Monday, July 28, 2014

Watching - by Katie Marie

I like to be watched. The idea of desire being met just by watching me move makes me fucking hot. So there he is, sitting on the love-seat waiting for me. The room is inviting, dim and warm. A fire is slowly burning in the far corner and its almost down to embers. The room is almost like a library or study that you would see in some old mansion on a movie. There are several bookcases spanning from floor to ceiling and a large, ornate desk scattered with papers and books. The love seat sits in the middle of the room and faces the desk. From the doorway, I can see his profile. I have met him in this room many times, this is our room, our place. Just the anticipation of one of our nights soaks me all day. Today I am covered by a black trench coat. I am a sexy cliche at its best, a fantasy all for him. I saunter into the room, my heels clicking loudly on the hard wood yet he still doesn't turn to look at me. I stop three feet in front of him and he finally looks up and acknowledges me with a wicked half smile while letting out a gentle, "Mmmmm," affirming his pleasure for me. "I've been waiting for you," he says. I walk slowly to the stereo while his burning eyes take in my allure and mystery. The smooth electronic rock melody begins to vibrate throughout the room and turns my body on. I am eager to be in control and please his eyes. I stand in front of the desk and begin to sway to the music. I slowly reveal one leg covered in a black stocking as I begin to untie the belt. My hips are now grinding to the music as the coat hits the floor revealing stockings that hit mid thigh with heels and a black mini dress. My breasts are heaving out the top and my ass is peaking out the bottom. I spread my legs, turn around and bend over the desk while rounding my hips with the rhythm. This view from behind leaves my pussy peaking out, flaunting my pink hot center. I stand up and turn around slowly undoing the zipper on my dress. I methodically and carefully lower each inch of the zipper letting my bare skin out to play. My breasts are first as I free my hard nipples. Then I shimmy my hips while the dress skims my flat stomach and stretches over the soft curves of my ass. It glides easily down my legs and the only thing I'm left wearing are my stockings, heels, and a garter belt. His watching eyes are burning for me and he begins to rub his cock. I am heightened even more by his visual pleasure and I can feel my pussy throbbing and dripping. I kick the heels off and climb on the desk. I face him and spread my legs showing him my smooth glistening cunt. My weight is on my heels as I lean back and press my hips slightly into the air. My hips do not stop circling to the rhythm and I begin to feel myself. My own grasping hands drive me wild. I feel my breasts and pinch my nipples. My hands run down my stomach to my inner thighs. He is getting a glorious show as my gentle fingers find my wetness and glide along my clit. My fingers know how I like it and I am now moaning. Through my legs I can see him longing for me on the love seat. He is watching, waiting, at my mercy, and stroking his hard cock. I hop off the desk and seductively remove my stockings one by one and slip the garter off. I am now fully nude, exposed, and aching wet for him. I cannot wait any longer and with the music coursing through my soul I go over to him and our mouths finally meet. Our tongues intertwine and my chest caves with a small bit of relief. He grabs my hair with gentle force and pulls my head back. He dives into my neck with his mouth which chills me from head to toe. However, I still own the room and my straddling body grinds on his cock but does not let it in. I wet every inch of the shaft with my sweetness and and tease the tip with my opening. I then run my pussy down the backside and tease myself while his smooth shaft rubs over my clit. I am ready for him to be inside. Slowly I begin to descend on his thick cock squeezing as I go. I hear myself moan as I take him in and sit my hips all the way down. His deepness fills me and I'm driven to fuck--hard. I am pounding up and down on his cock, so wet, so tight, so warm. He starts talking about my hot cunt and moaning my name. He bites my nipple as my body rocks on top of him. I'm ready to explode for him as I take one last hard pump and feel my orgasm start deep inside and release throughout my entire body. I clench and pour my cum onto him just as he moans, slaps my ass, and fucking lets go inside me. We look each other in the eyes with a mutual respect and give each other a quick goodbye kiss. As I leave the room I'm already thinking about the next time.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Ulitmate Surrender

Sex wrestling where loser gets fucked powered by YouPorn.

This was it...the fuck of my life I always hungered for.  But talk about an insurmountable task!   The last thing standing in my way...a long, tall, and very chiseled raven.  She was clad in the mandatory uniform for our ensuing battle, a black string bikini and matching knee high boots.  Her body glistened under the hot glow of the overhead lights of the ring, her perfectly round breasts stood at attention...demanding multiple glances.  And her slightly oiled body accentuated her athletic build.  Her pale blue eyes looked back at me, deliciously eyeing me up and down. My pussy twinged from both fear and anticipation.  

However, I was no slouch either.  In fact, I was fucking built for this!  A workhorse.  Strong, powerful legs that anyone would die to have or devour for that matter.  Shredded arms, long wavy blonde hair that would send shivers down her spine as it lightly traced down her body....once I got her!  And don't even get me started on my tits.  At least mine are natural honey!  I decided on red for my attire....the color of energy...power  I knew I would need any possible advantage I could get to tame the tall Goddess before me.  

I couldn't be denied.

The details of how this came about were irrelevant.  The only thing that mattered was the opportunity was finally here.  I was front and center, just her and I, about to embark in a competition known as "The Ultimate Surrender."  In the simplest terms, it was nude wrestling meets seduction.  The objective to dominate your opponent with physical strength and sexual prowess in a three round battle.  

Get her bikini off and get to work!  

Points were awarded based on control and "style."  The options were endless...pussy rubbing (bonus points for penetration), breast foundling, kissing anywhere and everywhere, and for the big points...face sitting.  But where points could be gained they could easily be lost.  It's a slippery slope between wanting to dominate or succumb to being pleasured.

Eye. On. The. Fucking. Prize.

Believe it or not, as intimidating as the scenario might sound to some, it encompassed everything that turned me on.  Physical skill, endurance, competition, strategy, and...entanglement with a beautiful woman.  But I had to keep focus on the task at hand.  


Walking away victorious meant  I could finally have him in anyway my heart desired.  And all she could do  My endorphins began to run wild.  

The room smelled of sweat and sex, proof of the countless battles that had taken place prior to the main event.  The energy of the room with high and intense.  I had been so inwardly focused, I nearly forgot about the the small crowd...eager to watch.  Most of them were men, but there was no shortage of women either.  Fuck...who wouldn't pay top dollar to see something as hot as this.

I was startled back to center stage as the referee called us both in to go through the rules.

My heart raced.  It was time.

We met center ring.  Breast heaving, eyes locked in a intense yet lustful stare.  I was dripping wet...easily lost at how fucking hot she was as the referee rambled on about the rules:

"Remember what we went over in the locker room ladies?  No unsportsmanlike conduct will be allowed.  You must remain on your knees the whole match.  No Standing and absolutely...No. Slamming...

I got it.  Let's just fucking do this!  My patience had run out now that my adrenaline had kicked in full force.  My body was hot and ready.

"Wrestlers on your knees."

Both of us dropped in unison.  Eyes never glancing away from each other.  My heart was racing.


Riding my adrenaline wave I wasted no fucking time.  I pounced on her, immediately getting the upper hand...driving her hot body with my shoulder, utilizing the strength of my legs, forcing her onto her back.  I quickly spun my body to her side before she could defend my attack with a head lock, keeping her pinned down with my left arm while getting her bikini bottoms untied with my opposite hand in record time.  


I darted for her cunt.  Instinctively she clasped her legs shut before I could penetrate with my deadly fingers, but I managed to work two fingers onto her clit and began to rub while she continued to squirm.  Her massive tits were easily exposed from her small top.  I took full advantage.  Cupping her breast with a dominant grip while delivering an arsenal of kisses and tongue action around her erect nipple.  Lightly sucking and swirling my tongue without skipping a beat on her swollen clit. After a several minutes her fight began to loosen and I could feel her body starting to go limp as I continued taking over.  The raven began moaning softly, legs opening slightly but invitingly as my hand started moving closer to her wetness.

You like it.   

But before it could go any further....DING!

The intermission between rounds was only a minute...but a painful one.  I was dying to get back at her, feel her heat radiating with mine...her soft smooth body pressed into me while maintaining dominance and getting closer towards what was mine...


We were motioned back to center ring.  As part of the rules we had to remove one additional article of clothing.  I gladly took off my top exposing my natural beauty.  My nipples stood at full and inviting attention...needing touch.  The Raven only had one article to remove...what was left of her top.  She slowly untied her string and gracefully let it drop to the floor.  Her tits were...stunning.  Even though they were cosmetic they looked natural.  All I could do was give a hungry stare.

The referee commanded us to our positions.  The Raven began on top this round.  I eagerly awaited on all fours as her soft yet strong hands took a firm grip of my shoulder and elbow. The weight of her breasts traced my back making me quiver.  

I longed to feel her.

"Ready 3-2-1 fight!!!"

Just like that we were back at it.  She forced me face down into the mat.  Her smooth body pressed directly into mine.  I struggled as she established immediate dominance.  Her hand working underneath me finding my aching tits, pinching and pulling on my sensitive nipple. Her opposite hand gripped my firm ass as her strong thigh pressed directly in between my legs, grinding perfectly into my clit.  Her mouth went to work on my neck, gliding and making it's way up towards my ear.  I practically melted as her tongue slid inside.  I squirmed and began let out a soft took all I had not to submit to her.  


I forcefully pressed up will all of my strength...trying to buck her off of me just enough.

It worked.

I quickly slide out from beneath her and tackled her from behind.  Wrapping my arms and legs around her from behind, rolling onto my back with her body pressed firmly into me.


All she could do was struggle as now she had nowhere to go in my seductive hot mouth sucking on her neck, hands foundling her tits and teasing her nipples, my burning thighs squeezing her thin body.  

Her breathing was shallow from exhaustion and pleasure.  But she wasn't going to submit...riding out the rest of the round as I continued to have my way work her.

The bell rung.  

I was now one short round away from claiming what was mine...

During the intermission my imagination began to run wild about him.  Amazing all the things your mind can conjure up in 60 seconds.  I fantasized about taking his cock deep into my wet mouth...riding him fast as my claws dug into his chest...exploding into his mouth as his slick tongue lapped me into an orgasmic frenzy.  

The ref ushered in for the final round.  My turn to start on top.  At this point all remaining clothing was to be removed by rule.  All bets off at this point.

The raven was sprawled out on all fours...legs spread just wide enough for me to enjoy the view of her perfectly round ass and the wetness of her shaved pussy.  Eagerly I positioned in behind her.  Though the crowd had been relatively silent the whole bout but you could still feel the tension build.  

The moment of truth...

"Ready!  3...2...1...Fight.

With an amazing tactic...the Raven went limp to the floor and slithered out of any combative attack I had in mind.

Fuck...where did that come from?!?

Before I knew it she quickly tackled me from behind, rotating her body as she fell on top me. We both crashed into the mat as she mounted me into a 69.  And since she was on top...she was in control.  I tried to fight her off but to no was too much.  I began to soften.  Her taste...her smell...her tits pressing into my body.  I completley let go as she dove in with full force.  Fingers digging and curling the walls of my cunt.  Her tongue flickering against my swollen clit.  My wetness grew and breathing quickened.  She was going to make my cum...hard.  All I could do was take the pleasure and wait for the bell as any lead I had from the first two rounds was rapidly being lost.  

Fuck it!

I grabbed her firm ass, spreading her far apart and slid my tongue deep inside of her. My only recourse was to weaken her strength.  We moaned madly as we feasted and became completely lost in one other.  It was no longer a match...this was pure, raw, sex.

Our body's burning, shaking, and quivering as we devoured each other.  Our load moans muffled by each other's sex.  Hip thrusting and grinding into hungry mouths.  I felt the rush come...

"Mmmmm....mmmm....mmmm!"  My body shook as came into her.  With my deep orgasm came a burst of strength and I rolled us over with me now on top.  

Time to finish her!  

The crowd roared and went nuts!

My cunt sat on top of her tongue as I worked her with mine...ferociously fingering her deep and fast.  

"OH GOD...FUCK...OH GOD!"  She screamed out shamelessly...releasing into my mouth... quenching my thirst.  


The crowd rose giving us a standing ovation.  The raven and I were in no hurry to get up, staying in our steamy 69, getting an extra taste of our sexual glory one last time.

We finally stood up realizing it was time for...the decision, giving each other a warm, deep, soft, open mouth kiss, as a sign of mutual respect and attraction for one another.

I think we both wanted this more than we realized...

"Ladies and Gentlemen...we have a split decision," the P.A. announce.

My heart raced!  Both of us stood on either side of the referee, a wrist in each of his hands...moments from the rising of the victor's arm.  It was anyone's call after that crescendo.


"The First Judge scores it...29-28 for Ice Bombshell..."


"The second judge scores it...29-28 for Fabulous Dominatrix..."

The crowd gasped with shock and anticipation.  You literally felt the energy shift!

I started to feel numb.

"And the third judge score it 30-27 for our winner..."

Heart pounding...


I about collapsed from the weight of it all.  The only thing holding me up was the ref's firm grip onto my arm.  The raven was quick to come over and steady me before one last embrace.

It felt good being in her arms.

"Enjoy," she whispered into my ear, "This is only the beginning."

And for the first time I believed.

He was making his way down the aisle...getting closer to the ring.  His perfect, muscular, cleanly shaved body glided as he walked...wearing only leather boxer briefs with a front zipper for easy access and black leather boots.

He finally stood before me...our eyes flowing in and out as we stood only a whisper apart.  Everything I ever wanted to do to him...was all hanging in the balance as we meshed into perfect place.

It was finally time to show him my true potential...