Saturday, July 26, 2008

My Muse - 10th Entry

I remember the you? The cinder block walls, the fluorescent lights, the cement floor, no natural light, just a bed for the two of us to devour each other on a nightly basis.

Your wearing your black thigh high vinyl boots and nothing else. You clutch and claw at my pants freeing my huge cock as my fingers massage the inside of your soaking cunt.

Your hand finds my tool and jerks magically along the shaft. I massage your soft breasts with my free hand, our moans dance off the cinder block walls, our tongues tangle together in an open mouthed kiss.

You push me back onto the bed, your eager mouth finding my cock. Your mouth presses down firmly as your hand pulls from the base. I'm dying to taste your deliciously shaved pussy. I grab at your leg and you knowingly spin around and lower your clit onto my flickering tongue. Your cries of pleasure intensify mine. We moan and groan with lust.

I slide out from beneath you and enter you from behind. The view of your tattoo and the way it compliments your perfectly round ass makes me crazy. The slapping sound of my hand across your ass joins the chorus of loud moans. I'm not spanking you because you've been a bad girl, but because your the best lover a man (or woman) could ever have, love being spanked....your cum drenching my long shaft confirms it!

Time for the big finish! I lay on my back and you ride me wildly. Your hands wrap around the back of my neck giving you unbelievable grinding leverage against my delighted cock. Your eyes glaze over and a wicked grin creeps across your face as you take me to the point of no return. Your hot pussy clenches down on my erupting cock, my hot cum pumps deep inside of you.

You collapse on top of me, our sweaty, muscular bodies quiver with sexual fulfilment!

Do you remember now?

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