Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Truth of Dare

We're sitting dangerously close to one another on the leather sofa. The low glow of the room illuminates your perfect skin. You long leg is draped over me. You caress my raging cock through my 501's with your delicate hands. The tension is high and it's come down to this....the moment of question dare remaining. I clear my throat and look fiercely into your pale blue eyes.

"If another guy and I were to seduce you, how would it happen in your mind from start to finish?"

A sly grin creeps across your face as you kick back the last sip of your gin and tonic. Without losing eye contact of skipping a beat you begin.

"The two of you would enter the room and throw me down on the couch, ripping my clothes off. Before I knew what hit me, you're both devouring me, sucking on my neck, massaging my tits, fingering my pussy and ass! I struggle to keep up, hungrily kissing at the both of you as I free both of your hard cocks, before getting on all fours and taking each of you deep inside my hot and hungry mouth! You both take turns spanking each side of my ass as I pleasure you, call me a nasty girl because that's what I am and that's what I want! You quickly get behind me and fuck me hard! I continue to suck my boy toy off until you make me cum all over your big cock! I'd then spin around and lick you clean while letting our friend get his turn, pounding me hard and fast until I orgasm again! I'd then climb on top of you and ride you while he fucks my tight ass. We don't stop until I squeeze every last drop of hot cum deep inside of me. The three of us collapse onto one another, trembling in ecstasy!"

I shudder at your response. I kick back one last shot before Kevin walks in wearing only his jeans. His ripped muscles glow perfectly in the dimly lit room. He stares at you longingly, cock visibly hard through his pants. You gaze lustfully from Kevin to me before I tear off your halter top and throw you back onto the sofa.

"Last us!"

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