Saturday, August 2, 2008

My Muse - 11th Entry

You look like a pro as I video tape you going down on me. I'm sprawled out on the couch trying to hold the camera steady as you tease my swollen member with your tongue and mouth.

You pull down your silk teddy, revealing your amazing breasts.

"Please press my cock between them," I think to myself.

You know me too well. You press your silky tits around my shaft and glide seductively up and down it's length before taking it back to your hungry mouth. I'm no longer able to control my are in control of me now.

This is so erotic! The projected black & white image of the recording camera adds to the experience. I watch in awe as you continue to devour my dick with your mouth, licking up and down the shaft while pumping the base with your hands.

You go in for the kill, sucking hard on the head of my cock while yanking up hard on the shaft, over and over and over....God don't ever stop....ever!

Your mouth is the epicenter of pleasure!

Your moans match mine, you know it's time....steady camera, steady!

You release your mouth from my cock, spraying beautiful pearls of cum all over your heaving tits.

In a comatose state, I watch as it runs down your perfect body.

You smile with exotic confidence. We lock into a wet lingering kiss.


Time to watch your craft!

I eagerly hook up the camcorder to the t.v. to relive your oral masterpiece.

5 years later I still haven't left the television!

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