Wednesday, July 9, 2008

TNT - Part 1

Working as an airport security officer for over a year has been nothing short of bizarre. You'd be amazed at the shit people try to bring on an airplane! Marijuana wrapped in tinfoil, syringes in tampon cases, pistols, you name it! As strict as TSA standards are today, you don't think the x-ray machine will pick up a 9mm pistol wrapped in your "Don't Mess with Texas," sweater? Fuck me running! I've learned one thing working for the TSA, never underestimate the stupidity of people.

However, with my job sometimes crazy collides with wild opportunities.

Last Thursday afternoon I was working the security gate in Aisle 3 bored out of my fucking mind until a nervous Tim came over.

"Steve, better come look at this," he whispered loudly.

Steve was timid by nature and really had no business working as a TSA officer in the first place. He was walking at a frantic pace. I almost had to jog to keep up. We got to the X-ray machine and he pointed up to the monitor. My jaw about hit the floor, two small carry-on bags packed to the max with sex toys. I quickly looked up scanning people.

"Tim, who's fucking bags are........"

And that's when I saw them. Two blond women wearing pigtails, who looked like a porn version of the Doublemint twins, though they weren't literally twins. They both sported white blouses and plaid mini skirts showing off tan muscular legs. Both of them stood there with their heads down, hands folded behind them, rocking from heel to toe, spawning a look of innocence but guilty as hell at the same time.

Tim's nudging brought me out of my haze.

"Those two girls over there," he whispered again, sounding like a frightened boy saying there was a monster under his bed.

"Holy shit," I replied. I whistled over at Tony our twenty-something security guard, who approached his job as if he were a marine.

"Yes sir!"

"At ease Tony. Can you cover section 3? I have a little situation I need to handle for Tim."

"Yes sir," he belted out as he went storming off. I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

I strolled over to introduce myself.

"Hi ladies, I'm Steve.

"Hi Officer Steve! Can I call you officer Steve? I'm Trixy and this is my business partner Tanya," she said while winking and emphasizing "partner."

I was pretty certain those weren't their real names, but it seemed perfectly appropriate.

"Call me whatever you'd like ladies. Maybe we should go somewhere private to discuss the....contents in your carry on baggage."

"Ooooooh, a private room! Show us the way Officer Steve," Tanya purred.

I led them to a holding room carrying a bag in each hand. The room was mostly for individuals who had suspicious luggage or were overly hostile. I don't know what you would classify this situation as.

Both ladies sashayed by as we entered the room, their knee-high boots clicking as they slithered past me.

"Have a seat ladies," I said casually tossing each bag onto the table.

They both plopped down directly across from me in the only two chairs in the room. Both looked up at me, batting their pale blue eyes at me sweetly and innocently.

I popped open each bag and admired the plethora of toys. Everything imaginable was in there: dildos, vibrators, masturbation sleeves, harnesses, oral gels. Fucking everything, all in variety of shapes and candy like colors.

"So ladies....seriously, what the hell is with all of the sex toys?"

"Well Officer Steve, Tanya and I own a sex toy company called TNT Sex Toys. The TNT stands for Trixy and Tanya, pretty clever huh?

"Huh," I casually smirked.

"And you're taking these on board with you because...."

This time Tanya chimed in.

"Were heading to Vegas for the AVN awards. They have exhibition booths and of course TNT has to represent!"

Now it was getting comical!

"Why wouldn't you just ship the product discretely instead of trying to bring it on board?"

"Because we love the thrill of getting caught....Officer Steve," Trixy cooed seductively, making my cock jump in my pants.

"Well technically, I can't let you take these on board. As comical as it may sound, those mondo sized dildos could be used as a weapon."

Both girls started laughing wildly.

"What are we gonna do Officer Steve, fuck everyone on the plane silly?" Trixy giggled.

"Ohhhh that could be hot," Tanya chimed in. "It could be a mile high orgy!"

As I was starting to lose control of the situation I could feel myself growing hard. Both girls had a raw sexual appeal about them that was growing stronger by the second. I was now under their spell.

"Well, maybe I could have them shipped to your hotel."

Rather than responding directly to my question they began to converse with each other.

"Should we give him a show Tanya?"

"Oh I think we should!"

"I don't know Tanya, Officer Steve might think will hit him over the head with the Shane's World dildo when he's not looking!"

"Please Trixy lets do it, besides.........Officer Steve's kinda cute!"

"Okay, just because airport sex is so hot!"

And that's when it happened.

Trixy pulled Tanya in for a deep kiss. Their ruby red lips shined under the fluorescent glow of the room's overhead lights. Each girl was massaging the others breasts.

"What are you doing?" I mumbled, shocked by their brazen physical display.

"Just embrace it Officer Steve, go with it, enjoy the show," Tanya moaned.

I was numb with fear and I did!

To be continued!


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