Friday, February 13, 2009

My Muse - 18th Entry

Rise and shine!

You are the first thing that enters my mind every morning! An all nighter with you only leaves me hungry for more!

Driving home I fantasize about all the dirty things I want to do with you!

No boundaries!

Tie me up and fuck me mercilessly! Whip my chest, suck me off, pump your hot cunt hard against the length of my tool. Make me fill you with sweet cum! Suck my sensitive head immediately after while I'm in sensory overload! Use me....abuse me how dirty you can be!

I want feel you sandwiched between me and another stud! Our bodies slithering and grinding as one. I want to hear your lustful moans and feel your skin pressed against mine as we fuck you to greater heights of pleasure!

I want to watch another girl fuck you! Tall and slender just like you! Shapely, toned, big perfect breast, firm round ass, long wavy hair, sporting a strapped-on dildo, banging you doggy style! I want to hear the music of your orgasmic screams as she pounds you from behind, smacking your ass with each deep thrust, fucking you like the hot bitch that you are!

I want you to suck me off in the middle of a crowed club! People would be mesmerized by your oral craft! An orgy of historical proportion would enfold! Women in 69's, girls double penetrated by well hung hunks, a circle of blow jobs and suck jobs between 10 starlets and studs! Forget dancing.....let's fuck the night away!

I want you and your girlfriends to line up on the bed.... .let me pleasure you all! Burying my head between your legs while I finger fuck Emily and Rachel on either side of you! I've got the endurance to go all night, I'll prove it to you sweet little sluts!

This is what a night with you does to me!

Are you in? Can you get with it?

Pure Sex! Uncontrollable Lust!

No boundaries!

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