Sunday, June 8, 2008

Man V. Machine - Finale - by KM

"Kat, you hot little vixen!"

"You like it baby? I bought it just for you."

Kat is all dressed up wearing a leopard mask, ears and a leopard print spiked collar around her neck. Around her hips, she's sporting a double-strap leather heart harness with an electric pink dildo.

Adam is shaking his head, but his cock is undeniably excited. "Unbelievable ladies. Unbelievable. What you two won't do."

"Just wait you big handsome hunk. What you won't do by the time this night is over."

Kat comes up behind me, sliding the gorgeous dildo teasingly between my thighs. The cool rubber is tantalizing as it rubs against the underside of my cunt.

"Mmmmm oh yes, Kat. You are such a fucking turn-on."

"All for you baby. All for you."

Kat hands Adam the glass heart dildo and a jar of cinnamon backdoor lube. "Here you go Adam's had 'em. It's your job to get her ready for me."

The thrill of that line puts Adam's cock at attention. "Whatever you say Kitty Kat," he says, moistening my plenty moist pussy with his tongue and sliding cinnamon lube into my ass and onto Kat's cock with his fingers.

"Suck my tits hard. Give me the pleasure hearts bad boy."

"Ready to take it like a girl?" Kat says playfully.

"Oh, I'm so fucking ready. I've never been so ready! Give it to me hot bitch!"

The pleasure is excruciatingly incredible as Kat slowly slides the sparkling pink dong into my ass, her hands gripping my hips as Adam soothes my hot, aching cunt with the cool glass dildo.

"Oh my God, your are incredible! Fuck me Kat. Fuck me with your big pink cock."

Adam the scaredy ass can't help but be turned on as Kat thrusts harder and harder, her cheeks red from the harness, her hair whipping across his face.

"Adam lover, tongue fuck me baby, fuck my clit with your tongue. Oh yes! Mmmmm so good!"

We're rocking together, Kat doing me from behind as I lean over the bed, Adam on his knees beneath me, licking my clit and fucking me withe dildo at the same time.

Together, they bring me to a hard, rocking triple orgasm, my body convulsing with pleasure. I collapse on top of Adam, the heart dildo buried deep in my pink folds.

Kat slowly pulls out, her pleasure hidden beneath the mask.

I whisper in Adam's ear. "I want to watch you fuck Kat's ass. Do it for me."

Adam kisses my neck and winks at Kat. "For you two delicious honeys, I'd sell my soul."

If Kat had a tail, it would be twitching. I prepare Kat just as Adam prepared me, greasing her hot backside and Adam's cock with plenty of cinnamon butter. He's so turned on, his nervousness is completely vanished as he positions himself behind her. It's so fucking hot to watch him take her, enjoying the thrill of his first time as he thrusts his cock and balls against her ass. I suck hard on her tits and buzz her clit and pussy with the jelly crystal vibrator.

"Adam, you are a fucking machine," Kat yells out. "Your cock feels so good. Oh baby, yes. Harder! Harder!"

"Oh God," Adam is moaning. "Oh my God, so tight. So tight and hot. Unbelievably fucking hot – Oh baby, I'm cumming, I'm cumming, you feel like heaven!"

Adam pulls out and sprays all over Kat's back as I push her further over the edge with my tongue and vibrator.

Just another night in paradise.

Wasting no time to get in on the action, Adam slips into his silk robe. "My turn to join the fantasy fulfillment club," Adam says in his deepest sexy voice, holding a pink heart paddle in each hand, one for each of us. "You two are a couple of very naughty girls."

"But first" he grins mischievously, "who won? Man or machine?"

"Oh that's easy," Kat chimes in. "The man carries the day, but the toys make it more fun to play! Silly boy. We girls will always want it all."

"Exactly," I add, backing away from the sexy and sinister looking paddles. "Who says we can't have our cock and eat it too?"

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