Thursday, November 20, 2008

Public Service Announcement!

Okay my sweet little voyeurs! I have a free website to satisfy all of your adult pleasures and needs! My Freepaysite! Click enter your e-mail address and you're set! They will send you a passcode and you can view and enjoy thousands of different clips and movies!

Some of my personal favorites are the I-Gallery, Matrix Feeds, and CSE Content to name a few.

Like any free site you'll have to filter through some bad to get to the good, but I promise whatever turns you on, there is some hot sex to be found at this site!

Happy viewing!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Gifted Artist!

I've always appreciated good art!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Turning Tricks

My pulse quickens as I pull up to the curb on 4th & main. You're standing at the corner dressed for business. You're looking to make a killing tonight! My cock jumps inside of my pants. I examine you hungrily from head-to-toe. Your black leather boots make you over 6-feet tall easily, complimented with a matching mini skirt, halter top, and pink fishnet stockings that go all the way up to heaven! I roll down the window on the passenger side as you eagerly approach, leaning through the window, your large tits spill out of your skimpy top.

"Cold night, isn't sugar?"

"Sure is handsome. Are you looking for a good time tonight?"

"I'm always looking for a good time darling! How much for the royal treatment?"

"$300 and you'll get it all baby!"

I quickly flash the cash.

"Hop in and let me get you warm honey!"

You climb in and take the cash, counting it carefully before tucking it into your boot.

"What first big boy?"

"I have a special spot just a few minutes from here. Why don't you work on this first with that hot mouth of yours," I say as I free my throbbing cock.

"Yummy, you moan and dive hungrily on top of my large tool, working up and down in long powerful stokes.

I quickly throw the Explorer into drive and speed off. If I don't get to our rendezvous fast I'll erupt inside of your smoldering mouth! You already know this and back off a little. Teasing me with your tongue, running it along my inner thighs and flicking it across my smooth balls.

"That's great baby," I moan softly.

Your hands reach up and pinch at my nipples underneath my shirt. I quickly respond, working your mini skirt up around your waist, caressing the sweet curves of your luscious ass, before my fingers find your hot sex. I slip two fingers into your dripping cunt and one inside your tight ass. You moan with delight, taking my cock eagerly back into your mouth.

At last I reach our destination. An old abandoned train station. I park in a dark secluded corner and leave the car running. You never know if some cop might come poking around and spoil everything.

We quickly dive into the back of the SUV. Lots of room to enjoy one another with the seats folded down!

"I need to taste your sweet pussy!"

"Come get some baby!"

I dive in between your legs with my hungry mouth. My fingers massage your wet box, my tongue working fast against your clit, as you grab the back of my head, holding me tight, moaning wildly, cumming into my mouth!

"You ready to get fucked baby?"

"God yes sugar! Give me that hard cock," you gasp!

I roll you onto all fours and in one strong thrust I'm inside. Deep! We both growl in sync as I fuck you furiously! Your ass slaps against my smooth flesh, our screams of pleasure insanely loud inside the vehicle.

I want the world to hear our lust!

The car shakes wildly, your pussy clinches against my cock with a quivering orgasm!

We both cry out madly!

"Oh god sugar! I'm gonna explode! Here it comes baby!"

"Yeah, yeah, give it to me!"

I erupt! A monsoon of hot cum pumps deep inside of you! We both collapse in exhaustion, lying on top of one another!

I stay inside of you, never wanting to leave!

The windows are fogged, our heavy orgasmic breath fills the car.

You turn your head slightly toward me. I lean in and kiss you softly.

"Thanks sugar," I whisper.

I never knew giving the wife shopping money could be so rewarding!