cunt.

"Is this what you want?" I ask smacking her with the paddle.

"Oh God YES! Give it to me!"

"You won't deny yourself true pleasure again will you?" SMACK!


I position my hand at the small of her back and work all 10 inches deep inside.

Angel rocks her head back and lets out a cat-like growl. Gradually I build up speed as I bang her from behind, continuing to smack her ass with the paddle. Her cheeks are smokey red with heart impressions on both sides now.


I let loose like the animal I am, giving in to her demands. The bed shakes violently and our primal screams fill the room.

We fuck like animals. Sex in its purest form!


Her pussy grips around my cock like a vise as she lets loose, sending me over the edge.

"Oh fuck Angel........... here it comes sexy!"

I pull out and shoot pearly white cum all over the length of her naked body. Angel quivers against the headboard, numb with pleasure.

"Don't forget that there are three of us in this relationship of ours."

Startled we both turn to see Joe standing in the corner enjoying the show.

"Fucking Voyeur," I say with a smile.

"Get over her big boy. I've got some for you too," Angel lustfully replies, shaking her round ass side to side.

I toss the paddle to Joe and he climbs aboard..............

At the core everyone has a raw sexual need, devoid of emotion.

I am the one who brings it to life, letting it breathe.

I am sex! I am lust! I am desire!

I am everything that you ever want or need!

I am Sam!

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