Monday, September 22, 2008

My Muse - 13th Entry

I only fantasized about you 40 times last night!

40. Fucking you from behind while you and your girlfriend are in a 69!
39. Watching four women pleasure your tits and sweet cunt!
38. Watching you suck four guys off one by one!
37. Massaging and sucking on your tits until you cum!
36. An all-nighter of fucking and sucking with you and a high priced call girl!
35. The two of us fucking on top of a bar while it's open!
34. Going to the AVN Awards and watching you suck Evan Stone's dick on stage!
33. Shy Love joins in!
32. I join in!
31. Fucking like animals at a swingers party!
30. Watching you get double penetrated by two studs on a king sized bed!
29. You sucking my throbbing cock under the table of a fancy restaurant!
28. The both of us jerking each other off in a public hot tub!
27. Eating your pussy in a hot sauna!
26. All of my buddies treating you to a gang bang!
25. Tying you up and letting two women tease and seduce you!
24. Fucking your oily tits!
23. Slowly fucking your tight ass!
22. You tying me to a bed while you and Trinity give me a double blowjob!
21. Watching a stripper give you a lap dance while you jerk me off!
20. Taking that same stripper home and watching the two of you have strap-on sex!
19. You riding my cock while the stripper fucks your ass!
18. Becoming members of the mile high club!
17. You sucking me off while I'm driving a car!
16. Watching you strip at amateur night!
15. Making love under a waterfall in Hawaii!
14. Doing it doggy style in a display window at Macy's!
13. Fucking on the kitchen counter!
12. Being videotaped while we go at it like pornstars!
11. Watching you masturbate through the bedroom window!
10. Joining you!
9. Taking you to a deserted parking lot and banging your brains out!
8. Fucking you on the balcony of a high rise hotel suite!
7. Having an oil wrestling match and letting you win!
6. Watching you and your girlfriends have an oil wrestling match!
5. Having sex on a pool table with two guys!
4. You giving me a handjob on a crowded dance floor!
3. Treating you to a body massage with a happy ending!
2. Slapping your ass with a love paddle while I give it to you from behind!
1. Making this list a reality!

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