Monday, July 28, 2014

Watching - by Katie Marie

I like to be watched. The idea of desire being met just by watching me move makes me fucking hot. So there he is, sitting on the love-seat waiting for me. The room is inviting, dim and warm. A fire is slowly burning in the far corner and its almost down to embers. The room is almost like a library or study that you would see in some old mansion on a movie. There are several bookcases spanning from floor to ceiling and a large, ornate desk scattered with papers and books. The love seat sits in the middle of the room and faces the desk. From the doorway, I can see his profile. I have met him in this room many times, this is our room, our place. Just the anticipation of one of our nights soaks me all day. Today I am covered by a black trench coat. I am a sexy cliche at its best, a fantasy all for him. I saunter into the room, my heels clicking loudly on the hard wood yet he still doesn't turn to look at me. I stop three feet in front of him and he finally looks up and acknowledges me with a wicked half smile while letting out a gentle, "Mmmmm," affirming his pleasure for me. "I've been waiting for you," he says. I walk slowly to the stereo while his burning eyes take in my allure and mystery. The smooth electronic rock melody begins to vibrate throughout the room and turns my body on. I am eager to be in control and please his eyes. I stand in front of the desk and begin to sway to the music. I slowly reveal one leg covered in a black stocking as I begin to untie the belt. My hips are now grinding to the music as the coat hits the floor revealing stockings that hit mid thigh with heels and a black mini dress. My breasts are heaving out the top and my ass is peaking out the bottom. I spread my legs, turn around and bend over the desk while rounding my hips with the rhythm. This view from behind leaves my pussy peaking out, flaunting my pink hot center. I stand up and turn around slowly undoing the zipper on my dress. I methodically and carefully lower each inch of the zipper letting my bare skin out to play. My breasts are first as I free my hard nipples. Then I shimmy my hips while the dress skims my flat stomach and stretches over the soft curves of my ass. It glides easily down my legs and the only thing I'm left wearing are my stockings, heels, and a garter belt. His watching eyes are burning for me and he begins to rub his cock. I am heightened even more by his visual pleasure and I can feel my pussy throbbing and dripping. I kick the heels off and climb on the desk. I face him and spread my legs showing him my smooth glistening cunt. My weight is on my heels as I lean back and press my hips slightly into the air. My hips do not stop circling to the rhythm and I begin to feel myself. My own grasping hands drive me wild. I feel my breasts and pinch my nipples. My hands run down my stomach to my inner thighs. He is getting a glorious show as my gentle fingers find my wetness and glide along my clit. My fingers know how I like it and I am now moaning. Through my legs I can see him longing for me on the love seat. He is watching, waiting, at my mercy, and stroking his hard cock. I hop off the desk and seductively remove my stockings one by one and slip the garter off. I am now fully nude, exposed, and aching wet for him. I cannot wait any longer and with the music coursing through my soul I go over to him and our mouths finally meet. Our tongues intertwine and my chest caves with a small bit of relief. He grabs my hair with gentle force and pulls my head back. He dives into my neck with his mouth which chills me from head to toe. However, I still own the room and my straddling body grinds on his cock but does not let it in. I wet every inch of the shaft with my sweetness and and tease the tip with my opening. I then run my pussy down the backside and tease myself while his smooth shaft rubs over my clit. I am ready for him to be inside. Slowly I begin to descend on his thick cock squeezing as I go. I hear myself moan as I take him in and sit my hips all the way down. His deepness fills me and I'm driven to fuck--hard. I am pounding up and down on his cock, so wet, so tight, so warm. He starts talking about my hot cunt and moaning my name. He bites my nipple as my body rocks on top of him. I'm ready to explode for him as I take one last hard pump and feel my orgasm start deep inside and release throughout my entire body. I clench and pour my cum onto him just as he moans, slaps my ass, and fucking lets go inside me. We look each other in the eyes with a mutual respect and give each other a quick goodbye kiss. As I leave the room I'm already thinking about the next time.


Anonymous said...

Hi Sam, I'm continually enthralled with the way you write. Perhaps your email is permanently shut down and you are no longer writing? That makes me extremely sad. Please return.

B Swish said...

It was fun reading your story. I like the way you ended it by kissing like you guys are real lovers. And about the way you did sex, it would be as more exciting as it is if you use a massager to seduce him while he's watching you.

rabbit vibrator said...

I like the way of your writing. I like your stories and I have read all of your stories. You should come back to us and should write more stories. I will wait for your new stories. Please come back and give us some fun with your stories.