Thursday, October 16, 2008

My Muse - 14th Entry

I'm coming!

The wait is over, I'm going to claim what is mine!

I will tie you up and tease you beyond belief! Lightly trace my hands against your perfect skin, massage your inner thighs, tease your pussy, gently nibble and gnaw on your firm nipples, flick my hot tongue against your clit, finger your hot ass! I'm gonna make you beg for this big cock!

I'll wrap my belt around your waist and fuck you hard from behind and smack your ass with my hand, you'll scream with delight.

Come here baby....suck the juice off of my hard cock....taste it....savor me you miss it....long for it....need it for eternity!

Your pussy with quiver and pulse over and over again! I'll go all night for you baby! Suck me, fuck me, ride me, forever!

You can no longer deny your desire! You need it desperately don't you?

My lust for you is insatiable! I'm bringing everyone to join in our pleasure! Women will devour your body, men will bang you in unimaginable ways! We will taste and savor every inch of your perfection! You will get your sexual fill beyond your wildest dreams!

Do you want it?

Can you feel me breathing?

Can you taste me?

You know you want it!

Don't deny it!

Sam is coming, lay back and enjoy the ride!

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