Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Tease!

The month of June has been particularly tough! However, this past week I developed an appreciation for sleep and having sex vs. writing about sex!

My time and energy has been pulled in every fucking direction! However, I have written sporadically for two stories in the works, "Traction Bound" and "Housekeeping." Here are a few tidbits to get you hot..........I guess this would be literary foreplay!


I regain consciousness and realize that I'm naked and bound to the traction table. Everything is going as planned. The only light is a small flicker from a dimly lit candle.........

After what seems like an eternity you finally enter the room. The silhouette of your perfection glows in the dark. The artwork of your naked body is highlighted with neon body paint. The only visible features are your vivid orange breasts, long green legs, and hot pink lips!

Your neon aura crawls towards me, ready to devour.

You naked body slithers up and down mine as I'm strapped to the table helpless, a slave to your seduction.

You press my cock between your tits and massage my shaft with you flesh in long sensual strokes.


I speed into the garage hoping that Adrienne hadn't left yet. It was Friday which meant I wouldn't get a chance to see her again until next Tuesday. I rush to open the door and there she was on all fours scrubbing the kitchen floor. Her ass in perfect view under the lacy trim of her uniform!

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