Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Dream Sequence

Two women emerge from the shadows of the bedroom. Tall and curvaceous goddesses in shiny thigh high boots crawling seductively to the foot of my bed, climbing on, ready to pounce, thirsty for satisfaction!

Before I can resist they tie me to the bed, making me theirs, the object of their desire!

They tease me, spooning into a steamy 69 at my side! I fight against the restraints dying to feel their skin, kiss their soft lips, devour their delicious cunts! I can only watch as they please one another. The only sounds are their hot tongues flickering inside one another's sex folds and the lustful moans that escape their mouths as a result!

It feels like eternity to watch!

At last, they use me! I am nothing but a sex slave to them, an object to fulfill a lustful need! Both take turns riding and bucking against my face. My hungry tongue darts deep inside their sopping pussies, I drive them mad!

Now they fuck me at both ends! Grinding and pumping in perfect sync! The girls embrace elegantly, getting the pleasure they need! Soft breasts pressed together, mouths locked into passionate open mouthed kisses, they use me relentlessly!

I growl wildly as hot cum shoots deep inside a wet and steamy cunt! They don't stop, it's far from over....they need more, their thirst is insatiable!

They lick and suck my cock back to life and ride me every way they desire!

Use me and abuse me all you want my sexual creatures!

I never want to wake up from the dream!

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