Monday, March 16, 2009

The Rockstar Escort!

My cell phone goes off with the usual alert tone, Velvet Revolver's "Fall to Pieces," blaring. It's my cue. I check the phone to read the message from Angela, "He's gone! Get your sexy ass over here!" Angela is a 40-year-old housewife going on 25! Long luscious and perfectly sculpted legs, a smooth heart shaped ass, dark raven hair, and "enhanced" 36D breasts that I frequently get to indulge. How any man would take this exotic beauty for granted is beyond comprehension, but hey, like Bill Paxton said in True Lies, "If they were taking care of business, I'd be out of business."

Angela has a thing for Slash and my job is to provide the fantasy. I guess I'm called the "Rockstar Escort" for good reason! I quickly slip into my black, vintage, vinyl rockstar pants with studed belt, throw on my black wig, top hat, aviator shades, and no shirt of course!

I'm ready to please!

I pull into the driveway 20 minutes later. Before I can even knock, the door swings open, Angela's arm reaches out, grabbing me firmly by the waistband and hastily pulling me inside before slamming the door.

"God I've needed this cock all week," she moans lustfully, quickly dropping to her knees, unzipping me and taking my dripping tool deep inside her mouth!

She looks amazing! Her body perfectly tanned, dark eyeliner giving her pale blue eyes a sharp intensity, glossy red lips glide up and down my engorged cock, her manicured hands pumping perfectly at the base, and of course her usual topless,red leather bustier and matching thigh highs with no panties!

I groan wildly, fighting the urge to let her finish me off, but I resist. I long to satisfy her. I swoop her onto my shoulder in one swift motion, escorting her to the front living room sofa, her favorite spot. Angela laughs madly as I throw her onto her back. Mad laughter is quickly replaced by deep moans as my long tongue jets in and out of her wet shaved pussy. She wraps her long legs around my shoulder and pulls me in deeper with her hands.

"Oh fuck Slash, you're gonna make me cum, oh fuck, oh.....GAAAAWWWWWD!"

Her cum is sticky sweet! I lap all of her essence into my hungry mouth as her body shakes wildly.

Waisting no time, I roll her onto all fours, spread her eager legs wide and glide my cock deep inside, thrusting deep and fast, smacking and grabbing her ass as I take her to pleasure town.

She screams out everything that's indicative a raw sex, "Oh God fuck me," "Ooooh I love that big throbbing cock," "Harder, deeper, harder," "Smack my ass."

I continue to bang her for all she's worth, feeling her inner walls clinch down against my love pole, knowing she's seconds away!

Angela lets out a big gasp before squeeling, "Oh God I'm gonna cum again," "Oh God," then her squeel turns into a lustful growl, "Oh god baby, you fuck me so good! Let me finsh you off! I wanna pump that sweet cum all over my tits!"

With a surprising energy burst, Angela stands up and now throws me onto the couch. Sucking the tip of my dick with an overwhelming force, her strong hands stroking the base, her large tits bouncing against my tool!

"Oh fuck baby your the best," I scream out, "Here it comes baby!"

"Oh yes give it to me," she cries.

Pearly lasers of cum shoot across her tan chest and slowly streak down her bustier.

I quiver continuously, enjoying the aftermath of our desire.

All I can think is that I get paid to be with this amazing Goddess when most men would do it for free, but I'm not like all men...I'm the rockstar escort!