Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My strong hands work the tension out of your neck. I love the noises you make and I can't help but grow hard as you moan deep but softly....similar to when we fuck!

"Want me to rub your low back?"

"Mmmm hmmm," you coo.

I spread my legs so you can nestle your hard shaped ass between them. The spandex compliments your perfect booty. You smile as you can feel how aroused I am and purposely grind back and forth against my swollen cock before I continue with the massage.

"Oooooh, mmmmm," you continue to moan seductively as I knead your flesh, right along your tribal tattoo.

I can't contain myself any longer. I reach around with a hand and massage your large breasts. You push your ass back against my straining member as I feel my pre-cum oozing out of my throbbing head.

I lean in to kiss and nibble on your neck. Your head tilts back and your wet mouth falls open letting out sexy gasps of desire.

"Let me take over to the bed baby, I want to make you cum in my mouth!"

In haste we tear the covers away, rip off your shirt and then give you a deep kiss as I shimmy off your pants. I keep you there for a moment as you massage my cock, torn between getting you off and letting you continue.

"All in good time," I think to myself and finally push you back onto the bed.

I dive right in, lick up all of your sweet juice. Your moans intensify as I suck your swollen clit and slide two fingers into your soaking cunt.

In almost record time you reach your peak!

"Oh fuck, oh my God, I'm gonna cum! Oh god, OH GOD," you cry out and begin quivering in an intense orgasm!

I spread your legs further apart and jet my tongue deep inside of you. I love the taste of your cum.....I could stay here for days.

Not a moment to soon I flip you onto all fours.

"Are you ready for this big cock?"

"Yeah baby, give it to me hard!"

One strong thrust and I slide all the way in, holding it deep!

"Oooh God," you growl like an animal!

I playfully slap your ass and grab the delicious flesh! Nothing feels better than this!

I start slow for a moment, before giving to you good and hard just how you love it!

You howl uncontrollably as I fuck you fast and furious....talking dirty at you.

"You love this big hog baby?"

"Oh yes, oh my God your so big, you fuck me so good!"

"You ready for my to pump my sweet cum into your hot snatch?"

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, I want it all!"

"Oh fuck! Here it cums baby get ready! Oh fuck here it comes, your make my cum so good, oh fuck," I howl!

Your pussy tightens down onto my sensitive head as we both release simultaneously!

I squeeze at your tits lustfully, gasping for air as you drain every last drop!

I lean down and kiss at your flesh....you are the most beautiful creature there is and I want to taste it all....well at least until next time!

Friday, February 13, 2009

My Muse - 18th Entry

Rise and shine!

You are the first thing that enters my mind every morning! An all nighter with you only leaves me hungry for more!

Driving home I fantasize about all the dirty things I want to do with you!

No limits....no boundaries!

Tie me up and fuck me mercilessly! Whip my chest, suck me off, pump your hot cunt hard against the length of my tool. Make me fill you with sweet cum! Suck my sensitive head immediately after while I'm in sensory overload! Use me....abuse me....show me how dirty you can be!

I want feel you sandwiched between me and another stud! Our bodies slithering and grinding as one. I want to hear your lustful moans and feel your skin pressed against mine as we fuck you to greater heights of pleasure!

I want to watch another girl fuck you! Tall and slender just like you! Shapely, toned, big perfect breast, firm round ass, long wavy hair, sporting a strapped-on dildo, banging you doggy style! I want to hear the music of your orgasmic screams as she pounds you from behind, smacking your ass with each deep thrust, fucking you like the hot bitch that you are!

I want you to suck me off in the middle of a crowed club! People would be mesmerized by your oral craft! An orgy of historical proportion would enfold! Women in 69's, girls double penetrated by well hung hunks, a circle of blow jobs and suck jobs between 10 starlets and studs! Forget dancing.....let's fuck the night away!

I want you and your girlfriends to line up on the bed.... .let me pleasure you all! Burying my head between your legs while I finger fuck Emily and Rachel on either side of you! I've got the endurance to go all night, I'll prove it to you sweet little sluts!

This is what a night with you does to me!

Are you in? Can you get with it?

Pure Sex! Uncontrollable Lust!

No limits....no boundaries!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Reality Check!

Perfect in so many ways!