Friday, July 25, 2008

TNT- Finale!!!!

I was back in a daze.

Trixy went on to explain despite my lack of response, "It's simple Officer Steve, Tanya and I take turns sucking your cock, six sucks a turn. The first one to make you cum first wins!"

I was paralyzed with lust.

"Officer Steve....bring that sweet cock over here," Tanya beckoned.

This was going to be a quick game!

My led legs and I stumbled over to TNT's anxious and hungry mouths. Trixy tore off my shirt, sending buttons flying and scattering across the floor, while Tanya tugged and clawed my trousers down to my knees, my cock springing to attention.

"My God Officer Steve, you're in definite need of release big boy," Trixy exclaimed with wide hungry eyes.

They pulled me in, both girls working me simultaneously to start, my cock sandwiched between a pair of ruby red lips and slick tongues gliding up and down my shaft, Tanya cradling and massaging my balls making me buckle at the knees.

Game on....Trixy went first, yanking my cock deep into her mouth, tickling my balls with her long manicured nails, sucking and pumping six times before Tanya jerked my member her way.

"My turn," she moaned lustfully, taking my throbbing member into the back of her throat. Tanya pressed hard and drove back slow with her lips while stroking the base of my shaft hard and fast.

"Oh fuck baby," I growled, feeling my orgasm growing closer.

Six pumps later Trixy sprung back into action, "Back to me honey," she said looking up at me with her hazel eyes, "You said you liked anal Officer Steve, well you're gonna love this!"

Trixy sucked down hard on the head of my tool while easing a finger into my ass, massaging my p-spot and simultaneously pumping at the base of my pleasure pole.

Game over!

"Oh my God," I howled! Trixy quickly pulled off of me to spray my colossal load all over her heaving tits. Tanya eagerly dove at Trixy, their breasts pressing together as they kissed deeply.

As numb as I was, I quickly leaned in to meet their mouths for a steamy and sticky kiss. It was beautiful, the three of us locked into a collage of smoldering lips and hot pink tongues.

And right at our moment of sexual glory, a slow methodical applause startled the three of us from the doorway. My boss stood there clapping at a snail's pace.

"Nice work Steve. After you clean up you can leave with the Barbie twins....I hope they were worth it!"

Hours later my 1969 mustang is screaming down Interstate 15. My cock grows with excitement when I see the road sign reading only 15 miles to Las Vegas. Tanya and Trixy are in room 269 in the Bellagio hotel, the three of us are set to rendezvous at 11 pm, and it's Friday night!

So you tell me....was it worth it?

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