Monday, August 11, 2008

The Groomsmen

My pulse quickens. I peer through our bedroom window and wait anxiously. The anticipation of watching the groomsmen take you leaves me with mixed emotions. I know our relationship is very non-traditional, but even I struggle to believe I'm giving this gift to you.

My raging hard on indicates that I'm not too worried. The rules and regulations of our relationship have always been minimal. But our love and trust is solid, that's why we work so well together. That's why this will work too!

You raised a delicious eyebrow when I said, "I have a special surprise for your bachelorette party," but you had no idea what lengths I would go to satisfy our fantasies!

It's 11:00 o'clock and right on cue the bedroom door swings open. You're wearing a white wedding gartini bridal gown with matching thigh high stockings and heart shaped panties. The four studs are dressed in traditional tuxedos. All four are elegant, athletic, and have masculine features that would make any girl wet with desire.

Everything is going as planned. Based on the lustful expression on your face, any reservations you had are completely gone.

I quickly disappear into the shadows of the night, but remain close enough to get a good view of the show!

The groomsmen toss you onto the bed, ready to please every fiber of your sex!

A sea of hands clutch and claw at you from all angles, massaging and kneading your large breasts, smooth legs, and voluptuous ass. Miguel, a dark Spaniard is first to get at you. He quickly dives between your legs, eagerly tearing away your panties to taste the smooth folds of your pussy.

Your back arches as you buck against his mouth, his tongue flickering deep inside your smooth cunt. I can hear blissful moans escape from your soft lips as the Greek gods, Tim and Jonus now please you from both sides of the bed. They both start at the top, blowing smoldering kisses along either side of your neck, sucking softly on your delicious skin. Miguel continues to devour your sopping sex. Tim and Jonus continue to work downward toward your huge firm tits, giving access for Maceo to join in. You pull Maceo in for a deep kiss. Your tongues work wildly against one another's. You nibble and bite at his lower lip, your hand massages the head of his cock through his pants, his mouth is wet and open, enjoying your hand stroking on his throbbing pole.

A pleasant chorus of sucking, licking, and erotic moans echo through the window. I'm frozen with lust as I watch these pros devour you!

Maceo quickly unzips his pants, you tug and free his massive black cock, pulling him up to your open wet mouth, taking him deeply inside. His eyes close and his head tilts backward as you suck up and down his shaft. Tim and Jonus unzip and unleash their cocks as they continue to feast on your breasts, your hands quickly find their cocks as you pump them both in each hand.

Miguel now enters you in one swift thrust with his long cock, fucking you hard and fast.

"Oh God yes, fuck me baby, fuck me," you scream out.

I watch in amazement as you service every cock magnificently! Stroking, sucking, and fucking in perfect rhythm!

Miguel continues to bang you hard, your orgasmic screams muffle against Maceo's big dick as you suck on him firmly.

You continue to moan wildly as the groomsmen roll you onto all fours. Maceo slides beneath and pulls you on top of his massive tool, slipping inside of your hot cunt with ease. Your hips grind hard against his smooth cock. Jonus climbs off the bed, walks around and positions behind you. You eagerly await him to enter your ass, your eyes glazed over with lust. He presses the head of his manhood against your backdoor, teasing you until you open up, and he slowly glides in. Miguel and Tim take turns fucking your mouth as Maceo and Jonus penetrate you simultaneously! The bed bounces and rattles off of the wall, the five of you gasping and whimpering with joy as you continue to ride your way to ecstasy!

Your body quivers and shakes. You moan and whimper uncontrollably with another orgasm, overcome with pure lust!

The moment of truth has arrived! Every muscle in Jonus's body clinches and contracts as he releases inside of your backdoor, gripping at your ass hard and giving you every drop of pleasure.

You continue to ride Maceo as his moans continue to build. Quickly you hop off and press his cock between your tits, pumping and squeezing pearly white cum onto your chest.

Two to go!

Kneeling on the bed, you alternate between Miguel and Tim, sucking and stroking them both to the point of no return. They both growl like animals as you jerk and suck them hard. Miguel howls as he releases deep inside of your hungry mouth. Tim is no longer able to hold back screams as he shoots his load all over your glazed tits!

The groomsmen each give you a thankful kiss and bid you farewell. Your body is soaked with sweat and cum.

You peer through the window and wink. Beckoning me with your finger to come here!

"You know I won't be satisfied until I have the sweetest cock of all!"

Strong love, strong trust! That's why we work so well together!

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