Thursday, September 18, 2008

Mr. Bigcock Part 2 - by Kirsten Monroe

Ellen looked at me hopefully. "Well? When do we shop?"

"Tonight. Six O-clock."

Freudian Slip, a boutique lingerie store in an old Victorian on the east side, wasn't the most obvious choice for she-cock shopping but it was definitely the most discreet – and fun. The place was filled with fluff and naughtiness….but we were only there for some of the lower level offerings. The real treasures were upstairs. Up a creaky set of wooden stairs, beyond the frill and lace of corsets and bustiers, fine brassieres, stockings, stilettos, and an enormous antique buffet stocked to overflowing with all manner of panties, was Freudian Slit, the toy & bondage attic.

Half of the attic space was remodeled into an outrageous gothic boudoir, complete with an ornately carved bondage bed. The other half of the attic was filled with shelves of toys -- everything from lube to dildos to dancing rabbits.

"Try on anything you'd like," the shop manager said, serving us with a smile. "Sylvia here is an amazing dom and does my demos – let her know if you'd like to see anything in action or need help with a fitting."

Sylvia looked ordinary enough. But I imagined that there was probably plenty of extra-ordinary beneath her tidy blond ponytail, fringed western-style top, jean skirt and hooker-heeled black leather cowboy boots embroidered with red pistols.

"Ladies – have your way and let me know when you're ready to give something a go," Sylvia grinned, fluttering her long lashes curled over exotic smokily lined eyes and gold frosted eyelids, then turning and going back to where she'd left off when we stormed the place -- straightening the leashes.

I felt an overwhelming urge to give away all of my worldly possessions, join the convent of sin, and become Sylvia's slave.

Our little group scattered and spread out as we giggled and touched our way through the store. I made my way to a row of harnesses and chains. What would Mr. Naughtypants be most tortured by?

Marsha sidled up beside me. "This one," she said, reading my mind and pulling a crotchless beauty, the "Translucent Wonder" from its hook. The white belt with silver rivets perfectly complimented the clear under part. The matching colorless cock was the perfect size to be worn discreetly beneath the pleated skirt of my tailored wool business suit.

"Well?" Marsha said, running her hands up and down the perky toy penis. "Let's give it a spin. Better yet, ask Sylvia to show us how to use it."

I took Sylvia aside and explained our "situation" with Mr. Bigcock.

"Oh, yes – I specialize in torture," Sylvia said. "You wouldn't believe how many clients of ours ask for help with the office bullies. Follow me ladies."

Ellen and Marsha fanned themselves with their hands as we followed Sylvia's swaying ass to the other side of the room. She opened a small cupboard near the bondage bed and pulled out a black yoga mat, unrolling it onto the glossy wooden floor.

Sylvia turned and faced us, her legs spread slightly, as if she was about to give a fitness seminar.

"The most important thing to remember is that you are as beautiful and as powerful as you want to be. It's all up to you. Confidence is key. Once you have that, it's all about the power and the pleasure."

Pulling her hair loose, Sylvia shook her head, blond waves unfolding onto her shoulders. She nodded at Marsha. "I need an assistant."

Marsha blushed wildly, but stepped forward. "This is a bit nuts," she said. "I've never done anything like this before, but what the hell."

"There's nothing to be shy or ashamed of ladies – we're just having some fun and learning about some new toys. Relax!"

Sylvia slowly unsnapped her blouse and unzipped her skirt, slipping free of both with what looked like one fluid belly dance type of movement – a swing of the hips and twist of the shoulders and voila! Wow. What emerged from inside of the urban cowgirl getup was a hottie in nothing but a sexy red leather shelf bra and matching French cut thong that perfectly matched her red boot embroidery.

"Now my lovely assistant, you can help me strap-on & then we'll switch."

Marsha's fingers shook a little as she buckled the harness around Sylvia's naked hips. "Perfect. Now slip this condom onto the dildo and feel me up with your hands. Go ahead. Rub it. It won't bite, but you can bite him. Doesn't that feel good?"

We all stood there in awe as sweet little Marsha crossed to the other side and took Sylvia's strap-on into her perfectly manicured hands. Little beads of sweat formed on her upper lip and she giggled a little as she felt up that shiny cock, her confidence building. She ran her hands up and down it for a long time, then lightly placed one hand on Sylvia's thonged ass and moved in a little closer.

"Yummy. Feels good in my hands."

Sylvia reached into the cupboard again and pulled out a bottle of lube. "This water based Juicy Lube is perfect for toys and it smells nice but doesn't have any sugar so it won't get sticky. Hold out your hand."

She pumped a couple of squirts into Marsha's open palm and thrust her hips forward.

"Get me wet. Start at my bottom and work your way up."

"Your bottom?"

"Yes, my bottom. Between my legs. Under my dick."

Marsha slid her lubed palm between Sylvia's legs as Sylvia tilted her head back and sighed. "Doesn't it feel good to feel yourself for a moment before you feel him?" she asked in a low voice.

Oh my God, this was insane. It was like naughty pampered chef – all of us gathered around for a live demo. I wanted to ask if the dildo doubled as a batter whisk and whether it came with a matching bowl set.

Sylvia pushed her hands up under Marsha's blouse, fondling her boobs as Marsha continued her lube job, making her way from Sylvia's wet cunt to the tip of the cock, Marsha's small fingers exploring every ridged inch of it.

Ellen leaned in close and whispered, "Just look at her -- at them! This is so hot – I didn't think….."

"Your turn hotness," Sylvia announced suddenly. "Your turn to get those hips moving."

She removed the harness as Marsha, as if in a trance, pulled down her jeans and removed blouse. Sylvia buckled her in and Marsha did a little cock dance, spinning around as the dick bounced with her movements.

"What do you think girls? Grrrowl!"

We were speechless.

Sylvia slipped a new rubber onto the toy and wasted no time getting Marsha ready for action, gliding her lubed hands between Marsha's legs and her own.

I couldn't help but notice the shine of wetness sliding down Marsha's inner thighs as the scent of warm vanilla and rubber rose in the room.

"Now put your hands on your hips pretty Miss and thrust your hips like this."

Sylvia demonstrated, pushing her hips front and back with strong, masculine movements.

"Hold the cock in your hand when you can do it so you can feel your rhythm."

Sylvia took that beautiful wet Johnson in her hand and went at it.

"Oh yeah!" Sylvia said, clapping and turning to the studio audience, throwing us a thumbs-up sign. "Nice! Pump it, there you go. Oh yeah girl! Jack that thing off!"

Sylvia's reddish brown hair flipped across her face as she thrust harder and harder, one hand gripping the lubed cock as she pumped. "Yee-haw baby," she yelled out.

Sweet little Marsha. Holy mother of sexual prowess. Look at her go.

"Ready to test drive?"

Marsha looked at us as if we could answer for her. Our eyes must have said "fuck yes!" because she turned to Sylvia and said confidently, "Ready for action."

With Sylvia on all fours, her creamy white ass swaying a little, Marsha went to her knees and slowly and carefully eased the cock into Sylvia's well-trained cunt as if she was parallel parking during driver's ed class.

"Nice honey, very nice, but you don't have to be so careful. Move those hips. There you go. Get in the groove. Oh yeah. Nice. Thrust, thrust, thrust. You got it. Now reach around and finger my clit, feel it? Here, just like you'd like it. Just tease it lightly with your fingertips, now harder. Fuck yeah baby. Oh yeah."

God damn! Did I just touch myself? Quick! Somebody bring me a vibrator!

Sylvia's tits bounced atop her leather bra as Marsha pumped away. Marsha now had her hands now firmly on Sylvia's hips, grinding like she'd been fucking chicks all her life. They were actually fucking. Right here in the gothic boudoir. On the floor. On a yoga mat. While we watched. Time seemed to slow down as Marsha thrust the shiny cock in and out, in and out, her eyes closed, concentrating on her rhythm. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. Fuck. I was twisting in my jeans, my body a puddle of goo as they went at it.

I felt somewhat relieved when Sylvia reared up with a loud moan, twisting her erect nipples between red-tipped fingers.

"Fuck me harder baby. You're making me cum – right there, right there. Oh yeah honey. Just like that. Fuck yes! Yes! Yes!"

Oh, Mr. Bigcock wouldn't even know what hit him.

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