Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My Muse - 12th Entry

I'm going to make you mine!

I tie you up and position you on all fours, just how I want you, just how you love to be taken!

Your body slips and slides against the satin sheets as you fight against the restraints bound to your wrists and ankles as I tease your arms with sweet smoldering kisses, flicking with my tongue and gnawing with my teeth against your flesh! Your nipples are firm and erect, visibly aroused through your silk black teddy. I tug on them with my hands as I continue my slow methodical torture with my hot breath!

I work the sides of your body with wet lips and soft tracing hands, sending chills down your spine! Your hands clinch into fists; you shiver and moan as I worship your perfect body!

You are my Goddess!

I position my head beneath you, lightly caressing the soft curves of your perfectly round ass! Your pussy is wet and glistening under the soft glow of candlelight. I tease you with soft wet kisses along your inner thighs, stopping and hovering around the curve of your pussy. You moan and whimper in agony, longing for me to suck on your soaking cunt!

“Please,” you whisper, one simple word.

“What do you need baby?”

“I need you to fuck me, please!”

I untie your hand and give you a hard wet vibrating dildo. Your hand clinches around its shaft.

“Show me how you need to be fucked lover!”

You thrust the cock deep inside of you, pumping strong and fast!

“You like to be fucked hard don’t you baby?"

“Oh yeah,” you moan.

“You wish it was my cock inside of you?”

“God yes!”

“You want me to fuck you?”

“Fuck yes,” you coo.

“Prove it, suck my cock, prove it to me lover!”

I free your other hand and position my throbbing tool right In front of your hungry mouth. You eagerly take it in, wrapping your hand around the base, jerking and sucking me in rhythm as you get yourself off with the large tool.

“Wow baby you want this cock bad don’t you?”

“Mmmm hmmm,” you moan as your voice is muffled by my dick sliding into your hot mouth.

“Soon enough baby! First I’m going to suck you off while I watch you fuck yourself! You need to earn my cock! You need to cum for me first! Can you do that for me baby? Would you like that?”


“You want me to slap your ass?”

“God yes!”

I slide beneath you again, blowing cool air against your clit, making your body shiver and shake.

“Please,” you cry out as you fuck yourself wildly!

My mouth clamps down against your sensitive clit, my hand slaps against your ass.

“Oh God,” you growl.

I slap your ass over and over, slightly harder with each smack, making your flesh burn!

“You’re a naughty girl aren’t you?


“Cum for me my sex Goddess! Cum all over that hard cock!”

You work frantically! The cock slaps against your cunt as I suck hard on your clit and pinch your nipples with my hands, sending you over the edge!

“Oh God I’m gonna cum, oh my God!”

Every muscle of your body contracts as the flood gates open! I quickly yank the dildo from your hand and place my mouth over your pussy, sucking all of your juices, savoring the sweet taste!

You cry out wildly, quivering in orgasmic overload!

I position my throbbing cock behind you, love paddle in hand, ready to take you, ready to make you mine!

“Good girl! Now I’m gonna give it to you! How to you need it?”

"Long and hard," you moan uncontrollably in long gasping breathes.

"Like this baby?" I ask as I bring a love paddle down on your ass and penetrate you deep.

"Oh fuck yes," you groan.

Your ass makes that beautiful slapping sound as you buck back against me fiercely. I continue to bring the love paddle down across your back side, sending sweet stinging pleasure into your rosy flesh!

Our breathing is hot and heavy as my cock slides with full long strokes, your dripping sex overwhelmingly warm against my cock. Your inner walls tighten and spasm around my tool as you cry out blissfully, releasing another deep orgasm. I'm just a moment behind!

"I'm gonna cum deep inside of you now baby! Do you want it? Do you need it?"

"Oh yes give it to me! Cum hard for me baby! Fuck me! Oh God give it to me! Now!"

I release, giving you my sweet cum, pumping hard and deep inside of you. My hands claw at your muscular back as I howl in ecstasy!

I remain deep inside until you receive every drop of my juice! Your pussy contracts and milks it all, draining me completely!

You turn your head to mine and our mouths meet, tongues lapping together, both of us mad with lust.

"I love you! You are the best," I whisper into your ear.

You are my sexual servant!

I know you will have your chance to be the dominant one next time, but for now....

You are mine!

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