Monday, June 2, 2008

Man Versus Machine - Part 3: Pleasure Zone by KM

Upstairs, I open my toy box -- a saucy little silk lined leopard print case with a red leather handle -- to show Natsumi our pleasure tools.

"Oooh Jamie! Look at all the pretty things!"

"We have a little competition going tonight," I say, winking at Adam. 'Man versus machine.' It's playtime versus hangtime. We'll see what Adam's got."

"Oh yes!" Natsumi squeals. "Now let's take a closer look at what you've got here. Things that go buzz in the night!"

Natsumi pulls out the vibrating nipple clips. "Baby, you need some of this action right now. She unties my halter to reveal my breasts and tugs her dress down, sliding the elastic sequined bandeau top to her waist. She clips my nipples and flips the switch. The sensation is delicious and even more intense as she presses her breasts up against mine, rubbing her nipples across the clips and flicking her tongue across my bottom lip, sliding her small hands up my thighs and under my dress.

As we're playing with each other and making out, Adam mixes another round of drinks at the wet bar, his cock about to explode in his pants. He's so fun to tease. We love to get totally in to each other and pretend to forget he's even there.

In the background, Puscifer's Underworld is grinding a sensual rhythm. This song is so fucking sexy. Adam dims the lights low and sits back to watch us kiss.

"Oh Adam," Natsumi finally says, nuzzling my neck, "I brought a special present just for Jamie. But first we're going to give you a massage. Lie down on the bed like a good boy while we heat the massage oil."

"Whatever you say ladies," Adam grins. He lies down on his back, hands behind his head.

"Go ahead and warm him up while I heat the oil in the sink Natsumi," I purr, slipping out of my dress and sauntering to the bathroom in my shiny red lace-up vinyl boy shorts and heels.

"Ready or not, here I come," Natsumi says in a sing-song tone. Slowly sliding her exquisite form atop Adam, she crosses her legs behind his head, taking his yearning member into her mouth and giving full lip service to his steely love pole.

"You are such a fucking stud Adam," she moans, spreading her legs and tilting her pelvis to give him wide open access to her nether lips. I can hear him groaning in ecstasy from the bathroom as he licks at Natsumi's hot slit and rubs her perfect ass and tits.

"Looks like you're plenty warmed up," I announce, drizzling warm oil onto both of them. Time to slip and slide."

I direct Adam to turn onto his stomach. Natsumi and I have perfected the art of erotic massage since we hooked up, but we've pre-arranged something special for him tonight.

First we smooth warm scented oil all over his chest, rubbing him slowly from his neck to his toes, kneading every inch of him with four pleading hands. We each take an arm, each claim a leg, divide his body in half and stroke arrows, circles, and spirals across his entire form.

"You girls are amazing," Adam groans, his cock ramrod straight, his balls as hard and hot as the earth's iron core as we hover over him like sirens, taking our time, the hot rhythms of the Pussycat Dolls in the background guiding our movements. We stand on either side of the bed and each lift one leg, across his chest, our thighs touching. We bookend his cock with our hands, sliding up and down in unison.

"Relax Adam darling," I remind him, his abs contracting, hips straining against our movements. Let us take you on a magic carpet ride. We have all night, baby."

He manages to relax into the mattress, as the sensations of physical pleasure take over his entire existence. "Oh, that feels so good," he yells out. "Yeah, oh God yes, don't stop."

Natsumi is running her fingers up the underside of Adam's cock as I knead his chest and lick his nipples. I remove my nipple clips and attach them to his erect nips, revving them up to high.

"How's that baby? Do you like this?" Natsumi expertly pulls the shaft's skin towards the base with her fingers, forming a cock ring with her hand, circling his favorite pleasure spot with her forefinger and thumb.

"Fuck him Nat, fuck him hard," I say saucily into his ear, biting and licking him.

Oiling my hands again, I move to the edge of the bed. Natsumi is going fucking insane on Adam's cock, pinching and teasing. I place my slick fist between his balls and ass and rub it firmly against his erotic zone.

"Now! Now!" he yells out, as I rub faster, Natsumi continuing to stroke and tease. Natsumi moves forward to straddle's Adam's chest, her hair a dark curtain across his face as I move in to suck him off. He slides his hungry hands over her breasts and pinches his nipples as he cums hard into my mouth, his body pulsing with pleasure.

"Heaven on earth," Adam sighs, his body wet with sweat, his maleness still stiff with anticipation of what's yet to cum.

We wipe him down with hot wet towels and cool him off by kissing his hot skin with a bouquet of rose petal lips. Then Natsumi, grinning like a hungry beast, emerges from the bathroom wearing her surprise…..a surprise just for me.

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