Saturday, June 14, 2008

Better Than Golf

Back in the day man..........I was the shit when it came to golf! I was young, fearless, and played everyday. The game was everything. At the end of each round I always found myself longing for more. But what was I longing for? A connection!

In golf there's an instant between the time you take your backswing and when the club head comes down striking the ball perfectly. In that moment you hit the sweet spot and everything in the universe stops to admire your work. A small shockwave runs through your hands and up your arms and penetrates your soul. The ball soars 200 mph into space and 300 yards away!

Sex is the same way! That moment before you orgasm and the flood gates open, there is something truly remarkable where everything was and is as it should be in life.

Perfect and euphoric!

With sex I came to realize..........the journey is much more enjoyable!

Like most, the hum drum bullshit of life took higher priority as I got older and my desire to play became minimal. Of course, my game went to shit! I usually get out once a year at least. But my last round the golf Gods gave me a beautiful gift..........a threesome! I'm not just talking on the golf course either! I'm talking toe curling, earth shattering, pure and raw sex! The ultimate sweet spot!

I went out for my annual round and was joined by a gorgeous couple! I met them at the first tee and we did the usual introductions.

"Hi I'm Trent, looks like we get to share misery together today," I joked.

Brett, a tall and very athletic gentleman who looked better suited for the New England Patriots than a golf course walked towards me laughing and shook my hand firmly.

"I'm Brett and this is my wife Sarah."

Sarah was dressed in tan cargo pants, a white halter top that revealed her inviting cleavage, and long blonde hair that danced beautifully in the wind as she walked over to meet me.

"Hey nice to meet you. Just so you know, we're not very good!"

"No worries, I said, "I'm just out here to get my annual reminder of why don't play this game anymore."

After five holes none of us played particularly well, but we still managed to keep it enjoyable. After a few drinks, some playful bantering between Sarah and I took place.

I hit my second shot in the water on #4.

"Want to borrow my wetsuit Trent?"

"No, dressing up in women's clothes isn't my thing!"

Sarah and Brett laughed wildly.

She hit her tee shot into the woods on #5.

"Don't let the guy in the hockey mask scare you Sarah!"

"Hockey masks are sexy!"

"Not with chainsaws they're not!" I was working it!

I pulled my tee shot on #6 into the #13 fairway.

"Trent I'm sorry but we only paid for 9 holes?"

I grinned like a kid.

"Hey better than hitting on the highway on the right." Which she hit it onto shortly afterwards.

Of course Brett was loving it and kept egging our sexually charged banter on the whole round!

Before I knew it the round was over. Three hours ago Sarah and Brett were strangers to me, but nine holes later it was like we were long lost friends. We hung out in the clubhouse bar afterwards knocking back shots of Patron, laughing and reminiscing about our horrific golfing display.

Sarah, seated between us guys, knocked down one last shot and made her bold move.

"Well guys I can think of a lot of things that are better than golf..........well at least two things."

Sarah reached under the bar and gently stroked our cocks.

I was instantly hard!

"Want to come back to our place to see what this chick really digs?" She said to me while looking deep into my blue eyes, trying to read my thoughts, rubbing my cock softly.

"I'll give you a hint. It' ain't the long ball but it sure is long, honey," she whispered seductively, glancing down at the throbbing bulge in my pants.

I looked past her to see Brett's reaction. He simply winked with approval.

"Sounds fabulous, beautiful."

"Good. Because I have a strong feeling you boys are much better in the bedroom than on the golf course."

"Oh you just wait," I thought to myself.

We briefly parted ways in the parking lot.

"Here's the address to our place. Give us about thirty minutes so Brett can warm me up first, okay stud?" Sarah said as she gave my balls a firm squeeze.


I rushed home to shit, shave, and shine. Then I was out the door in a blaze of sexual fury.

I arrived within thirty minutes just like Sarah instructed. Brett greeted me out in the front patio, wearing only his jeans. Brett was absolutely shredded like a Greek God!

"She's up in the bedroom waiting for us. Are you sure you're ready for this?" he asked, making sure I was comfortable.

"Of course!"

"Great," he replied extending his arm to shake my hand, "Let's go fuck her wild!"

We entered the bedroom upstairs, Sarah was waiting on their oversized bed. She was wearing a silk black teddy with matching 6-inch stilettos. She slid around seductively on the red velvet bed cover.

The bedroom shined with what seemed like hundreds of candles. The room almost seemed like it was on fire!

Sarah motioned us guys over, Brett to the front of her and me from behind. Our bodies instantly fell into rhythm.

Sarah found Brett's eager mouth as they locked into a mad passionate kiss. Her silky smooth ass slid up and down my throbbing cock as I reached around squeezing her soft breasts.

Soft moans escaped Sarah's mouth in between kisses. I quickly tore off my shirt and was eager for her to feel my body. Sarah turned around sensing my need. She ran her smooth hands up and down my chest before pulling me in for a deep kiss. Our tongues danced perfectly. The hum of her moans tickled my tongue as Brett started licking her pussy from behind. We kissed at each other hard as Brett continued to work her cunt with his mouth.

Sarah pushed me onto my back and ran her tongue around my nipples before tracing downward just above my waistline making me squirm with delight. Brett lifted Sarah's teddy exposing her perfectly round ass. With his fingers and thumb lubed, Brett fucked Sarah in the pussy and ass driving her absolutely wild. She quickly tore off my jeans and devoured my cock with her mouth. She groaned wildly with her moist mouth sliding up and down the length of my cock as Brett continued banging both hot zones.

"Oh my God baby. Give me your sweet cock," She called out to Brett.

Lubed up and ready, Brett slid into her cunt. Sarah kept fucking my long dick with her mouth and stayed in sync with the pussy pounding she took from behind.

"Oh fuck honey, oh yes, here it comes baby, yes, God yes, ahhhhhhhh," Sarah screamed, letting out a deep orgasm.

"You love it don't you baby?" Brett yelled out.

"Oh fuck yes baby, you fuck me so good!"

"Ready to switch Trent?" Brett asked.

"Fuck yeah!"

Sarah quickly turned around positioning her sweet ass in front of me. I entered her hot cunt slowly as her mouth found Brett's juicy cock. We moaned collectively with pleasure. I watched and admired our shadow reflections on the wall. It displayed our lust beautifully as Brett and I fucked Sarah at each end.

"Oh yeah," she moaned as I fucked her long and slow, "your cock feels so good stud. I want you both inside of me!"

She quickly climbed on top of Brett and eased his cock inside of her soaking cunt. I stood up to get in behind her.

"Stick it in my sweet ass Trent, do it baby!"

I quickly lubed up my pulsing shaft and straddled behind her, teasing her backdoor with my head.

"Oh you're cruel baby! Come on! You know you want it as bad as I do!"

"You know it sexy," I replied and eased my cock inside of her ass. The warmth was incredible. The feeling of the double penetration through her thin wall of pleasure was heaven.

Now.....we were the sweet spot!

Grinding and fucking as the universe stopped to admire our work. Our moans filled the room, our hips pumping together as the three of us longed for the very same thing...........connection!

"Oh my God guys I'm gonna cum so hard," Sarah yelled out before gasping euphorically.

Brett and I were close behind.

"Oh fuck Sarah!" I shot my cum deep inside of her ass. Brett yelled wildly as he released inside of her cunt.

Sarah's pussy and ass clinched down like a vise on our cocks, squeezing out every last drop of hot cum.

The three of us lay there, our sweat soaked, naked bodies trembling!

And in that brief moment everything in the universe was and is how it should be.


KM said...

Great story Sam! When do we get "Better than Football"?

Sam said...

Football season isn't until September :)

KM said...

Fine. How about "Better than Badminton?" Raquetball. Tennis. Lawn Bowling. Softball. Rodeo. Nascar. Bass Fishing. Ping Pong. Anything! Bring it!