Saturday, August 9, 2008

Sweet Awakening!

All days should start like this!

The covers are ripped off my body as I'm awakened by hot flicking kisses up and down my torso and inner thighs. Two sets of ruby red lips tease me as I reach full awareness of the situation. You brought the gift of another woman to our bed!

Her long dark hair shimmers across my body as she blushes hot kisses along my waist. Both of you are dressed in black garter belts and stockings. Both of you contast beautifully with the red satin sheets.

You slide up to me and our mouths fall into a soft wet kiss while the stranger takes me into her hungry mouth. Her lips press and glide firmly up and down my shaft. My moans escape uncontrollably and echo into your mouth as the stranger sucks me hard.

You are quick to join her.

Both of you take turns licking my balls and sucking my rod. All of our eyes meet in a lustful stare. Both of you grin wickedly and take delight in my obvious enjoyment.

You continue to please me with your tongue lapping across the head of my cock while the stranger shimmies down to taste the soft folds of your pussy. Your mouth is open as gasping with lust as the other woman teases you with her fierce tongue.

I always knew you would enjoy another woman's touch!

Your hand grips and pumps hard around my huge cock as the brunette devours your sex.

I need to be inside of you!

The stranger stays below you as I enter your soaking cunt from behind. I thrust deeply as she nibbles at your clit. Your cum drenches the entire length of my cock as I glide in and out. You gasp and whimper in orgasmic bliss. I pull out and our sexy friend anxiously takes me into her mouth, enjoying the taste of your juice on my cock.

I grab for the stranger and position her on all fours. The both of us are eager to please her. You soak your fingers and my throbbing cock with hot thick lube. I straddle the stranger's smooth ass and enter her backdoor, a lustfull moan escapes from her wet mouth. You massage and kiss the soft skin of her ass while working her moist cunt with your long delicate fingers, massaging her g-spot. Her tight hole grips and spasms around my pole as she cums immediately. You craddle and caress my balls with your free hand, sending me over the edge.

A sea of echoing moans fill the room as I release my load deep inside of her ass. I grip at the stranger's muscluar shoulders trying to steady myself as my body goes numb.

I stay inside of her tight ass, pumping every last drop of hot cum. You come at me glowing with pleasure. We kiss in the afterglow of our triad. Our friend joins us, a trio of smoldering tongues and lips, kiss wildly, concluding our steamy threesome.

All days should start like this!

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