Sunday, August 31, 2008

Ripe for the Taking!

Is this what French women fantasize about? Maybe I need to move!!!!

A very hot retro French gang bang clip! Even if one of the guys looks like Marlon Brando in the Godfather, but with thinning hair!

Either way it's worth watching!


Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sweet Surrender!

While most of us aren't equipped (mentally and/or physically) to have our own game of Ultimate Surrender, I came up with a tamer version....."Sweet Surrender!"

The object of the game is to make your partner orgasm first or decide he/she would rather orgasm (i.e. surrender) than continue with round play!

Here's how it works:

Each person gets two minutes per round to work their lover to the point of sexual release, doing it in the fastest amount of time possible. Of course, if you are really talented at giving pleasure, your partner should forgo his or her turn and continue receiving the royal treatment! If not, roles are switched after 2 minutes is up and it's their turn to please.

Basically, the winner is the one who has the most restraint, while the loser is the one who surrenders by orgasm either willingly or unwillingly.

Here are the rules:

Rounds 1 & 2: Display your oral and manual talents with only the use of mouth and hands.

Rounds 3 & 4: Bust out the tool box!!! Sex toys may be used in addition to mouth and hands. So break out the vibrators, dildos, anal plugs, masturbation sleeves, etc., and do your naughtiest!

Round 5+ (If it goes that long): No holds barred! You know what they like so bring it! Tie them up, double penetrate, buzz the tower, suck and fuck, whatever it takes, all moves are allowed!

Final rule: If the person receiving pleasure first orgasms, he/she still has a chance in the bottom of the round to still win/tie (Kind of like the home team in baseball getting their last at bats).

There you have it! This game is even better when there is a little friendly wager involved! In my case, the loser will be a sexual slave to the winner the following weekend!

Stay tuned for a personal summary! Either way we both eventually win!

And if you decide to play....good luck and happy humping!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Gift of Sharing!

This is the best gift I've ever seen!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Muse - 12th Entry

I'm going to make you mine!

I tie you up and position you on all fours, just how I want you, just how you love to be taken!

Your body slips and slides against the satin sheets as you fight against the restraints bound to your wrists and ankles as I tease your arms with sweet smoldering kisses, flicking with my tongue and gnawing with my teeth against your flesh! Your nipples are firm and erect, visibly aroused through your silk black teddy. I tug on them with my hands as I continue my slow methodical torture with my hot breath!

I work the sides of your body with wet lips and soft tracing hands, sending chills down your spine! Your hands clinch into fists; you shiver and moan as I worship your perfect body!

You are my Goddess!

I position my head beneath you, lightly caressing the soft curves of your perfectly round ass! Your pussy is wet and glistening under the soft glow of candlelight. I tease you with soft wet kisses along your inner thighs, stopping and hovering around the curve of your pussy. You moan and whimper in agony, longing for me to suck on your soaking cunt!

“Please,” you whisper, one simple word.

“What do you need baby?”

“I need you to fuck me, please!”

I untie your hand and give you a hard wet vibrating dildo. Your hand clinches around its shaft.

“Show me how you need to be fucked lover!”

You thrust the cock deep inside of you, pumping strong and fast!

“You like to be fucked hard don’t you baby?"

“Oh yeah,” you moan.

“You wish it was my cock inside of you?”

“God yes!”

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Fuck yes,” you coo.

“Prove it, suck my cock, prove it to me lover!”

I free your other hand and position my throbbing tool right In front of your hungry mouth. You eagerly take it in, wrapping your hand around the base, jerking and sucking me in rhythm as you get yourself off with the large tool.

“Wow baby you want this cock bad don’t you?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” you moan as your voice is muffled by my dick sliding into your hot mouth.

“Soon enough baby! First I’m going to suck you off while I watch you fuck yourself! You need to earn my cock! You need to cum for me first! Can you do that for me baby? Would you like that?”


“You want me to slap your ass?”

“God yes!”

I slide beneath you again, blowing cool air against your clit, making your body shiver and shake.

“Please,” you cry out as you fuck yourself wildly!

My mouth clamps down against your sensitive clit, my hand slaps against your ass.

“Oh God,” you growl.

I slap your ass over and over, slightly harder with each smack, making your flesh burn!

“You’re a naughty girl aren’t you?


“Cum for me my sex Goddess! Cum all over that hard cock!”

You work frantically! The cock slaps against your cunt as I suck hard on your clit and pinch your nipples with my hands, sending you over the edge!

“Oh God I’m gonna cum, oh my God!”

Every muscle of your body contracts as the flood gates open! I quickly yank the dildo from your hand and place my mouth over your pussy, sucking all of your juices, savoring the sweet taste!

You cry out wildly, quivering in orgasmic overload!

I position my throbbing cock behind you, love paddle in hand, ready to take you, ready to make you mine!

“Good girl! Now I’m gonna give it to you! How to you need it?”

"Long and hard," you moan uncontrollably in long gasping breathes.

"Like this baby?" I ask as I bring a love paddle down on your ass and penetrate you deep.

"Oh fuck yes," you groan.

Your ass makes that beautiful slapping sound as you buck back against me fiercely. I continue to bring the love paddle down across your back side, sending sweet stinging pleasure into your rosy flesh!

Our breathing is hot and heavy as my cock slides with full long strokes, your dripping sex overwhelmingly warm against my cock. Your inner walls tighten and spasm around my tool as you cry out blissfully, releasing another deep orgasm. I'm just a moment behind!

"I'm gonna cum deep inside of you now baby! Do you want it? Do you need it?"

"Oh yes give it to me! Cum hard for me baby! Fuck me! Oh God give it to me! Now!"

I release, giving you my sweet cum, pumping hard and deep inside of you. My hands claw at your muscular back as I howl in ecstasy!

I remain deep inside until you receive every drop of my juice! Your pussy contracts and milks it all, draining me completely!

You turn your head to mine and our mouths meet, tongues lapping together, both of us mad with lust.

"I love you! You are the best," I whisper into your ear.

You are my sexual servant!

I know you will have your chance to be the dominant one next time, but for now....

You are mine!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

For the Ladies!

Sorry I couldn't find a virtual blowjob for women ladies

However I found the gift that keeps on giving. The gift that never suffers from erectile dysfunction or premature ejaculation. A gift that is strong, never goes limp, and is always rock hard!

I present to you....the bangmachine!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Just for the Guys!

Sorry for the layoff guys! How about a nice blowjob from two gorgeous women to make up for it?

So True!

Thursday, August 14, 2008


This could be one of the hottest threesomes I've seen! French of course! Enough said. See for yourself!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dare to Share!

Hello everyone! I want to try a little something different! The majority of my entries consist of short stories, sex clips, sex toy reviews, humor, etc. But I'm ready for a little change. Basically, I want involvement from you!

Consider this a dare!

I want you to share with me your favorite sexual experience or fantasy! Send it to me by commenting on this post.

The majority of my creative writing is not only through my own overactive imagination and personal experiences, but things I see and stories I hear!

What gets you hot? What drives you wild? I dare you to share!!!

I'll start first with one of my favorite experiences!

I went home one Friday afternoon during a lunch break. I left my lover a pair of thigh high boots, a long wavy wig, a room key to a hotel, and a note saying, "I'll meet you in room 236 at 5:30pm sharp!"

I parked my car a block away so I could watch her as she got into the car to meet me at the hotel. The look of excitement on her face drove me wild.

I gave her plenty of time before I arrived to our destination. My cock was screaming with anticipation of what would unfold! I couldn't wait to take her!

I knocked on the door and my jaw about hit the floor when I saw her! A tall exotic beauty with stunning wavy reddish blonde hair dancing across her shoulders, her nipples firm and erect, thigh high boots shining with pride, and a wide lustful grin across her ruby red lips!

She looked sexy and most importantly.... she felt sexy!

Though I had been with her multiple times, the change in her appearance was so erotic, it felt like this was our first time together!

I quickly lunged at her and our mouths met in a wild passionate kiss. Tongues dancing in a swirl, hands groping wildly against one another's muscular bodies, our breathing fierce and gasping.

I squeezed at her firm tits taking one into my mouth. She moaned softly as I gnawed on her flesh. Her head tilted back and her eyes shut as my free hand found her wet sex folds.

She was out of her mind with lust! Moaning, gasping, panting, clutching, and clawing, trying to free my cock.

She dropped to her knees and she sucked me hard with her whimpering moans.

Not wanting to cum too fast, I quickly picked her up and threw her onto the bed, positioning her on all fours. I blew hot flickering kisses along her smooth ass before thrusting my tongue deep inside of her cunt. My tongue lapped and lashed in and out of her until she couldn't wait any longer!

"Oh God! Give me that big cock," she begged.

One smooth push and I was in, fucking her wildly. The sweet sound of smacking flesh bounced off of the walls.

We howled blissfully!

Her tight pussy clinched and spasmed around the head of my cock, sending sweet cum deep inside of her. Our bodies shuddered in a delightful orgasm.

I gave her a quick kiss as she left to take a quick shower. I was amazed at how quickly I got worked up again.

I needed more!

I climbed into the shower and quickly went down on her, licking the curve of her pussy, enjoying the taste.

Her mouth fell open letting out a series of lustful moans! I didn't stop until she came, her sticky sweet juices flooding into my mouth!

I wasn't done!

I turned her around and spooned against her, fucking her from behind! Water splashed against our bodies, her wet ass bucked back against me, taking me deeply until she came a third time!

Eager to finish me off, she slid her hot wet body down to my throbbing cock, fucking me with her huge tits. I growled like an animal as my load shot all over her chest!

Man I think I need a cold shower after reliving this!

Five orgasms in 20 minutes! Pretty efficient!

Now it's your turn!!!

Get me hot!!!!

Come on! What do you got to lose?

I dare you to share!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The Groomsmen

My pulse quickens. I peer through our bedroom window and wait anxiously. The anticipation of watching the groomsmen take you leaves me with mixed emotions. I know our relationship is very non-traditional, but even I struggle to believe I'm giving this gift to you.

My raging hard on indicates that I'm not too worried. The rules and regulations of our relationship have always been minimal. But our love and trust is solid, that's why we work so well together. That's why this will work too!

You raised a delicious eyebrow when I said, "I have a special surprise for your bachelorette party," but you had no idea what lengths I would go to satisfy our fantasies!

It's 11:00 o'clock and right on cue the bedroom door swings open. You're wearing a white wedding gartini bridal gown with matching thigh high stockings and heart shaped panties. The four studs are dressed in traditional tuxedos. All four are elegant, athletic, and have masculine features that would make any girl wet with desire.

Everything is going as planned. Based on the lustful expression on your face, any reservations you had are completely gone.

I quickly disappear into the shadows of the night, but remain close enough to get a good view of the show!

The groomsmen toss you onto the bed, ready to please every fiber of your sex!

A sea of hands clutch and claw at you from all angles, massaging and kneading your large breasts, smooth legs, and voluptuous ass. Miguel, a dark Spaniard is first to get at you. He quickly dives between your legs, eagerly tearing away your panties to taste the smooth folds of your pussy.

Your back arches as you buck against his mouth, his tongue flickering deep inside your smooth cunt. I can hear blissful moans escape from your soft lips as the Greek gods, Tim and Jonus now please you from both sides of the bed. They both start at the top, blowing smoldering kisses along either side of your neck, sucking softly on your delicious skin. Miguel continues to devour your sopping sex. Tim and Jonus continue to work downward toward your huge firm tits, giving access for Maceo to join in. You pull Maceo in for a deep kiss. Your tongues work wildly against one another's. You nibble and bite at his lower lip, your hand massages the head of his cock through his pants, his mouth is wet and open, enjoying your hand stroking on his throbbing pole.

A pleasant chorus of sucking, licking, and erotic moans echo through the window. I'm frozen with lust as I watch these pros devour you!

Maceo quickly unzips his pants, you tug and free his massive black cock, pulling him up to your open wet mouth, taking him deeply inside. His eyes close and his head tilts backward as you suck up and down his shaft. Tim and Jonus unzip and unleash their cocks as they continue to feast on your breasts, your hands quickly find their cocks as you pump them both in each hand.

Miguel now enters you in one swift thrust with his long cock, fucking you hard and fast.

"Oh God yes, fuck me baby, fuck me," you scream out.

I watch in amazement as you service every cock magnificently! Stroking, sucking, and fucking in perfect rhythm!

Miguel continues to bang you hard, your orgasmic screams muffle against Maceo's big dick as you suck on him firmly.

You continue to moan wildly as the groomsmen roll you onto all fours. Maceo slides beneath and pulls you on top of his massive tool, slipping inside of your hot cunt with ease. Your hips grind hard against his smooth cock. Jonus climbs off the bed, walks around and positions behind you. You eagerly await him to enter your ass, your eyes glazed over with lust. He presses the head of his manhood against your backdoor, teasing you until you open up, and he slowly glides in. Miguel and Tim take turns fucking your mouth as Maceo and Jonus penetrate you simultaneously! The bed bounces and rattles off of the wall, the five of you gasping and whimpering with joy as you continue to ride your way to ecstasy!

Your body quivers and shakes. You moan and whimper uncontrollably with another orgasm, overcome with pure lust!

The moment of truth has arrived! Every muscle in Jonus's body clinches and contracts as he releases inside of your backdoor, gripping at your ass hard and giving you every drop of pleasure.

You continue to ride Maceo as his moans continue to build. Quickly you hop off and press his cock between your tits, pumping and squeezing pearly white cum onto your chest.

Two to go!

Kneeling on the bed, you alternate between Miguel and Tim, sucking and stroking them both to the point of no return. They both growl like animals as you jerk and suck them hard. Miguel howls as he releases deep inside of your hungry mouth. Tim is no longer able to hold back screams as he shoots his load all over your glazed tits!

The groomsmen each give you a thankful kiss and bid you farewell. Your body is soaked with sweat and cum.

You peer through the window and wink. Beckoning me with your finger to come here!

"You know I won't be satisfied until I have the sweetest cock of all!"

Strong love, strong trust! That's why we work so well together!

Porn Gone Bad!

An absolutely hilarious compilation of porn gone bad. Hilarious money shots, porn stars falling, and a very disturbing rim job!

Fucking funny!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Triple Threat!

Wow! That had to be the fasted, most intense orgasm that I have ever experienced from a toy. With in two minutes, not only had the rabbit ears stimulated a clitoral orgasm, the shaft and beads had hit my G-spot, AND the stinger had brought me to a full anal orgasm. Three different feeling climaxes ALL AT ONCE!

That's only 1 of the 26 rave reviews the Total Ecstasy triple stimulator recieved on Edenfantasys.

Type in DESIRE at checkout and you'll get 15% off any triple stimulator vibrator. The offer ends on the 14th.

Hey, it's the least I can do for my loyal voyeurs!

Thanks for visiting and happy humping :)

Sweet Awakening!

All days should start like this!

The covers are ripped off my body as I'm awakened by hot flicking kisses up and down my torso and inner thighs. Two sets of ruby red lips tease me as I reach full awareness of the situation. You brought the gift of another woman to our bed!

Her long dark hair shimmers across my body as she blushes hot kisses along my waist. Both of you are dressed in black garter belts and stockings. Both of you contast beautifully with the red satin sheets.

You slide up to me and our mouths fall into a soft wet kiss while the stranger takes me into her hungry mouth. Her lips press and glide firmly up and down my shaft. My moans escape uncontrollably and echo into your mouth as the stranger sucks me hard.

You are quick to join her.

Both of you take turns licking my balls and sucking my rod. All of our eyes meet in a lustful stare. Both of you grin wickedly and take delight in my obvious enjoyment.

You continue to please me with your tongue lapping across the head of my cock while the stranger shimmies down to taste the soft folds of your pussy. Your mouth is open as gasping with lust as the other woman teases you with her fierce tongue.

I always knew you would enjoy another woman's touch!

Your hand grips and pumps hard around my huge cock as the brunette devours your sex.

I need to be inside of you!

The stranger stays below you as I enter your soaking cunt from behind. I thrust deeply as she nibbles at your clit. Your cum drenches the entire length of my cock as I glide in and out. You gasp and whimper in orgasmic bliss. I pull out and our sexy friend anxiously takes me into her mouth, enjoying the taste of your juice on my cock.

I grab for the stranger and position her on all fours. The both of us are eager to please her. You soak your fingers and my throbbing cock with hot thick lube. I straddle the stranger's smooth ass and enter her backdoor, a lustfull moan escapes from her wet mouth. You massage and kiss the soft skin of her ass while working her moist cunt with your long delicate fingers, massaging her g-spot. Her tight hole grips and spasms around my pole as she cums immediately. You craddle and caress my balls with your free hand, sending me over the edge.

A sea of echoing moans fill the room as I release my load deep inside of her ass. I grip at the stranger's muscluar shoulders trying to steady myself as my body goes numb.

I stay inside of her tight ass, pumping every last drop of hot cum. You come at me glowing with pleasure. We kiss in the afterglow of our triad. Our friend joins us, a trio of smoldering tongues and lips, kiss wildly, concluding our steamy threesome.

All days should start like this!

Thursday, August 7, 2008


My good friend and extremely talented writer Kristen Monroe has been published in Cleansheets!

Giddy Up! Mustang Sally is going to take you for a ride you'll never forget!

I'm Still Waiting!

I'm still waiting for an invite to a party like this!

I'll just have to enjoy watching with all of you for now!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Prizefighter - Part 1

My heart races anxiously as we await the official decision. Blood trickles down the side of my face from a cut I suffered in the seventh round. I dominated the first two rounds, knocking down Sanchez in the first with a sharp left hook that rocked him onto the canvas.

I stood over him, "The only reason Heather likes you is because you take it like a bitch....stay down, she's mine!"

He looked up at me with fully alert eyes and cocky ass smile.

Sanchez was far from being hurt.

The second round I peppered him with a complete onslaught of crosses, jabs, and uppercuts. He wouldn't go down! I would have had better luck knocking down a brick wall.

Sanchez was tough.

"This is going to be harder than I thought," I thought nervously to myself.

I was always a quick finisher in the ring, a true knockout artist.... brute might be more accurate. At any rate, it's why people came to watch. Later in my career my lack of endurance became my Achilles heel. If a fight went past the fourth round my chances (and skills) diminished quickly. I first discovered this at the peak of my fighting career in an undercard bout in Casears Palace. My opponent was Tyson "Bonecrusher" Brown. He did just that! He crushed me. I was finally exposed for what I truly was, a slugger not a boxer. After Brown survived my aggressive attack during the first three rounds, he played me like a fiddle for the next four before knocking me out with a vicious uppercut in the eighth.

The more things change the more they stay the same!

The middle three rounds could've gone either way with the judges as we settled into a boxing match.

In sixth round he cornered me, unloading wicked combinations to the body and head. Hot white flashes of pain ran through me until the bell finally rang.

By the final round I had no legs left, resorting to holding Sanchez.

"You see, this is why Heather likes to fuck me, I have endurance and can go all night, just how she likes it," he continued jawing in my ear, "You're probably fuck just like you're a two pump chump!"

This is probably what saved any chance of me winning. Infuriated, I pushed Sanchez off of me and caught him with a crushing left hook that sent him flying into the ropes. I continued to punish him, unleashing a fury of hooks and body shots, making him wince in pain. The only thing holding him up was the ropes.


"Saved by the bell bitch," I gasped at him.

Now we were at the mercy of the judges.

Dull aching pain coursed through my body as Sanchez and I awaited the judges' decision. Our fate was in their hands. The winner would be Heather's official "boyfriend." The loser would graciously walk away. It was the only way we could think to settle the made perfect sense.

Heather was a ring girl at the arena. While it wasn't her primary occupation, it served as a perfect outlet for her obsession. I guess she always had a thing for boxers. Apparently one wasn't enough, and ironically she was wet for two in the same weight class.

Heather was unaware that we knew she was sleeping with both of us. We decided this predicament needed to be handled like men, by men.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the judges have reached their decision."

My heart began to jump. My gut told me that I lost!

"Anderson scores the bout 95 - 94 in favor of Sanchez."

"Fuck," I thought knowingly.

"Williams scores the bout 96 - 94 in favor of Hammerstein."

A mix of cheers and boos echoed through the crowd.

"And judge Michels scores the bout 95 - 95. Ladies and gentlemen the bout is a draw.

My heart sank! My body not numb from punches, but disbelief.

Sanchez and I exchanged an uneasy glance as we both knew simultaneously.

The winner wouldn't be determined in the ring, it would be determined in the bedroom!

To be continued!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Call of Duty!

We're gonna need police backup.... because this sexy redhead needs two big "guns" to satisfy her!

My Muse - 11th Entry

You look like a pro as I video tape you going down on me. I'm sprawled out on the couch trying to hold the camera steady as you tease my swollen member with your tongue and mouth.

You pull down your silk teddy, revealing your amazing breasts.

"Please press my cock between them," I think to myself.

You know me too well. You press your silky tits around my shaft and glide seductively up and down it's length before taking it back to your hungry mouth. I'm no longer able to control my are in control of me now.

This is so erotic! The projected black & white image of the recording camera adds to the experience. I watch in awe as you continue to devour my dick with your mouth, licking up and down the shaft while pumping the base with your hands.

You go in for the kill, sucking hard on the head of my cock while yanking up hard on the shaft, over and over and over....God don't ever stop....ever!

Your mouth is the epicenter of pleasure!

Your moans match mine, you know it's time....steady camera, steady!

You release your mouth from my cock, spraying beautiful pearls of cum all over your heaving tits.

In a comatose state, I watch as it runs down your perfect body.

You smile with exotic confidence. We lock into a wet lingering kiss.


Time to watch your craft!

I eagerly hook up the camcorder to the t.v. to relive your oral masterpiece.

5 years later I still haven't left the television!