Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My Muse - 17th Entry

Never say never!

Once again I've expanded your sexual boundaries! Tanya and I feast at your dripping sex! Moans of delight escape your open mouth as our tongues lap at your juice. We are going to fulfill your hidden needs completely!

Tanya and I exchange open mouth kisses in between sucking on your throbbing clit. I remember momentarily what you once said to me....

"I seriously doubt I could ever have a threesome."

....This brings a smile to my face as I glance at Tanya on top of you and how eagerly you bring your mouth to hers in a lustful kiss. The two of you continue to explore one another as I bury my face deep into your smooth cunt. Your moans are echo inside of Tanya's mouth, what a beautiful sound!

Tanya now slides above you, straddling your hungry mouth. Your tongue flicks quickly along her sex folds before finding her clit. You both cry out in sync as I enter my big cock deep inside of you! The three of us find perfect rhythm! My throbbing tool thrusting like a piston as you tongue fuck Tanya. I reach around and squeeze her smooth tits!

"Oh Fuck, I'm gonna cum, oh my God," she cries out.

"Yeah baby, give me that sweet juice," you command!

Tanya's whole body shudders in a deep orgasm, you frantically suck at her, wanting every drop!

"Time for the big finish now baby," I announce.

Your eyes grow wide with excitement as Tanya slips into a harness and places a huge vibrating dildo inside!

Tanya flops onto her back.

"Climb on and ride you hot bitch."

You smile wickedly, rubbing lube up and down the shaft, before easing yourself on.

Your eyes shut as you start to ride. I watch as your hips grind into hers. Tanya squeezes your firm tits before pulling you down on top of her. Your legs spread wide, knowing what's next, wanting what's next!

I ease in behind, ready to fill you completely. One slow, smooth thrust, and I'm deep inside your tight ass! The vibrations from the dildo ripple through the walls of your pleasure zones.

We fuck wildly like a well oiled machine. You finger fucking Tanya as you ride both of us to the point of know return.

"Oh my God baby are you ready for my hot load?"

"Yeah, oh God yes give it to me! Cum in my hot ass honey!"

I grip at your round ass and unload deep inside your tight hole! I'm growling and shaking uncontrollably as every last ounce has left!

My release triggers yours.

"Oh my God, oh God I'm gonna cum, OH FUCK YEAH!" you cry out with ecstasy!

Tanya, overcome as well, gasps as she releases onto your hand, soaking your fingers with sweet, sticky cum......

Gasping for air Tanya pants, "Same time next week right?"

"Absolutely," you gasp back.

Never say never!

Friday, January 23, 2009

Almost Famous!

A very cool interview with Kirsten Monroe! She is an extremely talented author who will have you laughing hysterically one minute and frantically digging into the adult tool shed the next! Her writing is light-hearted, daring, fun, dirty, wild, and seeming real all at the same time!

You can check out more of Kirsten's talents at Aphrodites Table!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Thursday, January 8, 2009

My Muse - 16th Entry

My desire is stronger than my restraint. I cannot fight the urge to see more of your skin any longer. Your long luscious tan legs in dangerously high cut shorts sends me through the roof. Small glimpses of your lacy white panties through the narrow opening of your shorts drives me wild. Maybe it's the noise you make while you lunge. Is that how you sound when a man goes down on you, softly sucks on your clit, squeezes your mouth-watering tits?

I must know!

I pin you down with resistance on your part. You need to know too!

I tear away your shorts, pulling your thong apart, diving right in!

Your cunt is deliciously salty and sweet. My tongue darts deep inside, lapping eagerly at your juice. You buck firmly against my mouth. Loud, lustful moans escape from your hot mouth.

"Let me taste you too. I want your cock in my mouth," you growl.

I pick you up and flip you around on top of me into a 69, you taste to good to stop!

You tug my pants down in haste, freeing my aching bulge. One swift suck and you engulf my tool completely, working up and down the entire shaft completely! You suck strong and feverishly!

I squeeze your big round ass and pull you harder into my hungry mouth. You scream wildly, flooding my with your sweet cum! I enjoy the quiver of your body as it presses into mine.

I need those tits wrapped around me! I pull your sports bra open, freeing your perfect breasts. Knowingly, you take my cock between them, fucking me with your soft mounds.

I continue to feast on your cunt as I cry out, erupting and pumping hot cum all over your heaving chest before you take me back in your mouth, making sure you get it all!

Just an appetizer this time!

I want the main course!

I want to pin you down and fuck you hard! I want to fill your skin against mine, grab your hair with a tight fist, growl into your ear as I flood your cunt!

I want to throw you onto all fours, and slide my cock into your backdoor, spank you, making you scream!

I want you to ride my mouth while you pump my cock with your perfect hands!

I want it all!

After desire is stronger than my restraint!