Friday, May 30, 2008

Special Delivery

What is it that makes a UPS delivery man so sexy? There is a certain ruggedness that is almost superhero in nature. The physical demands of their jobs keeps them sexy and fit. Their muscular bodies enhanced through the form fitting brown fabric of their work shirts, matching shorts displaying finely sculpted legs, and black work boots ties it all together. It's enough of a tease that makes you lust for more. The UPS man in my neighborhood is no exception. Lance stands at 6' 3" and is completely chiseled from head to toe. He is deeply tanned with a clean shaved head.

I own a home/Internet based lingerie business, which meant weekly deliveries from Lance, an added bonus. Most of the drivers have a high sense of urgency due to their delivery volume, but Lance always took time to flirt before rushing off, especially when he learned what was being delivered.

"Sex in a box, just for you beautiful," he'd say in his deep voice.

"Hey I'm not only the owner of Fantasy Wear Enterprises, I'm also their top model!" I'd fire back.

"Really! What's a guy gotta do to get a personal fashion show?"

"Well if you weren't so damn popular and eager to rush off to flirt with your next customer."

"Fat balding overweight men don't really do it for me like you do Janice!"

Our dialogue made me wet.

"I'll accept this conversation as an open invitation," he winked before running off.

I got so worked up I had to run up to my bedroom upstairs with my favorite sex toy to quench my sexual thirst. I tore off my clothes and hopped into my bed. I imagined him on top of me, his sweaty muscular body pressing into mine as I slid my triple stimulator vibrator inside my wet pussy. I tickled and pinched at my nipples while I visualized him taking me from behind. I moaned and fantasized about him releasing his hot cum deep into my cunt.

"Oh Lance, I'm gonna cum, oh yes!" I yelled out releasing a deep orgasm.

Knock, knock, knock!

Startled I quickly jumped up, threw on my satin robe and ran downstairs.

I cracked opened the door to see Lance standing there with a big smile on his face, holding a box.

"Special Delivery! I almost forgot this one!"

I couldn't hear the hum of his truck in the driveway. Oh my God this is his last stop!

"Pay particular attention to the delivery instructions on the invoice Janice," he said seductively.

I glanced down at the box.

"Model the outfit inside the box for your driver to accept delivery!"

I looked into his piercing blue eyes and grinned wickedly.

"Very cute! I accept your invitation Lance. Wait here!"

I ran back upstairs and tore open the package to see what's inside.

A red heart and lace babydoll with matching g-string! I threw off my robe and raced to the closet to find a matching pair of red heels. "I'm going to fuck his brains out," I thought to myself. I quickly put the babydoll on and headed back downstairs.

Lance watched as I came strolling down, his hard cock was very visible through his shorts. I stopped at the last step so he could admire the sex goddess before him. My large breasts bulged through the red velvet heart bustline. My nipples were hard and rubbed against the shear fabric. My long muscular legs shined through the lacy hem and floral lace.

Lance approached me slowly at the bottom step stopping just inches before me face to face. Our eyes penetrated one anothers. I could feel his hot breathe dance across my wet lips.

"Are you ready for me Lance?" I whispered heavily.

"I've always been ready for you Janice!"

He lifted me off the stairs and our lips locked deeply. I wrapped my long legs around his body, his hard cock pressed against my ass through the lace g-string. I bit his neck and nibbled at his ear as he carried my over to the white leather couch before crashing down on top of me.

We continued to kiss as Lance pulled away my panties and slid two fingers into my wet snatch. I moaned against his mouth and thrust my pelvis into his strong hand while clutching and clawing, tearing open his shirt and exposing his muscular body. I licked and sucked on his nipple as he continued to work my smoldering pussy. Lance groaned wildly as we spilled onto the floor, flipping me on top of him. I quickly rotated around and pressed my pussy into his eager mouth. I yanked off his shorts to free his massive cock. His tongue slipped deep inside of my cunt as I slid my mouth down his throbbing dick, falling into a sexy oral frenzy. My head bobbed up and down his huge dick with my mouth while I cradled his balls. Lance's smooth tongue worked back and forth from my pussy and ass. I needed to feel him inside of me!

I hopped up and bent over the leather sofa and Lance quickly took me from behind, just as I fantasized. My ass smacked against him as he banged me hard.

"Oh yes, fuck me baby yes, yes, God yes!" I screamed out, cumming deeply onto his massive tool.

Lance pulled out and jumped onto the couch and I eagerly climbed on top of him. He took my sweet breast into his mouth as I rode him hard. He growled like an animal as he pushed deep inside of me.

"Oh my God Janice, that's it don't stop, right there, Oh God!" He yelled out, releasing his hot cum deep inside of my cunt. We held each other closely together. I could feel his sweet sperm drain out of me, onto his throbbing dick as we kissed softly, enjoying the afterglow of our wicked passion.

This experience was one for the ages!

Let's just say that I'm always the last stop on his route now!

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