Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Dare to Share!

Hello everyone! I want to try a little something different! The majority of my entries consist of short stories, sex clips, sex toy reviews, humor, etc. But I'm ready for a little change. Basically, I want involvement from you!

Consider this a dare!

I want you to share with me your favorite sexual experience or fantasy! Send it to me by commenting on this post.

The majority of my creative writing is not only through my own overactive imagination and personal experiences, but things I see and stories I hear!

What gets you hot? What drives you wild? I dare you to share!!!

I'll start first with one of my favorite experiences!

I went home one Friday afternoon during a lunch break. I left my lover a pair of thigh high boots, a long wavy wig, a room key to a hotel, and a note saying, "I'll meet you in room 236 at 5:30pm sharp!"

I parked my car a block away so I could watch her as she got into the car to meet me at the hotel. The look of excitement on her face drove me wild.

I gave her plenty of time before I arrived to our destination. My cock was screaming with anticipation of what would unfold! I couldn't wait to take her!

I knocked on the door and my jaw about hit the floor when I saw her! A tall exotic beauty with stunning wavy reddish blonde hair dancing across her shoulders, her nipples firm and erect, thigh high boots shining with pride, and a wide lustful grin across her ruby red lips!

She looked sexy and most importantly.... she felt sexy!

Though I had been with her multiple times, the change in her appearance was so erotic, it felt like this was our first time together!

I quickly lunged at her and our mouths met in a wild passionate kiss. Tongues dancing in a swirl, hands groping wildly against one another's muscular bodies, our breathing fierce and gasping.

I squeezed at her firm tits taking one into my mouth. She moaned softly as I gnawed on her flesh. Her head tilted back and her eyes shut as my free hand found her wet sex folds.

She was out of her mind with lust! Moaning, gasping, panting, clutching, and clawing, trying to free my cock.

She dropped to her knees and she sucked me hard with her whimpering moans.

Not wanting to cum too fast, I quickly picked her up and threw her onto the bed, positioning her on all fours. I blew hot flickering kisses along her smooth ass before thrusting my tongue deep inside of her cunt. My tongue lapped and lashed in and out of her until she couldn't wait any longer!

"Oh God! Give me that big cock," she begged.

One smooth push and I was in, fucking her wildly. The sweet sound of smacking flesh bounced off of the walls.

We howled blissfully!

Her tight pussy clinched and spasmed around the head of my cock, sending sweet cum deep inside of her. Our bodies shuddered in a delightful orgasm.

I gave her a quick kiss as she left to take a quick shower. I was amazed at how quickly I got worked up again.

I needed more!

I climbed into the shower and quickly went down on her, licking the curve of her pussy, enjoying the taste.

Her mouth fell open letting out a series of lustful moans! I didn't stop until she came, her sticky sweet juices flooding into my mouth!

I wasn't done!

I turned her around and spooned against her, fucking her from behind! Water splashed against our bodies, her wet ass bucked back against me, taking me deeply until she came a third time!

Eager to finish me off, she slid her hot wet body down to my throbbing cock, fucking me with her huge tits. I growled like an animal as my load shot all over her chest!

Man I think I need a cold shower after reliving this!

Five orgasms in 20 minutes! Pretty efficient!

Now it's your turn!!!

Get me hot!!!!

Come on! What do you got to lose?

I dare you to share!!!


Kirsten Monroe said...

She looked sexy and most importantly.... she felt sexy!

Though I had been with her multiple times, the change in her appearance was so erotic, it felt like this was our first time together!

That's hot Sam!

One of my favorites....when my husband and I were dating, I stayed at his place one night. We shared a ride to work, so in the morning, we got up and started getting ready like usual. "Call in sick," I begged. "Let's sleep in. Please." "I can't," he said, knotting his tie. I pouted, then pushed him to the couch and got on my knees. "Well I'm kissing you goodbye now," I said. I put my heart and soul into a long, hot kiss, refusing to let him go until I got my way. He pulled away and said only, "Damn!" and immediately called in sick. We didn't leave the house at all that day, fucking in every room, in every position, taking breaks only to feed each other. We were in our own world and totally consumed by lust and one another.

Sam said...

Wow Kristen! You've just inspired me to call in sick for a week! I'll need to add another wing to the house just to keep it kinky and interesting!

Great story! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sam,

Love your site -- and your truths and dares. Here goes. I love the all-day build-up. One day I started sending sexy photos of myself (under-the-desk shots, boob shots in the restroom, leg shots at the meeting, etc.)via cell phone to my boyfriend as soon as I got to work. I must have sent a photo every hour. Then at noon I sent my thong and a dirty note to his office across town by courier in an envelope marked "fragile" and "urgent." The all-day exchange between us became hotter and hotter until finally we met for happy hour at a city bar and pretended to be picking one another up. By the time we made it to my place for the grand finale, I was so worked up I thought I'd go insane. The sex was wild and crazy, that's for sure. Oh, that was a good day!


Anonymous said...

I'll keep this short. First class. Hot flight attendant. International flight. 12 a.m. Virgin Atlantic black sleep suit, you know the one. Sir? Thank you. Oh! Now? Oh! Yes. Oh! My! Lips. Hands. Tongue. Zipper. She rocked my world. I'll never forget her. The song I wrote that everyone wonders about? I wrote it for her.


Sam said...

Hot damn Jill! You're quite the naughty little tease!

And E! What airline do you use? I'd be racking up the miles in no time with first class service like that!

Thanks everyone for playing! We'll do it again very soon!

Time for a cold shower :)

Anonymous said...

Hey again Sam,

Virgin Atlantic Airlines, Upper Class, is highly recommended!