Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Oh my Mina!

And the Hottie of the Week is:
French fetish model Mina.

Who else but a chic French chick would be a multilingual horsewoman and classical dancer and hot fetish model? Her lover, as she mentions below, is a "rubber designer." Well! That would put the xxx in the sex!

Check out her blog and her own page at chickipedia.

Mina's bio is just as fascinating as her photos, well, maybe not, but it is good reading.
All about Mina, by Mina

Born in 1982, I grown in the warm and cool south of France's atmosphere, rocked by my father's italian origins and my mother's spanish ones. I lived a quite normal and very wise childhood. I did a lot of sports : 3 years in a horse riding school, 10 years of classical dancing before to stop when I became a teenager. I decided to quit because the ballet institution was too classical and straight for me. I went to the high school focused on the literary way, studying french literature, philosophy and three foreign languages (english, spanish, italian).

After getting my high school diploma, I felt involved in human beings and more particularly by their health. That's the reason why I wanted to be a nurse, studying in a medical school for one year. Unfortunately, I wasn't strong enough to endure the dark clouds of diseases and death : I was used to cry coming back at home, I was so sad that I decided to break for a while.

Meantime, my life changed when I met Sylvain Coeur-Jolly, the man I love since 2001. By chance, we discovered the fetish universe : sex shops, funny parties, amazing people. We walk along together as a couple but also individually : Sylvain is a rubber designer and I became a fetish model. It gives me the opportunity to share my taste for kinky stuff and I really love this.

I never loved my body and I couldn't imagine modeling. However, I met two french photographers during a fetish party : Robert Chouraqui and Eric Martin who were the first to shoot me. They gave me my chance and I really enjoyed this experience. From this time, I am really addict to photo studios : I did more and more shootings, exploring my fetishes, wearing beautiful clothes and shoes, meeting some crazy and open-minded people.

Step by step, I discovered who I am and what I need : eccentric lifestyle, funny and sexy games revealing my secrets. I deeply love corset, latex, nylon and, last but not least, I adore extreme high heels. Bondage is my ultimate fantasy : I really enjoy being strictly tied. Like a lot of dancers, my body is trained to suffer and I am really comfortable with restraint. That's so exciting and entertaining!

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