Saturday, May 31, 2008

Man versus Machine - Part 2 - by KM

Naked and warm from the steamy hot bath, I slide with a blissful sigh between the crisp sheets with my "every day's a holiday" wish book.

"Let's see, ooooh, here we go! 5 Star rated." I'll pick five of the these. We'll see how you rate against the best of the best."

"Oh yeah, look at this beauty – a glass dildo with pretty red pleasure hearts."

Hubby ignores me, flipping through his latest copy of Uno Magazine while I shop.

As I'm drooling over a sweet pair of vibrating nipple clamps, hubby slaps me hard on the ass.

"Rule change."

"What? Rule change? And what was the slap for? Are you going to put me over your knee next? Don't go all 1950s alpha male all over my ass."

"Listen to you! Don't you get all dikey wifey on me, Mrs. Buttery Cornhole. You want me to fuck you in the ass, I get to slap you silly – with a paddle. We'll discuss all that later. Right now, I want a rule change. I want to pick out a toy. I'm jealous. It's my metrosexual coming out. I want to shop too."

"What? That's not part of the deal. It's Man versus machine, remember? Not man versus woman versus man versus machine versus – whatever!"

"Just one. Just one very inexpensive one for me."

"Oh fine!"

Hubby casually flips to the centerfold. I can feel his cock harden against my leg.

"So," he says. "How long will it take for the package to arrive?"

"A few days, maybe a week."


Hubby rolls over to reach his cell phone from the night stand and dials a number.

"Who are you calling?"

"My toy store. Mine offers free delivery."

I hear a faint "Hello" through the phone.

"Hi Natsumi –it's Adam. How are you? It's good to hear your sexy voice. Check your calendar hot stuff. Jamie and I have an overnight pass in a couple of weeks. We thought it might be fun to get together."

"You devil!" I whisper in his ear.

"Say yes Natsumi!" I chime into the phone."

"Excellent! We'll see you Saturday night."

Hubby clicks the phone shut and rolls on top of me, sucking my breasts, already fired up for our date night.

Natsumi is the embodiment of my alter ego -- the mysterious seductress side of my typically playful personality. Yin and Yang. Adam loves watching the two of us together. Darkness and light and all for him.

"Now stay over there rule breaker," I say, pushing Adam back to his side of the bed and slapping his girlie magazine on top of his crotch. "I have more shopping to do."

I finish selecting my weapons – a jelly crystal vibrator, a hot crystal wand, and oh, why not? Headmaster II -- some "hot for teacher" action that Natsumi will get off on.

A couple of weeks later, we meet Natsumi in the bar of our favorite hotel for a drink before heading to the room. She always looks great, but tonight she is looking especially foxy. She's wearing a tiny black sequin baby doll dress and CFM pumps that lace up her ankles. Her smoky eyes and full red lips are set off perfectly by her shimmering long black hair.

I'm wearing Adam's favorite sexy outfit – a tight red mini-dress and mile high red sequin slide pumps.

Natsumi greets me with a big kiss on the mouth, her slender fingers grazing my ass. The bartender looks at us like he's ready to quit his job and follow us to the fifth floor. Adam just grins, all casual and kicked back with his whiskey in tight-fitting leather jeans and his thin white silk shirt that drives me wild – looking like the king of the world.

Man versus machine indeed. The man will definitely have his hands full tonight.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Special Delivery

What is it that makes a UPS delivery man so sexy? There is a certain ruggedness that is almost superhero in nature. The physical demands of their jobs keeps them sexy and fit. Their muscular bodies enhanced through the form fitting brown fabric of their work shirts, matching shorts displaying finely sculpted legs, and black work boots ties it all together. It's enough of a tease that makes you lust for more. The UPS man in my neighborhood is no exception. Lance stands at 6' 3" and is completely chiseled from head to toe. He is deeply tanned with a clean shaved head.

I own a home/Internet based lingerie business, which meant weekly deliveries from Lance, an added bonus. Most of the drivers have a high sense of urgency due to their delivery volume, but Lance always took time to flirt before rushing off, especially when he learned what was being delivered.

"Sex in a box, just for you beautiful," he'd say in his deep voice.

"Hey I'm not only the owner of Fantasy Wear Enterprises, I'm also their top model!" I'd fire back.

"Really! What's a guy gotta do to get a personal fashion show?"

"Well if you weren't so damn popular and eager to rush off to flirt with your next customer."

"Fat balding overweight men don't really do it for me like you do Janice!"

Our dialogue made me wet.

"I'll accept this conversation as an open invitation," he winked before running off.

I got so worked up I had to run up to my bedroom upstairs with my favorite sex toy to quench my sexual thirst. I tore off my clothes and hopped into my bed. I imagined him on top of me, his sweaty muscular body pressing into mine as I slid my triple stimulator vibrator inside my wet pussy. I tickled and pinched at my nipples while I visualized him taking me from behind. I moaned and fantasized about him releasing his hot cum deep into my cunt.

"Oh Lance, I'm gonna cum, oh yes!" I yelled out releasing a deep orgasm.

Knock, knock, knock!

Startled I quickly jumped up, threw on my satin robe and ran downstairs.

I cracked opened the door to see Lance standing there with a big smile on his face, holding a box.

"Special Delivery! I almost forgot this one!"

I couldn't hear the hum of his truck in the driveway. Oh my God this is his last stop!

"Pay particular attention to the delivery instructions on the invoice Janice," he said seductively.

I glanced down at the box.

"Model the outfit inside the box for your driver to accept delivery!"

I looked into his piercing blue eyes and grinned wickedly.

"Very cute! I accept your invitation Lance. Wait here!"

I ran back upstairs and tore open the package to see what's inside.

A red heart and lace babydoll with matching g-string! I threw off my robe and raced to the closet to find a matching pair of red heels. "I'm going to fuck his brains out," I thought to myself. I quickly put the babydoll on and headed back downstairs.

Lance watched as I came strolling down, his hard cock was very visible through his shorts. I stopped at the last step so he could admire the sex goddess before him. My large breasts bulged through the red velvet heart bustline. My nipples were hard and rubbed against the shear fabric. My long muscular legs shined through the lacy hem and floral lace.

Lance approached me slowly at the bottom step stopping just inches before me face to face. Our eyes penetrated one anothers. I could feel his hot breathe dance across my wet lips.

"Are you ready for me Lance?" I whispered heavily.

"I've always been ready for you Janice!"

He lifted me off the stairs and our lips locked deeply. I wrapped my long legs around his body, his hard cock pressed against my ass through the lace g-string. I bit his neck and nibbled at his ear as he carried my over to the white leather couch before crashing down on top of me.

We continued to kiss as Lance pulled away my panties and slid two fingers into my wet snatch. I moaned against his mouth and thrust my pelvis into his strong hand while clutching and clawing, tearing open his shirt and exposing his muscular body. I licked and sucked on his nipple as he continued to work my smoldering pussy. Lance groaned wildly as we spilled onto the floor, flipping me on top of him. I quickly rotated around and pressed my pussy into his eager mouth. I yanked off his shorts to free his massive cock. His tongue slipped deep inside of my cunt as I slid my mouth down his throbbing dick, falling into a sexy oral frenzy. My head bobbed up and down his huge dick with my mouth while I cradled his balls. Lance's smooth tongue worked back and forth from my pussy and ass. I needed to feel him inside of me!

I hopped up and bent over the leather sofa and Lance quickly took me from behind, just as I fantasized. My ass smacked against him as he banged me hard.

"Oh yes, fuck me baby yes, yes, God yes!" I screamed out, cumming deeply onto his massive tool.

Lance pulled out and jumped onto the couch and I eagerly climbed on top of him. He took my sweet breast into his mouth as I rode him hard. He growled like an animal as he pushed deep inside of me.

"Oh my God Janice, that's it don't stop, right there, Oh God!" He yelled out, releasing his hot cum deep inside of my cunt. We held each other closely together. I could feel his sweet sperm drain out of me, onto his throbbing dick as we kissed softly, enjoying the afterglow of our wicked passion.

This experience was one for the ages!

Let's just say that I'm always the last stop on his route now!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Man Versus Machine - by KM

"Heya there big boy. Look at what's new!" I dive onto the bed next to my husband, waving my new toy catalogue at him. "Want to help me with my wish list?"

He rolls his eyes and takes the booklet from my hand, reaching under his shirt – I'm naked and freshly showered & shaved in one of his stiff button-down white shirts.

"What do you need a bunch of playthings for when you have ultimate toy right here?" he growls, grabbing his crotch.

I straddle him and swoosh my hair across his face, grabbing the catalogue back from him. "Baby, of course you're better than any toy, but, you know, girls just wanna have fun….and just look at all of these pretty shiny things."

Hubby sits up with me still in his lap and begins unbuttoning the shirt. "I challenge you and your little catalogue to a duel," he says, attacking my neck.

"Oh really? I squeal, pulling away. "A duel? As in Man versus Machine?"

"That's right baby. Pick any five toys you want. If I win, I punish you as I see fit. If your pretty shiny things win, I'll double your toy allowance."

I open the catalogue and flip to the women's sex toys.

"You're on sugar! I'll choose my weapons right now!"

"Not so fast," Hubby says. "Me first. Then you can shop."

"Of course you first! But I'm bored with the same old routine. The kids are fast asleep and it's a chilly night. Let's take a nice hot bath!"

I light a couple of candles - passion scented drizzle wax for a sexy massage later – and fill the tub, Soon the tub is full of water, steaming and foaming with my special bubble bath and a few drops of love oil that I'll massage onto his cock later. Hubby slides into the tub while I slowly finish unbuttoning my "night shirt." I start to pull it open as he grins from the tub, then stop and turn around, sliding it slowly down my shoulders while rotating my hips in a sensuous hula dance. I fling the shirt across the room and sit on the edge of the tub.

"How's the water baby?" I ask, uncorking the bottle and rubbing ruby red love oil onto my breasts and between my legs.

"Water's fine, but I'm getting lonely."

I dip one foot in, then the other, before sliding onto his lap, tucking my feet around his ass and licking at his hard nipples, pouring water from my hands onto his head and nibbling at his earlobes.

Mmmmm. The warm water feels so good. Without saying anything, I tickle his ass with my favorite water toy stashed under my bath pillow, a waterproof "g-spot" vibrator. Well, hubby's a bit naïve, but he'll soon realize that this toy isn't just meant only for me. It's definitely time to turn the tables with this whole toy experience. It turns out that this vibrating wonder wand is also a great "he-spot" tool. Now if I can just get him to relax about anal sex and let me fuck his virgin asshole! Once he gets a taste of this action, he'll be begging for more.

I giggle as he jerks his hips up at the vibrating sensation tickling his butt.

"What the?" You trying to rape me?" He says, tugging on my purple nipple chain to slide my tits into his mouth, yanking the wonder wand from my hand.

"Come on baby! You really need to open up. Your sweet ass is dying for some loving. Just wait 'till you slide your cock into my tight hole. You really don't know what you're missing."

"I'm missing your cunt is what I'm missing, he says, pulling my hips towards his face and licking my slick, wet bare pussy from top to bottom. Good God, is there anything more incredible than a warm bath, sweet smelling oil and the joy of sitting atop a man's pussy fucking tongue? I swear on my ever-hungry soul that I truly have no other wants, no other needs than this. I want to die right here, my sweetness eating me out in a tub full of suds and cum.

Hubby swirls his tongue gently around my clit, sucking at the sensitive glossy pearl, the sensation of pure ecstasy making me crazy to take his hard cock into my mouth.

I slide down his wet chest and stomach, reaching around behind to stroke his balls before pouring oil into my hands for a nice slow 'cock massage' with my hands, tongue, breasts and ass cheeks.

"Do you like it when I squeeze your huge dick in the softness of my ass?" I purr.

"Oh God, you feel so good."

"Do you like it when I squeeze your beautiful fucking cock between my soft, wet breasts?"

"Baby, please."

"Do you like it when I lick your huge wet 'badajo' and suck on your balls….like this?"

I plunge my head under the water to suck on his Kama Sutra love oiled balls like a very naughty mermaid, fingering his ass at the same time and preparing him for the vibrating 'he-spot' stick that he'll soon realize is the tomcat's meow.

When I bring my head up for a breath, he is moaning like a man dying of thirst.

"Oh God baby, suck me hard, fuck me with your beautiful lips. Take my juice."

"Oh, I'll drink you dry, don't you worry," I tell him sweetly. "Patience lover, patience."

I lift his feet from the water and soap and wash his feet and ankles, massaging them with tender, caressing strokes, then suck on his toes, swirling my tongue around each one like it is a piece of candy. Hubby is in agony as I lick at his soft underparts, his heat seeking missile ready to fire. I run my hands up his thighs and pull his hips towards me, guiding his hot rod into my mouth, the battery powered underwater rocket ready for action.

"Relax baby. Relax your body. Relax your mind. Let me take you someplace special. All you have to do is lie back and enjoy the ride."

God, his dick is so delicious as I slide it down, down, down deep into my throat. I grip the base of his smooth, oiled shaft tightly and gently tease his balls with the man toy that I have yet to put into power mode. Hubby groans with delight as I alternate between licking, and blowing and throat fucking, slowly increasing the speed and carefully preparing his ass for the new toy.

Hubby's hands knead my breasts and pinch my nipples as I go down on him again and again. He is moaning furiously now, begging for release. I switch the wand on and suck hard on his cock while I slowly slip the toy into his ass. He tightens for just a moment before letting out a deep, low moan.

I pull my lips away for a moment, still fucking him in the ass as he grips the sides of the tub, obviously enjoying this unexpected pleasure.

"Does that feel good baby? Does that feel so very, very good, pure ecstasy from the inside out?"

"Oh my God, yes, yes, it feels so incredible. You are so incredible. Don't stop. Don't ever stop."

I dive back onto his throbbing cock, turning the wand on high and aiming it for his zone. As soon as I hit his 'he-spot,' he jerks as if hit by an electric shock and groans, "Now, baby, now!" I push his cock deep in my throat and enjoy every last drop as he fills me up with his sweet cum.

When every last drop is squeezed from his thick, pulsing cock I slowly release my lips and lean back with a satisfied sigh.

"Wow honey. You're so hot. That was incredible."

Hubby opens one eye and wipes the moisture from his brow. "Oh no, you're the hot one. And you've certainly opened my eyes with your little man toy. You can play with my ass anytime."

"Oh, I will baby, but you'll have to return the favor."

Ah yes, nothing like some bathtub loving. Now…..back to that toy catalogue.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Friends with Benefits - Part 2

It was 2 am when Amber finally came home. I lay awake restless and eager to hear how her playdate went. It was July which meant it was Ryan's turn with the girls.

I pretended to be asleep when she slipped into the bed next to me. She rubbed her naked body against mine. Amber smelled of chlorine and sex. The hot tub had definitely seen some sweet action.

She reached around grabbing my muscular chest and kissed me on the back of my neck.

"Have a good time beautiful?"

"Of course! You weren't really sleeping you?" she whispered in my ear. Chills seared through my body and my cock jumped to attention. I could tell she needed more.

"Are you kidding? Tell me all about it baby!"

Amber's hand slid down my smooth skin and found my huge cock. She slowly stroked its length and began whispering the details of her night in my ear.

"Brenda, Ryan, and I went out to the hot tub for a little fun. She was wearing her white bikini and I had my black one on that you love so much. Ryan sat on the corner of the hot tub. We took our tops off so he could play with our tits while Brenda and I made out. Our bodies were slick with water and sweat. Then we took turns licking his cock and balls...... Is this getting you hot baby?"

"Oh yeah, tell me more sexy!"

"We continued working Ryan with our mouths. Brenda licked his balls while I kept sucking his cock."

"How did he taste?"

"Sinfully good baby, sinfully good!"

"Then what happened?"

"I climbed on top of him and rode him kind of like this." Amber then climbed on top of me in a reverse cowgirl. She eased down onto my throbbing cock, her cunt pleasantly moist!

"I fucked him slowly while Brenda licked my pussy. The combination of her tongue and his cock was so hot. I came so hard baby!"

Amber moaned deeply as she fucked me slowly and fingered her clit, continuing her erotic storytelling.

"I got off of him so Brenda could have a turn. Brenda was facing Ryan as she fucked him. I fingered her hot ass while Ryan sucked her big tits. She rode him hard baby! She cried out so loud when she came, I was worried the neighbors might hear!"

"Then what," I moaned, enjoying Amber's warm pussy.

"We went inside and hopped into the shower to finish Ryan off. The three of us lathered up with body soap and sandwiched between him. Our slick bodies rubbed against him while we massaged his cock with our hands. He finger fucked us at the same time!"

Amber got off of me and slid under the sheets to taste her sex. She worked up and down the shaft of my dick with her juicy mouth. "Then we both got on our knees before him and sucked him clean," she continued, taking the entire length of my cock into her mouth, sending me through the roof.

The image of their soapy bodies pressed together as they sucked Ryan dry sent me over the edge. I growled wildly, releasing my cum into Amber's mouth as she swallowed it down. I lay there enjoying the numbing sensation from my intense orgasm.

"Remind me to tell you about Brenda and me fucking with a strap-on dildo tomorrow!"

"Tomorrow! I want to hear it now!" I jumped up, throwing Amber onto her back, burying my head between her legs. She tasted salty sweet.

"Oh God, you're such an animal. I can tell you now as long as you keep doing that baby," she cried out, moaning uncontrollably.

"You can tell me later. I'd rather just taste you," I said as I fucked her with my tongue.

"Oh yeah baby!"

Besides, there will be more erotic tales soon. Amber gets both guys next month!

We're just living the dream baby!!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Friends with Benefits - Part 1

June was here already, which meant it was my turn to have the girls. I anxiously wait in the back VIP room at Club Vortex. The room's outrageous decor always seemed erotic to me. It reminded me of Austin Powers' jumbo jet. A rotating lime green bed, blood red love seat, black vinyl booth, all set under the dim lighting.

I finish the last drag off my Camel Turkish Gold when Amber and Brenda walk in locking the door behind them. They're both wearing silver trench coats and black thigh high boots, almost an identical reflection of one another. In perfect harmony they drop their coats to the floor and march towards me like runway models. I sit at the booth and admire the sexual aura they exude.

"Be patient baby, Brenda and I want to perform for you first," Amber says seductively.

"Let's see what you got my sexy ladies."

Their bodies lock perfectly together, breasts pressing against one another and pussies grinding to the deep techno beat from the club outside the door. Amber pulls a small bottle of body oil from her boot and pours the silky liquid between their bodies as they continue to pump against each other. Their bodies shine and have a musky scent. Their mouths fall in rhythm with one another as they kiss deeply and passionately.

Amber oils up two fingers and slides them deep into Brenda's cunt. Brenda's auburn hair swings from side to side as she gets finger fucked. Amber drops to her knees and works Brenda's clit with her long tongue, doubling her pleasure. Brenda grabs the back of Amber's head and grinds against her mouth, letting out a series of moans.

"Oh yes Amber I'm almost there, oh God," Brenda cries out releasing into Amber's mouth. Amber looks up at her lustfully with glazed eyes, her face wet with Brenda's cum.

The girls move the show to the round bed. Brenda pushes Amber onto her back and climbs on top of her kissing Amber wildly. Brenda works her way down and nibbles and sucks on Amber's oily tits, making her cry out.

She continues to flower Amber's naked body with her mouth, leaving no area untouched. Brenda finally nestles between Amber's legs working her tongue in and out of her hot snatch. Amber's moans fill the room over the music. She looks at me and gestures me to join them at last. I tear off my clothes without hesitation.

I position right behind Brenda while she works Amber with her hot mouth. Brenda's ass presses back against my hard cock. In one swift thrust I enter her from behind, both girls moan simultaneously. I fuck Brenda from behind smoothly as she works Amber in perfect rhythm, her mouth an extension of my throbbing cock.

Amber arches and thrusts her hips into the air.

"Oh God I'm gonna cum, oh my God!"

Brenda bangs back against my dick in excitement as Amber moans and shakes with a delightful orgasm.

I slowly pull out of Brenda and walk over and lie on the love seat. Both girls follow close behind and drop on top of me at both ends. It's Amber's turn to ride. She slides down on my slick cock and Brenda lowers her pussy onto my eager mouth. The girls ride in harmony, squeezing each others tits, kissing and moaning with pleasure.

Our chorus of moans fill the room, this is it, here it comes, the heavens can feel it. Our lust, our friendship, our agreement, our love, our cum in a crescendo orgasm.

Amber pumps against me hard as I flood her pussy with my cum, Brenda yells out and releases into my mouth while amber sucks her perfect tits. Amber continues to fuck me until she's satisfied shortly after, her groans muffling into Brenda's breasts.

July is not too far off. I wonder if the girls can exceed that performance when Ryan gets his turn..........I can only wonder.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

My Muse - 5th Entry

We arrive at Pazzo Ristorante on a rainy Friday evening. Tim being the gracious host he is, escorts us to a semi-secluded area at our request. The table has been set and is ready.

Watching your shapely body sway in that silky red dress makes my cock grow harder. It's a good thing I'm wearing a long shirt to hide my excitement.

"Your waiter will be with you shortly," Tim says giving a wink.

You don't hesitate and slip under the table to free my huge cock. I quickly get the remote control of my pocket and hit the switch.

I hear your moan softly, obviously you like your new vibrating panties.

You unzip my pants loudly, the restaurant is crowded and noisy, the couple sitting across the room didn't take notice.

You suck and stroke my cock feverishly. Your mouth is smoldering hot! I can feel your humming enjoyment against my member as you orgasm from the vibrations under your dress.

Getting you off always gets sends me through the roof. I flood your mouth with my juice and you eagerly take it all down, you always do!

"Can I start you two off with an appetizer," our waiter says smiley wickedly, staring under the table.

"No thanks Mike, I already had mine!"

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Going Down? How to Orally Please a Woman

How to... give proper (therefore GREAT) cunnilingus.
by Freddy and Eddy

Cunnilingus, silly! Oral sex, eating pussy, munching carpet, etc.; cunnilingus is the act of using the mouth to stimulate the female genitals. This can include sucking or licking the outer and inner areas of the vagina, and most often involves direct stimulation of the clitoris. Some women find cunnilingus to be the most satisfying sexual act. Indeed, a great number of women report that oral sex is the only way they can achieve orgasm. The mouth can create a uniquely intense range of sensations which many find unrivaled.

So, I just take my tongue and start licking her clit, right?

Sure, you could do that, but that's like being satisfied with the appetizer and skipping the main course. To give really great oral sex, you need to learn about the whole vaginal area, including the clitoris. Though the clit is the central pleasure mechanism on a woman, the entire area is fertile ground for your tongue, fingers, and toys.

Tell me more about this clitoris thing!

The clitoris is an organ unique in the whole of the female human body - it is devoted solely to sexual pleasure. As variable and exciting as women themselves, each clitoris is different: some small and hidden, some large and prominent. All, however, are capable of providing ecstasy.

How do I know what she wants?

You will never know what your partner wants or finds satisfying unless you talk to them. If it is your first time with a particular partner, communication may seem uncomfortable. Don't worry. Do you really think that your new partner will be annoyed or upset if you ask her what she wants? A vast majority of women will be quite pleased. Do not be discouraged if you partner offers you advice; be overjoyed because you are learning what they find pleasurable which will make you a better lover as a result. A sense of humor is another great way to ease any tension which may exist between new lovers. A light-hearted approach to your sexual encounter will make it more enjoyable for both of you.

What are the best ways to give her oral pleasure?

The clitoris is central to female sexual arousal, as it contains most of the sexually charged tissues in the body. The logical first step for many lovers, therefore, is to directly stimulate the clitoris right off the bat. The catch is many women will not be very responsive to this jump-for-the-clitoris approach. Take things slow at first, kissing and licking her stomach and thighs, then the area around her clitoris. Build her arousal level slowly, gradually increasing pressure and speed with your mouth. Once you know she's aroused (i.e. if she's told you or motioned so) you can then move to the clitoris.

Many women enjoy a massage of the mons. The mons in the mound of skin which is found on top the pubic bone above the vaginal opening. Take one or both of your hands and carefully move the mons and surrounding area much the same way you would massage someone's shoulders. Be careful not to press too hard or make too wide a circular movement. As you manually stimulate the mons, you can move your mouth to the vulva. When soothing her vulva with your tongue, you may wish to concentrate solely on the clitoris after some stimulation of the labia or you may wish to lick the surrounding areas. Some women need constant clitoral stimulation to reach orgasm so ask your partner what she would have you do. Clitoral stimulation can be exciting but don't be too eager.

The way that you use your tongue is important. Provide different textures by altering the natural flex of your tongue. When your tongue hangs limp and flat, it provides a soft caress. When your tongue is flexed and rigid it provides more direct and firm stimulation. Try some of each and determine which your partner prefers. Some women will want rapid motions of continuous licking while others prefer long, slow caresses.

Lubricants are usually thought of in terms of penetration only, but they can add excitement during cunnilingus as well. You can try a nice water-based lubricant, such as Sliquid H20. Lubricants come in a wide variety of flavors and help protect the sensitive tissues of the vagina during stimulation.

When a woman becomes sexually aroused her vagina balloons and her uterus rises. Women often enjoy the feeling of penetration during oral sex. This penetration can be well lubricated fingers or a dildo. While there is a wide selection of dildos on the market, some men may feel uncomfortable using a dildo that resembles a penis. A great solution to this problem are the glass dildos. The elegant design of these glass products allows them to double as inconspicuous art that can be kept on the shelf as opposed to hidden in a drawer. Gently follow the natural curvature of the vagina for smooth entry. If you find that it's a little difficult to coordinate everything you should try the Ohh Gee. You've got to see this one to believe it. It's a chin-mounted dildo. What will they think of next?

Are there better positions for great cunnilingus?

Of course! Just consider the range of possible positions for cunnilingus. Each position will be uniquely satisfying, so it is best for you and your partner to experiment and determine which one(s) you prefer. Most couples begin with the woman sitting in a chair or on the bed. This gives full access to the genitals and support to the back so that the woman is relaxed and her hands are free to stimulate herself. The partner performing oral sex can lie or sit facing the woman, free to use his or her hands for stimulation with the fingers.

Another popular position is for the woman to squat on all fours over her lover's face as she or he is lying down. Some people prefer this position because it allows a woman to move her pelvis to accentuate the stimulation. This position also allows a couple to mutually stimulate one another (the so-called '69') when it is performed each partner at opposite ends. If you are a more meticulous giver of oral sex, you may not like this position because it is difficult to place your tongue right where you want it. Couples who wish to engage in playful dominance-submissive role playing might like to try standing while the other partner performs oral sex on his or her knees.

For more info check out Tristan Taormino's Expert Guide to Oral Sex: Cunnilingus and learn from the master!

Sex toys reviews - Expert Guide to Oral Sex: Cunnilingus - Instructional video - Erotic and educational media

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Tender Agony - by KM

Darkness rushes past. I can feel the engine revving between my legs, sense the curve of the road across the tires as I try to relax and let my body flow with the turns as the bike weaves around corners. Night smells – wet leaves and damp earth, woodsmoke, meat on a grill, all rise up into my helmet. The sensation of cold wind buffeting against my leather jacket ripples across my skin. I am gripping tightly, my arms around Andre's waist. The air is damp with a light misting rain. I can see nothing from behind the silk scarf wrapped across my eyes and tied in a warrior knot at the back of my head. Little whips of wet hair lash my neck.

Andre was gone from bed early this morning, a note left on his pillow. "Special evening planned just for you. Pick you up at 5:30. Don't bother getting dressed. I'll have your evening wear with me. Be ready for anything and everything. -- A."

Andre arrived at 5:30 sharp on his motorcycle and handed me a box. Inside, a butter soft black leather jacket with matching leather pants and a wicked pair of black silver-tipped boots – and a black silk scarf. I dressed, the tight leather against my bare skin incredibly arousing, and joined him downstairs, anticipating the evening ahead, but slightly concerned about riding in the cold, rainy weather. I shoved the negative thoughts away and gave Andre my biggest smile. "Ready when you are baby."

"My God, you look so fucking hot," he said, greeting me with a deep kiss, his hands gliding down the soft leather. "Let me help you with one detail," Andre whispered with a devilish grin. He untied the scarf from my neck and wrapped it around my eyes. "Tonight, I want you to feel everything."

A sharp, slow turn. Crunching gravel. The engine slows, throbbing before it is switched off. Wind in trees. Cedar scented air. Andre takes my hand and helps me off of the motorcycle. He is silent as he removes my helmet, careful not to disturb the blindfold. He is leading me somewhere. Gravel to soft earth. Winding, root-bound path. Creaking door. Wooden steps. Blast of heat. Hot, damp, pungent cedar. Steam. Hot, hot steam. The jewel-toned sound of water being dipped and poured. Hissing against lava rocks. The sound of clothing falling to the ground.

Andre slowly, silently unzips my jacket and nibbles at my ear, running his tongue down my neck to the little hollow at the base of my throat that he loves to kiss. He is naked, his skin slick with sweat in the heat of the sauna. He smells different, a new cologne? God he smells good, like someone I know but don't know. A bolt of electric excitement surges between my legs. Musk and cedar, earth and spice. I reach out to run my hands down his smooth, clean skin, but he pulls my arm away. He unsnaps my pants and unzips them with his mouth, his hands sliding the jacket off of my shoulders and massaging my breasts tenderly, slowly.

Andre directs me to a bench covered by a thick towel-covered pad and a feather pillow. He lies me down on my stomach. Something is dipped in water. Cool droplets fall across my buttocks. A dripping cedar branch is drawn across my skin, a slow, cool tickle. Andre knows I like it a bit rough. He is torturing me with this tenderness.

"Is this how you purify me Andre?" I whimper. "Is this how you make me clean?"

He does not respond. I try to lie still. I want to leap up and impale myself on his cock. I want to bite at the meat of his strong shoulders and feel his cum explode onto my back. I want him to slide his cock into my ass and whip my haunches with the branch, a stinging, agonizing ecstasy.

Andre knows what I want. I know what Andre wants. So I swim to him in a dream and breathe him my air. I am as still as a rock beneath the weight of the sea. He is the wave. He is the wave. Warm liquid – oil – dribbles across my back. Andre's strong hands against my skin. Rubbing it in, slow, gentle massage. Cool water on rocks. Hissing. He turns me my onto my back and pulls my legs apart. Dipping of water. "Ahhhh – Oh God, Andre!" Water is poured onto my cunt, the shock of the cold like a delicious slap. Two, three icy slaps. The serpent that is his tongue burns hot against my cool, wet pussy, exploring every tender inch of it. His oiled hands explore my ass, every tender inch of it. God, so slowly. I will die from tenderness. I reach for his cock and he pushes me away again.

"Andre, I want to taste you," I whisper. "I need to taste you. Please Andre, please." He places a finger across my lips to silence me and teases my breasts with the wet branch. Andre is the wave, I tell myself. Let him carry you. His tongue plunges between my legs, stroking my clit, the flame rising as he continues flicking his tongue faster and faster across my ravenous mouth. Rain is tapping an exotic rhythm on the roof. Wind in the trees. I am on fire inside and out. Andre is teasing me like he never has before, the torture of it causing the darkness in my mind to light up in a rainbow of colors, a firework display of light, flashing with the rising intensity, his hands stroking every inch of my sweat-soaked, oiled body.

There is no relief as he pulls me up to standing.

"No Andre, fuck me, please. I need your cock, I want you. Don't deny me Andre." Door opens, rush of cold, wet air. He is leading me naked down the path, rain striking against my erect nipples and rolling down my back in fat balls, repelled by the thick layer of oil. He is practically dragging me down the winding path.

Cement steps. Door opens. Warmth. Fire crackling. Towel across my shoulders. Andre lifts my chin and unties the blindfold. As it drops, I inhale sharply.

"How? I? Where is Andre?"

The man before me is not Andre. I have never seen him before. He is a beautiful, beautiful man. His skin is mocha and etched with a snake tattoo from his neck to below his navel. Tall and lean, muscles taught across his smooth skin, abs ripped, his body shaven clean and smooth between his legs. His erect cock is glistening with oil.

"I am here love," Andre says, smiling from ear to ear and stepping into the room from a hallway. He is wearing only a pair of black silk boxers.

"I want you to feel everything tonight. The old. The new. The me. The not me. Tender agony."

We are standing in a beautiful log home built of gleaming honey-colored wood, a massive log fireplace in the center of the room.

"Did Michael torture you sufficiently?" Andre asks, as Michael presses against me from behind.

"Oh my God, Andre," I reply, desperate for his cock, desperate for the him that is him, but heated to the core at the thought of two men at once. "Yes, he is very adept at the dark arts, but I was good. I restrained myself."

"I know," Andre laughs. "I was there the whole time. It was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, you resisting that way, watching you long for me, begging for me."

Michael leans down to kiss my neck and pulls a wet cedar bough from behind his back, drawing it along my side.

"I know you like it a little rough," Andre says as Michael strikes me hard across the ass, the sweet, sweet sting putting me within a razor's edge of cumming. "Resist no more."

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My Muse - 4th Entry

I love watching you fuck through the sliding glass door! You don't even know I'm watching! Your boyfriend allowed me access without you knowing. Given our past, I'm confident you wouldn't mind, in fact you would thrive on it. You were always quite the exhibitionist.

I get hot as I watch you go down on Mike. Your luscious red lips gliding up and down the length of his cock. I can't hear the moans from outside but that somehow makes it more erotic.

After your done sucking him, Mike takes you from behind on the love seat. I marvel at your beauty as he fucks you hard. I love the way your hair shakes, how your tits dance, and the way you pound against his massive cock with your rock hard ass.

You know you fantasize about having us both! Taking both cocks into your sweet mouth. The both of us pleasuring you into sweet orgasm after orgasm.

I may be light years away in your mind but in reality I'm outside the door at your calling aching to please you soon.

It's only a matter of time!

Crime and..........Punishment?

There is an inherent risk with everything in life, especially when the stakes are high. But, the greater the risk, the greater the reward, especially in undercover narcotics.

I was in charge of a special tasks force to help restore order in Glendale. The area had become oversaturated with drug and gang violence. Given the dangerous nature of the job, I felt a sense of entitlement, a measly $35,000 a year was a far cry from what any cop deserved for putting his ass on the line daily. You bet your sweet ass I was going to reap the benefits of law enforcement. Drugs, money laundering, and of course, sex.

My sexual appetite was strong and I always had a hard on for call girls. One in particular I kept an eye out for was Roxy. She was fucking perfect, the absolute cream of the crop. A tall brunette with long shapely legs, a nice round ass, and tits that would make a gay man second guess himself.

I was cruising late Friday night in my black 1979 Chrysler Cordoba, I saw Roxy in her usual pickup spot and quickly pulled to the curb.

Time to work the deal!

"You looking for a good time baby?" Roxy said in a sultry tone.

"Always Roxy. I understand you're the best."

"The best don't come cheap honey. I hope you have a lot of cash!"

Her confidence made me hard.

"I've got something better," I said flashing my badge. "Get in sugar."

I drove to the outskirts of the city, Roxy sat calmly with her long legs crossed. I don't think this was her first time working with a crooked cop.

"I've got a proposition for you."

"Is that right officer?"

"I work undercover narcotics and I am looking for a reliable informant, someone keen to the happenings on the street. So here's the deal, you give me solid information on any activity you have know of and I'll keep you out of jail."

Roxy nodded in agreement, unfazed by the situation.

"There's just one more thing to our agreement Roxy." I pulled into the parking lot behind an abandoned wharehouse.

"Yeah, what's that?"

"I want unlimited access to your services."

Roxy raised an eyebrow, "I don't know if you can handle it baby!"

"Try me!"

"How do you want it?"

"I want to go around the world!"

"Wow! You don't fuck around do you officer?"

Her quick tone made my cock jump in excitement.

"Why don't we start here," Roxy said opening her trenchcoat, exposing her huge tits before climbing on top of me. Her soft breasts brushed against my face and I dove right in, kissing, licking, sucking, and squeezing with fury. Roxy was thrusting against head of my cock with her cunt as I devouard her delicous breasts.

Lost in the commotion of her flesh I didn't realize Roxy got a hold of my handcuffs until she dangled them across my face. Quickly I jumped, grabbing at them. Roxy playfully pulled them away.

"Now wait baby! You said you wanted the best," she said, continuing to pump her hips against my aching cock.

"If you want the ultimate pleasure, you have to be willing to take the ultimate risk."

I could only smile and nod in agreement. The girl knew this cop too well!

"Put your hands behind the seat. I'm placing you under arrest." She said seductively.

At her mercy I complied. She leaned into me close, cuffing my hands behind the seat.

The seat shot back abruptly as Roxy hit the release lever.

"Time to see what the best is!"

She ripped open my shirt and went to work, licking and sucking on my neck and chest. Her long tongue ran down my body and found my nipple. She nibbled and gnawed at it, making me squirm against the vinyl upholstery. Her hips continued to grind against my eager cock.

Roxy sat up momentarily, hiking up her skirt to expose her delicious cunt. She flipped around on the front seat, positioning her ass in front of my face. I worked feverishly to get what I could, licking and sucking on her ass cheeks. It's all she would give me.

I heard the tearing sound of the condom wrapper as she worked my stiff dick loose. Roxy took the condom in her mouth and slowly lowered it over the entire length of my cock. She bobbed up and down the sensitive head with her strong lips while stroking the shaft with a firm grip. I groaned with ecstacy.

Reaching into the pocket of her trench coat, Roxy retrieved a small bottle of lube. She held it high in the air as the liquid came pouring out, drenching my cock and her fist as she pumped away with her strong hand.

She flipped around facing me and lowered herself on top of my throbbing cock. The heat of her pussy was intense.

"Mmmmm, I love a cop with a nice big cock," she moaned, fucking me slowly.

"Oh I bet you do baby!"

"Oh yeah officer, fuck me hard!"

She continued to pump away, moaning and groaning with delight, bringing herself to a hard orgasm. Her pussy tightened around my shaft, nearly sending me to the edge.

"Nuh uh. You said you wanted it all, don't you cum yet officer!"

She rose up and turned her back to me, lubing my hard member again before working me deep inside of her ass.

"Oh yes that's it officer. Time to show you why I am the best!"

She slid smoothly up and down my cock. Roxy took two fingers into her dripping cunt as I fucked her ass.

Roxy's fingers hit my cock perfectly through the dividing wall, sending us to levels of pleasure I could never dream of.

"Oh my God Roxy don't stop."


She kept pumping away, loving the double penetration.

We both cried out with pleasure, both of us cumming simultaneously. My juices released deep inside of her. The smell of sex permeated throughout the car.

Lost in a sea of lust, we didn't notice the police car pull up until the lights started flashing.

"Please step out of the car," the patrol officer commanded

Hopefully we can convince this cop that we're just a kinky, happily married couple fulfilling a fantasy.

If not, this crime is worth any punishment!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How to Give Amazing Blowjobs

How to Give Great Blowjobs!
How to... give proper (therefore GREAT) fellatio.
by Freddy and Eddy

Give great head?

News flash..........guys love blowjobs!!!!

No shit?

Obviously giving great head is not a difficult task once you know where to begin.

First off, a word about semen. Ladies, you may or may not enjoy the taste of semen (salty and sour with a somewhat viscous texture) depending on your partner or your own preferences. Semen tastes different depending on the man. If you prefer not to swallow or spit the semen, you may ask your partner to signal you when he reaches the point before climax. At this point, continue gentle stimulation with your hands.

Another issue for many people is whether or not to "deep throat" or take the penis past the gag reflex in the throat. Many people have learnt how to control their gag reflex, but good fellatio does not depend on deep throating. Many men do not even notice when you do it.

So, do I just get him hard and start sucking?

Too many people during fellatio concentrate solely on the penis. The penis does contain highly sensitive erectile tissue, but there are many other sexually sensitive areas on a man's body. Unknown to many are the pleasures that men receive from having their entire genital area massaged. During oral sex the penis can be stimulated while these other areas are massaged. Many men like to have their scrotum and testes fondled or licked during oral sex. This could be as simple as placing your hand and cupping the scrotum, or as bold as taking the testes into your mouth. The most erogenous zones on a man's genitals include the back of the head of the penis, the line of skin that runs down the center of the testicles, and the underside of the shaft of the penis. Try stimulating these areas with your tongue as well as taking the entire penis into the mouth.

Another form of stimulation that many men like is to have their perineum stroked. The perineum is the area in between the scrotum and the anus. This area is sensitive when the male is aroused. You may like to try rigorously massaging the perineum just prior to orgasm which gives many men a rush of pleasure. Some men like to have their prostate massaged during oral sex as well. This is accomplished by placing your finger up the man's anus. Make sure that your fingernails have been cut short and place some lubricant on your finger. Gently run your hand from the perineum to the anus and massage the outside of the anus. Push your finger in the anus with your palm up. Slowly raise your finger until you feel a bump. This bump grows throughout age; it may be the size of a golf ball in young adulthood and the size of a pear in later life. Stimulation of the prostate is an incredible sensation that amazes most men.

OK, what do I specifically do with his penis?

Now that you have learned about stimulating the areas around the penis it is time to learn about how to stimulate the penis itself. While the penis is a generally sensitive organ, there are many areas of the penis which are not particularly responsive to stimulation. When learning how to give great fellatio you must concentrate on the most sensitive areas of the penis. The first area which is particularly sensitive is the frenulum. This is the area just below the head of the penis on the underside, and is perhaps the most sensitive part of the penis. The seam of the penis which runs from the scrotum to the head, the base of the penis, and the entire head of the penis are other sensitive areas. You can concentrate on these by licking or sucking just around the particular area.

Once you have the penis in your mouth there are a couple of guidelines which will make oral sex more pleasurable for your partner and less stressful for you. First of all, most men do not like the feeling of teeth on their penis. Teeth can cause discomfort and may even rip the skin if you are not careful. There are some men who like a little bit of the friction which teeth can provide but it is best to minimize teeth to penis contact. This is easily accomplished by tucking your lips around your teeth before you perform fellatio. A way to practice is to place your lips together and teeth apart. Open your lips slowly while keeping your teeth apart and there you have it. Another important aspect of fellatio is lubrication. Most people use their own saliva as lubrication. If you are using a condom for fellatio, try to buy an unlubricated variety. Lubricated condoms tend to have a bad taste. If you'd like to try lubricant during fellatio, you can purchase a flavored lubricant to turn a normal latex condom into something tasty, or use it on its own for a unique experience.

What are the best positions for fellatio?

Finding an agreeable position for fellatio is usually not a difficult task. The key aspects are that the man is comfortable and that the person performing fellatio has access to the genitals. With an erect penis there is an additional consideration; the person giving head should be positioned so that the angle of the penis and the angle of the giver's throat are somewhat aligned.

A common position for fellatio is when the man receiving sits or lies on a bed with his partner kneeling or lying on the ground in front of him. This gives the person who is performing oral sex complete access to the penis, scrotum and anus. The position is also at a good angle for the throat so that entry of the penis into the mouth is not a problem. (Note: if you do not like the man receiving fellatio to stroke your hair or face during oral sex then tell him beforehand. It can be extremely non-erotic if both of you are turned off by his gesture.)

Another position that may interest you and your partner is to allow the man to very carefully insert and withdraw the penis from the mouth. Typically the performer of fellatio will lie comfortably on the bed and receive his or her partner from above. If you are trying this position for the first time then it may be a good idea to have the man hold the base of his penis so that the penis doesn't enter so far as to put pressure on your gag reflex.

You may also want to try mutual oral sex in the '69' position. This can be accomplished either with one partner above on all fours, or lying on each other's sides. In the case of male-female mutual oral sex, you may want to try having the man lay on his back so the woman can better control penetration in her mouth.

Finally, if you want to learn even more, get Tristan Taormino's The Expert Guide to Oral Sex: Fellatio DVD or Nina Hartley's Guide to Better Fellatio on DVD and learn from the masters of oral sex.

Sex toys reviews - Expert Guide to Oral Sex: Fellatio - Instructional video - Erotic and educational media

Nina Hartley's Advanced Guide to Oral Sex - DVD - EdenFantasys

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Sam's Surprise

I wait patiently in the colorful hotel room. It was almost carnival like. Maroon bedspread, black and white love sofa, beige walls, and dark green curtains covering the patio window. The loud decor is a sharp contrast to my metallic leather pants and black steel toed boots. My long black hair is draped across my face, masking any sign of emotion. Beneath my aviator sunglasses I am the object of what every woman needs.

I am sex in its purest form. I am lust!

I finish my scotch and continue to sit in the office chair, twirling the leather paddle in my hands, waiting like an assassin. I wasn't there to kill, only to reclaim what was mine. I had been waiting for over a year to have Angel again and after much planning and persistence my wait was over.

Angel was downstairs having a drink in the bar, waiting for a text from her husband Joe, saying, "I'm ready for you sexy!" I would be the last person she would expect to see, but hardly disappointed!

Joe and I had this planned for over a month. The three of us had quite a colorful past together sexually speaking. But a solid understanding of where we stood. I was a necessity and restored balance to Angel's deepest desires. She had been denying herself "true" pleasure for over a year. Trying to convince herself that she didn't need me anymore. The harder my disciples try to avoid me, the stronger their thirst grows.

Some just need to be reminded.

I hear the door click and my erection pushes harder against my pants.

Angel walks in and stops frozen in her tracks.

"Hello Sexy," I say in a deep bedroom voice.

She just stands there breathing excitedly. Her breasts are heaving through her white halter top and her firm nipples press through the fabric. Her plaid mini skirt enhances her long sculpted legs.

"It's been a long time hasn't it?"

"Yeah it has," Angel replies.

I stand up to display my tall and chiseled body.

"You still need this don't you," I say massaging the head of my cock through the cool metallic leather.

Angel gazes down nods lustfully as I stroke its length.

"I thought so. There's a present for you on the bed. Take it into the bathroom and get changed. Don't keep me waiting too long lover!"

Angel grabs the box and hurries into the bathroom. I pour a quick shot of scotch and knock it back, enjoying the lingering burn.

Angel comes out wearing a pair of black vinyl thigh high boots; the same pair she used to always wear while fucking Joe and me. It seemed appropriate for the situation.

She looks as sexy as she ever has. She is an exotic beauty, tall and muscular with her dark black hair slicked back into a pony tail. Her tits perfectly round and a moist pussy that would make the sex Gods envious.

Angel walks over and presses her body into mine as our mouths erotically devour each other's. Angel grinds her cunt against my leg and digs at my bare chest with her long nails. A soft moan escapes her lips as her hand finds my huge cock.

I grab her by the back of her ponytail and forcefully jerk her head back.

"Not so fast beautiful. It's not going to be that easy," I croon, running my long tongue up her neck and stop to suck on her ear.

"You've kept me waiting too long you bad girl," I whisper, sending chills down her spine.

"Sam's gonna make you earn this fuck."

I escort her over to the bed where the silk shackles are already in place and I position her on all fours, tying her hands to the headboard.

I gently trace her inner thighs with my paddle making Angel spread her legs with excitement.

"You've been a bad girl haven't you?"


I give her a strong hit across the ass.


"How could you deprive yourself of this?" I ask as I press my throbbing head against her from behind.

"I don't know," she moans and grinds against my cock through the shiny leather.

I smack her harder this time leaving heart imprints from the embroidered paddle.


I slide underneath her and take one of her tits into my mouth, sucking hard at her nipple as I massage her mounds. I continue working back and forth enjoying them both.

"Oh God Sam," she cries out.

Angel coos with delight as I place the sterling silver nipple clamps on her breasts.

I unzip my pants directly in front of her hot mouth. My huge cock springs out just in front of her lips.

"You want some of this baby?"

"Oh yeah!"

I slowly work the entire length into her mouth. My dick shines with her saliva as I work it in and out, fucking her mouth in a smooth rhythm.

"You want this big cock inside of you?"

"Mmmm hmmmm," she moans over its girth.

I hop off the bed and slide out of my leather pants and put my boots back on.

Angel's ass rocks back and forth, desperate to be pleased.

I slide behind her and start with my tongue, working her pussy from behind before giving her another slap with the paddle, reminding her that there is pain with pleasure. I push two fingers inside to massage her g-spot as my tongue swirls around the rim of her ass.

I'm driving her mad!

"Oh fuck Sam, oh my God you're getting me so hot, please fuck me, please!"

I position the head of my monster right at the entrance of her cunt.

"Is this what you want?" I ask smacking her with the paddle.

"Oh God YES! Give it to me!"

"You won't deny yourself true pleasure again will you?" SMACK!


I position my hand at the small of her back and work all 10 inches deep inside.

Angel rocks her head back and lets out a cat-like growl. Gradually I build up speed as I bang her from behind, continuing to smack her ass with the paddle. Her cheeks are smokey red with heart impressions on both sides now.


I let loose like the animal I am, giving in to her demands. The bed shakes violently and our primal screams fill the room.

We fuck like animals. Sex in its purest form!


Her pussy grips around my cock like a vise as she lets loose, sending me over the edge.

"Oh fuck Angel........... here it comes sexy!"

I pull out and shoot pearly white cum all over the length of her naked body. Angel quivers against the headboard, numb with pleasure.

"Don't forget that there are three of us in this relationship of ours."

Startled we both turn to see Joe standing in the corner enjoying the show.

"Fucking Voyeur," I say with a smile.

"Get over her big boy. I've got some for you too," Angel lustfully replies, shaking her round ass side to side.

I toss the paddle to Joe and he climbs aboard..............

At the core everyone has a raw sexual need, devoid of emotion.

I am the one who brings it to life, letting it breathe.

I am sex! I am lust! I am desire!

I am everything that you ever want or need!

I am Sam!

Thursday, May 8, 2008

My Muse - 3rd Entry

I long for the carefree days of the past. We were sexually insatiable and the only limiting factor was our imagination.

I remember the seductive red glow of your naked bodies at my studio apartment. You and Trinity pleasuring each other on my futon, teasing one another, getting each other wet.

I loved how you both orally pleased my throbbing cock. Taking turns sucking on it's thick shaft, playfully fighting for it. Your long nails tickling my balls as you craddled and softly sucked on them while Trinitly swirled her long pierced tongue around the head.

I loved fucking you from behind when you were in a 69 with Trinity. Both of you were worthy of worship.

You were sexual goddesses!

I long to be wedged between both of you after we fuck to complete exhaustion. To feel both of your long legs, silky hair, smooth skin, and perfect breasts against my body.

You drive me wild with lust.

When I find you again I might have to bring Trinity with me! We will rekindle the sexual beast within.

After all this time our imaginations have only grown bigger!

The possibilities of pleasure are endless!

How to Enjoy Anal Sex - Jenn Ramsey

If you are like most couples, there comes a time where you may consider trying anal sex. If done correctly this can be a very erotic and enjoyable experience for both parties! Outlined is a great guide to getting started!

If I could only perform one sexual act for the rest of my life, I'd pick anal sex.


Scientifically speaking, you shouldn't be. The butt is rich with nerve endings, and the anal canal conveniently points straight towards two of the most sensitive spots on our bodies: the G-spot in women (through the anal wall and P-spot (prostate) in men.

Here's a down and not-so-dirty guide to having (and enjoying!) anal sex:

1. Lube: Before you even think about having anal sex, get some lube. The butt has none of its own lubricant, so you have to use lube. No, saliva doesn't count as lubricant, and I'm living proof that you can injure yourself as a result.

2. If you have a chance, prep for anal sex: Our anal canal is a passageway for things to head out, things are rarely stored there without us being aware of it. But for those of us that want to make sure we're nice and clean, here are some tips. Wear a condom. Non-tested partners should be wearing condoms anyway to protect each other from transmitting STDs. The anal canal's surface is fragile and can micro-tear easily, so it's especially wise to use condoms during anal sex.
Clean yourself out with warm water. There are many methods: using your finger while in the shower to "rinse out" the area; using an anal douche to clean out the first 10 inches or so of your goods; or by rinsing out using a get-up attached to your shower head (there's even a "travel version"). Many people want to know if an enema is necessary before anal sex; all of my sources (including former registered nurse Nina Hartley) believe enemas to be too invasive for regular anal play. Enemas clean out much more than is necessary; you only need to clean out the bottom 10 inches or so of your canal for good, clean, anal play. A quick note about what happens when you aren't as clean as you'd like to be. Shit happens.. Be aware that every once in a while, things might not be as clean as you want them to be, and understand that it happens to everyone, and is completely normal. Think of it as "used food" (Todd Perkin's words), or as a fact of life like menstruation; "you just need to respect it and work around it," Todd advises. Just laugh about it and hop in the shower, and be done with it... beating yourself up over something that is a normal occurrence doesn't help!

3. Lube: Are you remembering the lube? I bring it up again already because it's that important. The inner walls of our butts are fragile, and without the slippery stuff lube brings to the table, you can give yourself micro-tears that make you more susceptible to STDs and other butt injuries.

4. You have to seduce your ass every time: That's a direct quote from my favorite sex educator and porn star (and friend) Nina Hartley. And yes, you have to seduce your ass every single time. I first massage the opening with the pad of my lubed finger (even better with latex gloves on them, easy clean up and no worries about nails!), till the opening relaxes. Promise your partner you won't go inside (even if playing with the opening is as far as you get this session), and stick to your promises... if your partner thinks you're going further than they are ready for, they'll tense up and you won't get anywhere. Once you feel the opening relax, you can slip the first digit of your finger in, or the tip of a small toy. I love the Small Ripple, it's silicone (which means it's boilable, bleachable, and dishwasher safe... a must for anal toys), and it's not much bigger than your finger and no nails! Insert it slowly, you're waiting to feel the butt relax and accept this small bit; remember, don't go further than you say you will, or your partner will tense up and you'll be back at ground zero. A quick note about toys: most toy materials are porous, which means they absorb bacteria. Soft toys are better for beginning anal players, and silicone is by far the best (and easiest to clean) of soft toy materials. If you use a toy that's not silicone, be sure to put a condom on it to keep bacteria from coming into contact with the surface of the toy. Also, be sure anything you put near your butt has a flared base; your butt can create a vacuum and can suck non-flared items up further than you're game for (that's why we hear such insane emergency room stories).

5. Lube: I know I mentioned this before, but it's that important. I use Sliquid Silver (silicone lube) because it doesn't dry up quickly, and our bodies expel it when we're done. If you use water-based lube, be sure to re-apply often, as you might not realize that you're lube has dried up deep inside you.

6. Anal sex shouldn't hurt: if it does, slow down, start smaller, and use more lube. Another one of my favorite Nina Hartley quotes: "Butts cannot be forced, willed or guilt-tripped into complying." She says that her husband can play with her but whenever he wants, but he can't fuck it till IT wants. "It's his job to get my butt to want his dick. It's my job to relax and let him pleasure my ass till it's desperate for him."What does that mean? "Our butts are moody," says Nina. There may be some days it just doesn't want to be played with. Be aware of this and be willing to back off if your (or your partner's) butt isn't cooperating... there's nothing that will shut down wanting/getting your partner to want anal sex faster than pushing when the butt's not ready. Also, be aware of your anatomy, and work with it, not against it (towards the G-spot in women, and P-spot or prostate in men, yeah!), which can cause pain if you don't work with it's curves and angle so you can go in comfortably.

7. Lube: Yes, lube, AGAIN. I'm bringing it up again to remind you to make sure that all the bits you're touching stay lubed throughout your play. Use gloved fingers to push lube up inside the ass.

8. Our eyes are bigger than our orifices: So you've warmed your butt up... it's agreed that having something (small!) in it can feel good. How do you work your way up to a penis? Slowly. Once the opening is happy to play with, it's time to go in past one knuckle or the tip of the Small Ripple. Don't forget that patience will reward you in the end. ('In the end', get it? Ha...). Gradually work your way up to multiple fingers, or a slightly larger toy (but smaller than the intended penis), and then the butt should be ready for more. Going for gold right away will push your sphincter muscles faster than you want to, and pain (or injury!) can result. A good anal play session for me results in a slew of toys and a few gloves used before the penis gets to play.

9. Did we remember the LUBE? I hope you're getting the point by now that using lube is THE essential thing to learn about having anal sex. Once you've started warming up the butt, it's not a bad idea to add more lube, and as far in as you can reach, just in case.
10. Dealing with the aftermath: Depending on how well you worked your butt up to anal play, the time till your butt is back to "normal" should be short. If you have any type of adjustment period (things are looser than they, um hem, should be... for an hour or more), then you probably didn't go slow enough, or warm up enough. Pay attention to your body, and take note for next time what it needs. I asked porn star (and anal sex lover) Chloe Jones whether she worries that anal play will stretch her out, she adamantly said no. "The ass works like any other set of muscles," she said. "The more you work them out, the tighter they get.

"These pointers should get you started with anal play. If you'd like to read more on the subject, we highly recommend The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women by Tristan Taromino.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Dr. Feelgood

I anxiously waited in the back office for Beth to arrive. I was fully dressed down to my scrubs and even had a stethoscope for an added touch of reality. It's cool steel was the only thing keeping me from erupting. The erection in my pants was impossible to hide. This month's fantasy was sure to knock her boots off, especially since I had an assistant to help with the "exam."

Rebecca jumped at the opportunity to be included in our little fantasy. She and Beth had a friendship with all the benefits.

Her red stilettos clicked as she paced around frantically. Her white overcoat hid the red crotchless and braless nurse's outfit. Rebecca's dark red hair was slicked back in a ponytail, matching the same wet appearence of her costume.

The hat was a nice touch too.

"What the fuck is taking her so long," Rebecca barked.

"She still has five minutes. Why don't you have another more shot of Patron."

"Whiskey dick doesn't have the same advantages for a woman," Rebecca chuckled.

I came out from the back office to ease her tension. I pulled her in close, pressing her wet crotch up against my swollen member. We locked in a wet kiss. Our tongues flicked lightly in each other's mouths as we worked ourselves up more.

"Waiting just adds to the excitement Rebecca. You know you're both gonna get Dr. Feelgood's love soon enough," I said giving her a playful slap on the ass.

Beth's car door slammed shut outside.

"See. Better go greet and escort our patient to the exam room."

I scurried to the back office and watched as Beth came strutting in. She was wearing a black leather mini skirt with a white blouse. And for a final touch, my favorite bedroom shoes. A pair of black high heels with small rhinestones complimenting the straps.

"Hi Beth, I'm Nurse Rebecca and I'll will be assisting Dr. Feelgood with your exam today."

A sly smile creeped across Beth's face.

"Nice to meet you Rebecca," she replied staying in character.

"Our goal is to make this a pleasurable experience for you. Let me escort you back to the exam room to get you ready."

Rebecca gave her round ass a gentle squeeze as she walked by. They quickly made their way to the room, horny and ready to get started.

"Go ahead and get undressed and put this on."

"Sexy robe," Beth replied.

"Yeah, we try to do things a little differently here."

"I know, that's why I booked the appointment with you guys."

Beth and Rebecca locked into a lustful stare.

"If you don't mind, I can just wait here while you change."


Beth slowly unbottoned her blouse revealing her amazing breasts.

"No point in wearing a bra today when I'm just gonna get my tits felt up anyway."

"That's just the tip of the iceberg honey," Rebecca flirted back.

Beth slid out of her skirt leaving nothing but her shoes and put on the red satin robe with black lacy trim.

I watched through the cracked door with enjoyment as the two continued flirting.

Rebecca pulled the first examining toy from her pocket. A purple rabbit vibrator designed for triple stimulation.

"Before the doctor begins we like to get our patients comfortable and relaxed first. Considering that you are here for a full exam, we're going to need this tool to get you prepped. Sound good?"

"Oh Yeah!" Beth laid back on the exam table and eagerly spread her legs. She was more than ready!

Rebecca applied a liberal amount of KY jelly all over the toy, turned it on, and positioned it between Beth's legs.

A soft moan escaped Beth's lips as Rebecca slowly worked it inside. The rabbit ears flicked across her clit like a hot tongue, the vibrating cock sent pleasure waves through her inner walls, and the spiral anal plug teased her back door.

"I need you to hold this in place for me darling. It's getting so fucking hot in here!"

Rebecca dropped her lab coat to the floor, exposing her wet pussy and heaving tits through the openings of her red suit.

"That's fucking hot baby!" Beth moaned.

"Glad you like it," she said taking the tool back. Rebecca continued sliding the vibrator in and out of her. Beth's body arched with obvious enjoyment. Her robe slowly slipped open revealing her inviting tits. Rebecca didn't hesistate to give them a taste, leaning over taking her firm nipples into her mouth, knowing this would send Beth over the edge.

"Oh, oh yeah Rebecca I'm going to cum!" Beth cried out as she released a pulsating orgasm.
It was time for Dr. Feelgood to get involved!

"Looks like the client is more than ready," I said as I entered the room.

"Rebecca could you please administer the breast exam while I continue to lubricate the patient."

"My pleasure doctor!"

Rebecca climbed on top of Beth, squeezing and sucking on her tits while Beth found the opening in her suit and slid two fingers inside her wet hole.

My latex gloves snapped as I worked them on. Fully lubricating my hand, I slid three fingers inside Beth, two in her cunt and one in her ass. I fucked her methodically as I ran my tongue back and forth over her clit. She was soaking wet!

We continued to work each other into a passionate frenzy! My cock was aching for attention!

"Rebecca...............Beth is ready to be examined a little deeper!"

She climbed off of Beth and walked over to the counter to get the next examining device.

A red strap on vibrating dildo and harness. Rebecca quickly slipped it on and walked back over to the table, awaiting the next order.

Beth watched lustfully as I applied lube to the vibrating cock with one hand and slid two fingers deep inside Rebecca's pussy with the other.

Rebecca's knees went weak with pleasure as she steadied against me.

No longer content being just a spectator, Beth hopped of the table and pulled off my scrubs.
She dropped to her knees and took my shaft deep in her wet mouth.

"Rebecca could you please lie on the exam table. I believe Beth is eager to finish her exam."

"Mmmm Hmmm," Beth moaned over my cock. Rebecca quickly hopped on the table on her back, cock standing at attention.

"She's ready for you Beth, climb on top of her."

Without hesitiation she was on top of Rebecca riding her massive vibrating cock.

"Oh God!" Beth cried out.

Rebecca's crotchless opening was inviting me as my wife rode her wildly. I positioned myself directly behind them both and slid my cock deep inside Rebecca's flaming cunt, just below Beth as she continued to fuck the vibrating tool.

Beth leaned back into me as the three of us continued to fuck frantically. My hands cupped around Beth's huge tits, she turned and we locked into a wet passionate kiss.

I nibbled on her bottom lip and pinched her nipples to her delight.

"Oh fuck you guys are so hot, I'm gonna cum, oh God I'm gonna cum," Rebecca cried out.

My dick shined with her sticky juice as I slowly pulled out.

"Only one more area to check Beth. Please lie on top of Rebecca now."

Their naked bodies pressed together with their tits rubbing into each other as they kissed wildly.
Beth managed to reach back and slide her finger inside of Rebecca. Beth's smooth ass rocked side to side, anxious for me to finish.

I climbed on top of the table and straddled Beth from behind. Lubed and ready I slowly entered her tight ass.

"Ohhhhhhhh!" Beth screamed out. I've never heard her moan so loud!

We worked together perfectly as one unit, collectively bringing each other closer to ecstasy.

"Oh baby, are you ready for me to cum in your ass."

"Give it to me doc!!!!"

We sang out with pleasure! My cock shooting deep inside of my wife's sweet ass. The vibrating tool continued to pleasure the head of my dick through the vaginal wall, making me shake violently as I kept unloading.

Exam complete!

Upon leaving Rebecca stopped Beth just before she could leave.

"Excuse me Beth. But isn't your husband due for his next prostate exam?"

"As a matter of fact he is!"

"Same time next week?"

Beth glanced at me and winked.

"Oh yes!"

Sunday, May 4, 2008

My Muse - 2nd Entry

I am coming to get you!

You won't know what hit you! Deep within the core of your soul you know you still lust for me! You want my muscular body pressed against yours! You want to ride me silly! You want to take my huge cock in your mouth just like you use to!

You are the object of my obsession and I will have you again if it kills me.

You can't avoid me forever!

My desire to do naughty things to you only grows stronger as you try to avoid what you're dying to have.

I know your needs better than any other man.

I'm going to tie you up in bed on all fours and make you question why you made me wait this long. Taking my thobbing cock like you always wanted. I'm going to spank you with my leather paddle as I fuck you from behind. Your moans of pleasure and pain will confirm your hidden desire!

You love it! You know you need it and you know you want it!

I'm going to remind you that I'm the object of your obsession as well!
I am your source of pure lust!

Your sexual prowess will be unleashed as I fuck you over and over! Pumping my juice on your tits, deep inside your cunt, and in your ass! Everywhere you always wanted and needed it!

I'm coming!!!!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

My Muse - 1st entry

Muse - the spirit that is thought to inspire a poet or artist; source of genius or inspiration.

I thought about you again last night. Your soft skin, big breasts, and how your tattoo compliments your perfectly round ass.

I imagined that you, Slash and I were engaged in a threesome. Both of us guys standing naked before you, our firm cocks at attention, eager to be pleased.

You are kneeling before us. Your leather thigh high boots and naked body shine under the flicker of the candle lit room.

You work us maginicently with your hot mouth and amazing hands. Pleasuring us both. Moans fill the room.

We finish off with you sandwiched between us on the bed. You're on top of me. Your tits press firmly against my chest as your pussy grinds against my cock.

Your moans tickle my neck as Slash fucks you in the ass. We climax simultaneously, giving you our hot white cum.

See what you do to a man? You're the sexiest woman alive and don't even realize it!

I'm going to show you again and again and pleasure you like the goddess you are!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Reclaiming Confidence

Heather and I had become pretty close friends this past year. We had lived next to each other in an upscale neighborhood in Austin, and were too consumed with work to become acquainted until recently.

Heather and her boyfriend just broke up a few weeks ago. Apparently the bastard was cheating on her.

"There just isn't any chemistry between us anymore," is what he claimed.
Heather's confidence was shattered.

"He said he's not attracted to me sexually," she told me in our last conversation

"He's a fucking fool," I told her. "You are absolutely stunning. Any man would kill to be with you!"

"That's sweet. You're too good to me," She said.

I had just got back from a business trip and settled in for the evening. I kicked back on the sofa to watch a meaningless ballgame on my flat screen. I quickly slammed my first Jack and coke, enjoying the mild buzz.

I got up to make another drink and my cell phone went off. It was a text from Heather.

"Go out to your backyard. Keep your phone with you," The message read.

Her house was located directly behind mine. I thought she was suppose to be out of town.

I causally strolled outside, oblivious to what I was about to see.

Heather was standing at her bedroom window half naked. The soft glow of the room complimented her stunning body. She was wearing a white tank top displaying her amazing tits. Her nipples were visibly erect through the ribbed cotton. Her top was paired with a lacy white thong that enhanced her tan legs and smooth ass.

The show was about to begin!

She started by caressing herself, she traced her hands up and down her body, running them down her legs and bringing them back up to press her huge tits together.

All I could do was watch like a frightened teenage virgin. My cock pressed firmly into my American Rage jeans as I continued to enjoy the peep show.

She lifted her shirt just enough to give me a better view of her firm mounds. She gave her nipples a pinch making her head rocked backwards as her bleach blond hair danced down her back.
Her eyes were shut as she got herself hotter by sliding one hand down her smooth body to pull away her panties, exposing her shaved pussy. Her other hand went up to her inviting mouth taking in a couple of fingers and sucking on them softly before heading south.

She slid both of her moist fingers inside of her cunt. Slowly working them in and out while massaging her clit with her thumb.
Her fingers shined with hot sticky cum.

She ripped off of her shirt and bent over to give me an amazing view from behind. I couldn't make out what she was doing with her hands.

My cell phone vibrated in my pocket.

"New text message from Heather," it read

I quickly opened it up!

"Want a better view? The front door is open!"

I was out the door in a dash.

She was waiting for me in the front living room, standing by the leather sofa completely naked. I eagerly rushed to press her naked body against me. Our lips fell into perfect sync. I stroked her soft skin up and down her body before cupping her round ass with my hands.

Heather stroked the head of my cock through my jeans, feeling the moisture of my drizzling cum through my pants. She ripped open my jeans and dropped to her knees taking the shaft deep in her mouth. My swollen member shined as she licked it up and down while massaging my balls. A heavenly moan escaped from my lips. God she was amazing.

I tore off my shirt revealing my toned body. Heather pushed me onto the couch. She positioned her moist pussy on top of my face and dropped her mouth onto my cock as we locked into a 69. I thrust my tongue deep inside of her alternating between her pussy and ass.

This drove her wild!

"Oh Darin, I've been wanting you so bad, I need to fuck you now!"

She climbed on top of me taking my dick deep inside. Her tits draped across my face. I eagerly pressed them together with my strong hands and worked both with my mouth as she rode me hard and fast.

"Oh my God Darin you're gonna make my come!"

She dug her long nails into my chest as her whole body shook intensely, drenching my cock as she released a deep orgasm.

I too was about to explode, her pussy was so hot. I started to cry out, "Oh fuck Heather here it comes!"

She quickly got off of me and took my member back into her mouth, swallowing me whole as she drained my cock completely.

Heather climbed back on top of me and leaned in for a deep sticky kiss. Our smooth naked bodies pressed together, both of us were gasping for air.

"You better get your second wind Darin. I have so much more I want to do to you!

"We continued all night! Every room, every position that you could possibly imagine! The kitchen floor, the shower, doggy style, on her back, in her ass, everything a man could want!

I would always be hers to have. Anytime she needed to reclaim her confidence.