Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Muse - 15th entry

I take you to an abandoned warehouse. I tie your naked body to the steel chair in the center of the room with black leather restraints around your waist and hands cuffed at your sides. It matches perfectly with your thigh high boots!

You gaze up at me lustfully, eager to be taken! Your eyes go wild when I slide the Hitachi wand right against your wet aching cunt. I duck tape to keep in place, ready to vibrate endless orgasms from your aching soul!

I hit the switch and enjoy watching you quiver with delight. The powerful vibrations rush through every pore of your body! Your mouth falls open letting out soft moans, your breathing grows faster.

I kiss you. Your lips suck softly on my tongue. I eagerly grab and massage your breasts, pinching your nipples firmly, making you growl like the sexual beast that you need to be tamed! I lick and tease every inch of your body. Gnawing your neck, nibbling your tits, sucking your smooth thighs!

"Oh God baby, give me that hard cock," you beg! "Let me suck your cock while I cum!"

I free my throbbing tool and tease your mouth, your hungry tongue dances for it desperately wanting more, wanting it all.

I release the restraints from your hands, giving you what you need....what we both need! You work the shaft with both hands firmly and suck viciously on the head of my delicious cock! A rushing wave of orgasm hits you! You whimper and cry with ecstasy, I increase the power of the vibrating wand even more! Every muscle in your body contracts from the overloading sensations that penetrate your sensitive sex box.

You pump and suck wildly, crying out, "Oh God, oh my God, of fuck honey give me your cum, I need you to cum for me!"

I growl as the flood gates open and release sweet juice into your mouth! You grab my ass holding me steady as we share this orgasm. Hot juicy cum flows like a river down your mouth and onto my pole as your elegant hands continue to massage up and down my smoldering cock!

You don't stop, you need more! You pump another glorious load all over your chest! Slow like honey it oozes down your heaving tits!

"Oh my God, please turn it off! I can't take it anymore," you scream out.

"Maybe I will baby!" I tease in a wavering growl, shaking from my orgasm, still hard as a rock!

"God please," you beg.

"Maybe you'd like this better lover!"

I tear the wand away and replace it with my mouth.

"OH MY GOD! YES...YES....YES!" You moan and gasp uncontrollably!

I savor the taste of you, my tongue thrusting deep inside your sweet cunt as you scream madly!


It's never too much! I want to stay inside you forever because you are my slave to love and lust!


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Sex Kitten said...

Delicious! I love the Hitachi Magic Wand reference. If only all men were so well-aquainted with the female body..sigh.

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JohnnyLickUm said...

Unreal.. My Hand are sweaty .. and my mouth is Dry :) im Throbbing :)

rabbit vibrator said...

The story is good but I think its a common one. I think you should make some new and unique story. I hope you will share some !!