Monday, December 22, 2008

All Nighter Finale - By Kirsten Monroe

The mannequins glowed in the lights. Ethan pulled me into the middle of the display and pushed me down into the candy pillows and feathers, pressing himself on top of me, whispering roughly.

“Now lover. Tell me what you want.”

I wrapped my legs tight around him and pushed my hands inside the back of his jeans, stroking his smooth, hard ass.

“Maybe I want you to watch me fuck Barbie,” I said, teasing, rolling him over and unbuttoning his jeans, taking his cock into my mouth for a horribly cruel and teasing blow. I licked at his cock like it was a candy cane, then left him mid-moan. “Be right back big boy,” I whispered, and crawled over the pillows to boobequin.

Ethan’s hard cock blinked pink-pink-pink in the gaudy holiday lights.

I stood and playfully pulled Barbie’s dress down to reveal a perfect breast, complete with an erect nipple. I stuck out my tongue and began to circle the hard, red nip with my tongue and….

“Oh my fucking God!” I nearly screamed it. That was not a plastic nipple.

“It’s real. She’s real. You’re real.”

Barbie straightened up and shook her blonde mane. She giggled and smacked her lips. “Yum.”

Ethan was on his feet, his cock at attention, a cunt-eating grin on his face.

“No worries,” Barbie said in a thick Australian accent. “I get paid big bucks to look like a doll. I’m happy you were tricked. That bloke” she said, pointing to the male mannequin “He really is fake. Not fair, is it? It’s a bit lonely in here.”

“What was it you were saying?” She continued. “You want loverboy to watch you fuck Barbie? The name’s Gretchen, but it’s all good. What are you waiting for? Don’t let the fact that I’m a real, live girl stop you.”

Gretchen moved toward me, her perfect glitter-dusted breast still exposed. She wrapped her arms around my waist and stared at Ethan as she licked my neck from my ear to my collar bone in one slow, sensual motion.

“Make yourself comfy on the lounger stud,” she said, motioning to the chaise.

“Whatever you say Gretchen,” Ethan said, sprawling out on the velvet chaise, seemingly un-phased by this crazy reality show.

Gretchen lifted my sweater over my head and laughed at the unclasped bra. She tugged the straps from my shoulders and dropped it with a wink to the floor. I took her tight red nipple in my mouth again, right where I’d left off. She moaned with pleasure as I sucked softly, then a little harder. I could see Ethan watching and I could hear his voice in my head, his command. “I want this and so do you. Don’t deny me.”

"I won't," I thought, as Gretchen popped my jeans open and tugged at my soaking wet panties. "Tonight baby, it's all about you and maybe, just maybe, a little bit about me too."

"Sweet honey," Gretchen cooed, slipping her manicured fingers into the same warm, wanting place Ethan's pawing hands had been moments ago. I'd never been with a woman before – not since a drunkish dorm room disaster in college anyway. And certainly not in this way. Not in a sensual, fully erotic way. Her hands were so small, her fingers delicate, nimble, slender and smooth, not rough and thick like Ethan's masculine hands. The contrast was such a turn-on. Suddenly, I wanted to feel her up, wanted to touch her. I wanted to sink into her softness, touch and taste and feel every part of her, soaking up these moments of unexpected pleasure. And I wanted Ethan to see it all, see my face, see my cum-glazed thighs, see my cheeks flush with excitement as Gretchen-the real-live- mannequin fucked me inside out.

The moment I realized she wasn't a mannequin, my heart had nearly stopped in my chest. Fear gripped me – that scary, no-going-back sort of boundary-crossing fear. But here we were, having it both ways. Soon, we'd be having it three ways. We really could have it all. Why not?

The words must have slipped from my lips out-loud.

"Why not indeed," Gretchen whispered into my ear, so quietly that Ethan couldn't have heard her. “Let's have some fun."

The obnoxious holiday musak suddenly seemed like a perfect porn soundtrack, filling the space with sparkles of dirty sound.

"Yes, let's," was all I could get out, my throat tight, my breathing rapid.

Gretchen squatted seductively, ass resting on her bright red boots. She pressed her face to my stomach and rolled her tongue around my navel ring and held me by the hips, looking up at me with enormous blue eyes. I tentatively put my hands in her hair – an act that seemed incredibly personal and erotic. How could putting my hands into another woman's hair be erotic when I had already wrapped my lips around her erect nipple? I don't know, but it was. Her pretty, naturally blonde smooth strands were soft as silk in my hands.

A rush of dirty, liberating thoughts gave me confidence. I clenched a handful of Gretchen's hair in my fist and pulled, ever so slightly, bringing her head to one side. She moaned loudly. I squatted next to her until we were knee-to-knee and brought my lips to her neck, directly onto the tiny blue vein that throbbed along the side of her throat. I kissed her there firmly; my green eyes fluttering closed as I enjoyed the taste of her salty sweet skin. I held my lips there, lost in the moment, leaning into her, her hands in my hair now, down my back, on my ass. I swiftly licked the kiss clean with my tongue. When I pulled away I could see that my lipstick had stained her skin, my kiss blooming on her neck like a flower, the impression of my full lips ruby red and wet on her cool, pale neck.

Gretchen pushed her small hands into the back of my loosened jeans and pulled them down, her fingers entwined in my panties. As she did, she went to her knees and in one smooth motion brought her lips to my spread-wide pussy, flicking her tongue in the most sensual way from back to front. I reached between her legs, into the dark shadow beneath the red satin, and felt a jolt of excitement at the sensation of lace and spun sugar– neatly trimmed and as soft as down. Knowing Ethan was watching as I reached beneath her dress sent my pussy into overdrive. Gretchen sucked on my bare tits while I explored her deep, hot cunt with curious, sex-sensitized fingers.

"Oh baby, you may not know it, but you have the moves. Don't stop. Please don't stop. That feels so, so good," Gretchen sighed as I gently worked my fingers in and out, feeling myself, feeling her, enjoying the pure sensuality of touching her, pleasuring her even as I derived pleasure. She pressed her hips towards me and leaned back slightly, spreading her knees for me. I slid my fingers deeper into her hot, wet sex, her pussy clenched around my fingers, the hard pearl of her clit quivering as I gently stroked it.

Suddenly I wanted Ethan to see the place where I'd marked her with my lips. I took Gretchen by the hand and pulled her to him.

"Kiss her here," I said, touching my lipstick mark on her neck with my fingertip. "Kiss her where I kissed her."

Ethan smile and leaned forward, kissing the outline of my lips on her neck. As he did, I took his cock into my mouth again. Gretchen was next to him on the chaise now, me kneeling below both of them, enjoying the thick, swollen knob of Ethan's dick deep in my mouth, the hard velvet hammer of it pressing against the back of my throat. I was doubly and simultaneously aroused by pushing my fingers deep into Gretchen's cunt while taking Ethan into my mouth, his hard cock pressing against my tongue. Hard. Soft. Loving the way the heat and friction of sucking him makes my lips tingle. The way her pussy opened to my touch. I was ready. I wanted it all. Ethan spread his legs wide. I pulled his jeans down with one hand while rubbing Gretchen's fur-topped, red patent leather boot with the other.

Without warning, Gretchen giggled and stood up.

"Since you two were obviously planning on being here all night, we might as well take our time. Let's mix it up."

She pulled a pink satin bow from the Christmas tree and untied it. She wrapped it around Ethan's eyes and tied it in the back. Then she pulled him from the chaise to standing.

"Ready for the ride of your life sexy? Ready for some sensory overload?"

"Oh my God, I'm going to explode right now," Ethan said as we sandwiched him between us. Gretchen massaged my ass and I returned the favor, stroking her from thigh to neck through the thin fabric of her dress. Finally, I lifted the satin sheath over her head, leaving her naked except for a red lace thong and those amazing boots.

Gretchen tugged off Ethan's shirt. I bit his hard man nips between my teeth, tonguing him not-so-gently, and caressing his muscular chest with moist, pussy-perfumed fingertips.

We pulled him down onto the pillows and kissed him everywhere lips could reach. We spread his legs and sucked him in unison, our tongues entwined around his cock. Double the pleasure.

Ethan let out a loud moan as Gretchen gripped his shaft tightly in her perfect fingers and slid his cock deep into her throat. I took his hands and pushed them into her thick hair. Then I went down on his hard, smooth balls, purring like a Christmas kitten.

"You like this baby?" Gretchen moaned between thrusts. "Have you been a very good boy? Because if you have, Santa's naughty helpers may have a surprise for you."

"Oh God, already surprised, fucking incredible ladies, fuck, oh fuck," Ethan panted, barely speaking English, talking like a cave man.

That's when Gretchen straddled his cock and wrapped her leather-whipped calves tightly around his neck. As she slid atop him, I shuddered and moaned with pleasure. I licked and bit and lapped like a hungry animal at the curves of his ass and the gorgeous smooth hardness of his balls, just as pleased by participating as knowing how turned on Ethan must be by the sensation of a brand new cunt, tight and hot, wet for him, wet for me.

"Fuck yes," he breathed. "Fuck, fuck, fuck yes."

Ethan's hips twisted with pleasure as he ground his Christmas candy deep into Gretchen’s wicked hot grip, thrusting hard, grunting, groaning, his undeniably male sounds of sex taking me, us with him.

It was then that I remembered something I'd stashed away in my purse. My fast, furious and feisty little power tool that I never leave home without -- my lipstick vibrator.

I carefully made my way to where I'd left it at the edge of the window, leaving the lovers for a moment as they fucked atop the candy pillows. Looking back over my shoulder, it was arousing beyond belief to see them – long-legged Gretchen riding him as if he were a racehorse, boots and breasts glowing, the long curve of her spine and muscles of her back etched and taught and alive like an infrared dream. Him sucking on her fingers like candycanes, knees spread, hips arched, the two of them grinding, grinding to the electronic beat of some jazzy holiday tune.

I found my toy and returned to the party, quivering with excitement. I knew what Ethan would like. I wished I'd packed something more substantial, but given the spontaneity, it would be perfect.

I turned it on – it was barely audible as it jumped in my hand. I moved in behind Gretchen and my blindfolded boy and pushed my face into his balls again, stroking him with my tongue. Then, slowly, I pressed the little vibrator against his cheeks and carefully positioned it against his opening, teasing the sensitive skin of his quivering ass.

"Vixen!" Gretchen said loudly, as she felt the vibrations jolt Ethan's bung and hum against his throbbing balls. “Oh yeah,” Gretchen said, “Fuck yeah.”

"Come here hotness," she said, twisting around and straddling Ethan reverse cowgirl and pulling me to her. I leaned into her on my knees and gently pushed the hide-a-vibe into him. I held it there, pulsing and buzzing inside Ethan's asshole. I spread my legs wider and pressed my hips against Gretchen’s, the sensation of her stomach against my clit agonizingly erotic. Gretchen pumping wildly in rhythm with Ethan as he fucked her hard, harder, consumed with ecstasy and agony, blind and bound beneath his two hot dolls.

Gretchen reached between my legs again, our breasts pressed together, the touch of her elegant fingers and the vibrations below making me cum instantly. I exploded with white heat, but fuck I wanted more. She went deeper, sucked my tits hard. “Fuck, oh my God, yes, yes. Oh, I’m cumming again, now. Mmmmm. Yeah! Fuck yeah!” I brought my hand to the back of her neck and pulled her lips to mine, opening myself to her softness. Her fingers went deep, so fucking deep as I tightened myself around her in a second full orgasm, the intensity of it nearly putting me on my ass.

I felt Ethan strain and stiffen beneath us, ready to cum, unable, unwilling to hold back for another second. I reached behind his sweat-soaked head and pulled the blindfold free.

Gretchen squeezed her thighs tight against him and I pushed the vibrator in deeper, stroking and licking his tight balls faster and faster. Gretchen pumped wildly, breasts bouncing, ass tight, head tossed back in ecstasy.

"God, you two, you’re too much,” Ethan mumbled, “Now, oh sweet fuck, now.”

In unison, Gretchen and I unwound ourselves from him. Side-by-side, we turned and faced Ethan's unbound eyes. We each straddled a thigh and took his wet dick in our hands, stroking him hard as he shot his load all over our tits. He pumped gallons of cum onto us, spraying for what seemed like hours, arms outstretched, abs contracted, hips arched, ass raised and trembling.

When at last he was emptied, I leaned down and licked thick drop of sweet cum from his dick and chest as Gretchen massaged his hot Irish cream into her breasts, moaning with pleasure.

"You two obviously planned on spending the night in the window," Gretchen said, "But I can get us out the back way and my apartment is just down the street. "How 'bout we continue this all-night party at my place?"

I looked at Ethan, my face saying, "Don't deny me."

He smiled and relaxed into the pillows.

"What are we waiting for?"

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

All Nighter Part 1 - By Kirsten Monroe

“She’s hot!”


“That doll.”


“Over there. Santa’s slutty helper. Five-o-clock. Red satin mini-dress and shiny CFM boots.”

“The mannequin? You actually think the mannequin is sexy?”

“What can I say? She’s a hot doll.”

Ethan took my hand and pulled me to the window display – a “holiday romance” scene set up inside the interior windows of the large downtown shopping mall where we’d gone to find the perfect gift for Ethan’s impossible-to-please mother. The display featured an enormous tree illuminated with soft pink lights, a white velvet chaise, a thick snowy layer of white feathers, and piles of pillows wrapped in brightly colored satin to look like Christmas candy.

I didn’t admit it out loud, but the truth was, this mannequin was anything but ordinary. She was a voluptuous blonde with realistic-looking breasts and nipples, thick glossy hair, shapely, athletic thighs and a full, round ass. She held her pale fingers to her cheeks, a look of surprise on her face, perma-glossed lips puckered in an infinite “Oh!” Her beloved, a handsome male mannequin in a black silk suit and red Santa hat, obviously had her attention with the black velvet jewelry box he held in his outstretched hand.

“I guess they’re making mannequins a little more, uh, lively these days.”

“I want those boots – I mean for you.”

“Come on Ethan,” I nagged, tugging him away from the window and the plastic Christmas sluts trying to sell us….something.

“I even can’t believe I let you drag me to the mall. Let’s just hurry up and get that thing you said you’re sure your mother won’t throw away and get out of here – go have a beer someplace and chill. This place is insane. Anyway, I really just want to go home and fuck.”

Ethan looked at naughty Christmas Barbie, then at me, and then back at the flesh toned wonder. He had a dirty, dirty look on his face. He kissed me on the cheek. He tucked a strand of my hair sweetly behind my ear and gave my neck a little nibble. Then he slapped me on the ass, pushed me a little closer towards the window and whispered, “I want to fuck too, but not at home.”

“What? Naughty boy!”

I wrapped my arm around Ethan’s waist and hooked my thumb into his belt loop, tugging him back into mall traffic.

“Maybe when we get home I’ll let you dress me and undress me, dress me and undress me. Just like a doll.”

Ethan sighed. “There’s a way in right over there. Look. Behind that curtain. We could just slip right into the window and fuck under the Christmas tree. The holiday mood musak sounds just like porn.”

“Yes we could….and get arrested! You’re a terribly naughty boy! Lump of coal for you.”

Of course we couldn’t really do the nasty in the middle of the mall. Of course not! I knew that. My horndog of a boyfriend knew that too. But as we set off in search of the elusive Mommy gift (Ethan finally settled on a digital meat thermometer) I couldn’t stop thinking about it – us, her, them – the display. Fucking in the window. Spreading my legs wide for Ethan’s hard cock, reaping the rewards of him being all hot and bothered by the change in scenery.

By the time “mall closing in five minutes” was announced on the intercom system, my clit was throbbing against the seam in my jeans like the little drummer boy, and I was so horny, it truly wasn’t funny. When I get that dirty, achy, needy, hungry feeling down there, crazy things can happen.

As the store lights began flickering off and we made our way back towards the atrium and the exit, I fantasized about playing “Mrs. NaughtyClaus” at home. I casually slid my hand against Ethan’s crotch as we walked. His rock hard cock was doing its best to bust free from the wall of denim. I grinned up at him and pressed my face into his leather jacket. “God you smell good.”

“The perfume lady got me with her bottle of Dirty English. You like it?”

“Like it? Oh my God – Dirty English, leather & you is a very hot combo.”

Lust began to puddle between my thighs, my spunk pot damp and drooling with stickiness and desire. We passed the atrium display, illuminated even more with the mall lights dimmed.

Ethan gazed with lust at his doll as we slowly passed by.

“Damn, damn, damn” he whispered, a low growl of a sound deep in his throat.

Suddenly took my hand and pulled me towards the back edge of the display. He pressed me up against the glass and took my face in one hand. He kissed me fiercely, crushing his lips against my teeth, the dirtiness of his thoughts rushing into my mouth and through my brain like a jolt of electricity delivered by razor wire.

Ethan’s big hand still gripping my cheek and jaw, the smell of sex and Dirty English rising from his neck, he squeezed hard and demanded, “Do as I say.”

“Stop messing around,” I squeaked. “You’re squeezing too hard -- it hurts.”

He gripped even tighter, his eyes dark.

“I’m not kidding. I want this and so do you. Don’t deny me.”

My eyes darted back and forth. I felt panicked, claustrophobic, yet the thrill and rush of fear made me even wetter.

A few straggling shoppers filed through the atrium as Ethan took my hand and pulled me to the corner of the display where a curtain hung between the wall and the glass. He slipped through, taking me with him. I could see the pink glow of the Christmas lights at the end of a small hallway.

Ethan pushed me hard against the wall just on the other side of the curtain.

“In a few minutes this place will be locked up tight. There will be no way out. We’ll have to stay all night.”

He pushed his hands up under my sweater and unhooked the front of my bra with a quick little flick of his thumb and forefinger. He held my breasts in his hands and pinched my nipples so hard I had to exhale loudly to keep from crying out. He reached inside the back of my jeans with one hand and twisted his fingers into my juicy cunt, rubbing the smooth, slick entrance to my carnal trap with eager anticipation. He held me there, fucking me with his hands and mouth against the wall until I felt as soft and liquid as hot wax.

Just as suddenly he had my hand again and led me down the hall and around a corner into the pink light – the back entrance to the display window. From where we crouched behind the tree I saw a security guard walk by. Then all but the exit lights and the tree lights dimmed. Red infrared security beams streaked across the mall floor.

To be continued.......

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Truth of Dare

We're sitting dangerously close to one another on the leather sofa. The low glow of the room illuminates your perfect skin. You long leg is draped over me. You caress my raging cock through my 501's with your delicate hands. The tension is high and it's come down to this....the moment of question dare remaining. I clear my throat and look fiercely into your pale blue eyes.

"If another guy and I were to seduce you, how would it happen in your mind from start to finish?"

A sly grin creeps across your face as you kick back the last sip of your gin and tonic. Without losing eye contact of skipping a beat you begin.

"The two of you would enter the room and throw me down on the couch, ripping my clothes off. Before I knew what hit me, you're both devouring me, sucking on my neck, massaging my tits, fingering my pussy and ass! I struggle to keep up, hungrily kissing at the both of you as I free both of your hard cocks, before getting on all fours and taking each of you deep inside my hot and hungry mouth! You both take turns spanking each side of my ass as I pleasure you, call me a nasty girl because that's what I am and that's what I want! You quickly get behind me and fuck me hard! I continue to suck my boy toy off until you make me cum all over your big cock! I'd then spin around and lick you clean while letting our friend get his turn, pounding me hard and fast until I orgasm again! I'd then climb on top of you and ride you while he fucks my tight ass. We don't stop until I squeeze every last drop of hot cum deep inside of me. The three of us collapse onto one another, trembling in ecstasy!"

I shudder at your response. I kick back one last shot before Kevin walks in wearing only his jeans. His ripped muscles glow perfectly in the dimly lit room. He stares at you longingly, cock visibly hard through his pants. You gaze lustfully from Kevin to me before I tear off your halter top and throw you back onto the sofa.

"Last us!"