Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My Muse - 7th Entry

You enter my dreams nightly! Subconsciously our secret desire has no boundries and has no consequences.

The gentle cold touch of your hand sends shivers through my spine. The simple brush of your hair against my arm drives me mad!

I ache for more!

I want to see your naked body, feel your firm tits, rub your smooth ass.

Wrap your silky legs around my naked body.

Look into my eyes deeply and what you'll see and feel is mutual.


I want to grab your long hair, kiss you deeply as I penetrate you, and feel your tongue flick against mine.

Your soft moans drive me to please you even more!

Let me show you what true love is!

Devour my long shaft with your perfect mouth! Please do it fast......before I wake up and the empty void comes rushing back!

I want to watch my cock slide in and out of your cunt from behind.

Are you as warm and wet as I imagine?

My uncertainty consumes me!

I awake and am only left to wonder.

My sense of guilt is only outweighed by the overwhelming desire for more!

Who are you?

You are who I lust for!

You are my guilty pleasure!

You are my muse!

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