Tuesday, July 15, 2008

TNT - Part 2

Trixy took over. She ran her long and luscious tongue up Tanya's neck before stopping to suck and whisper dirty nothings into her ear.

"Which cock do you want me to fuck you with baby? Johnny or Mustang?"

"Oooooh, give me the Johnny honey!"

"You dirty girl! Let Trixy enjoy you first!"

"Oh yeah honey!" Tanya cooed. Trixy continued to suck on Tanya's neck while slowly unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her large and deeply tanned breasts.

"Stand up baby!" Trixy commanded.

Both girls rose and quickly shimmied out of the rest of their clothes, only leaving on their matching black boots.

In haste, their bodies pressed together in harmony as they met for a deep lingering kiss. Both of them ran their hands up and down each other's silky bodies, their tongues dancing lightly against one another's. TNT's aroused breathing filled and echoed throughout the room. Trixy then pushed Tanya back against the table and eagerly went down to taste her glistening cunt. Tanya's head tilted back as she let out a deep moan.

Trixy wasted no time sliding two fingers inside of Tanya's moist mound, gently massaging her g-spot while softly nibbling on Tanya's swollen clit.

"Oh Trixy! I need you to fuck me now baby! Please!"

Trixy gave Tanya's pussy one last suck, loving the lingering taste of her juice. Trixy then reached into her bag, pulling out a black and pink harness and a flesh colored dildo. "Johnny" I assumed.

All I could do was stare dumbfounded like a deer in headlights. Everything seemed to be going in slow motion and the speed of sound simultaneously.

"Enjoying the show?" Tanya cooed.

Startled, all I could do was nod my head as I watched Trixy slide the harness over her perfectly curved hips.

"Don't worry Officer Steve. When were done playing we're gonna take good care of you," Trixy purred as she was positioning "Johnny." She was ready to rock Tanya's world.

"Okay," is all I could mumble. "Jesus Steve! You need to get you're shit together!" I thought to myself, trying to snap myself out of my arousal induced coma.

Tanya was anxiously bent over the table waiting with her legs spread wide, accentuating her round and inviting ass.

Trixy seductively approached her with "Johnny" slick with lube, shining with pride.

Trixy was the epitome of pure sexuality. She looked so empowered wearing the strap-on dildo. I had never seen a woman more erotic than her at that moment!

Tanya braced herself as Trixy slowly slid inside of her.

"Oh God, Oh God baby, yes!" Tanya moaned as Trixy fucked her slowly.

Trixy reached around with her hand and gracefully rubbed Tanya's clit as she started to fuck her harder and faster.

Tanya's ass smacked back against the leather harness, the slap noises of flesh echoed and bounced off the walls.

"Oh smack my ass baby!" Tanya cried out.

Trixy's free hand was down instantly. SLAP!

"Oh fuck yes baby! Harder Trixy harder!


"Oh God don't stop baby! I'm gonna cum!"

Trixy kept smacking her ass feverishly making her flesh turn red as she continued to bang her furiously.

"Oh my God, Yes...Yes....Yes....FUCK YES!" Tanya yelled with orgasmic joy.

Trixy stopped abruptly and knelt down to lick Tanya from behind. Tanya's body quivered from arousal overload.

"Johnny" was glowing with lube and hot cum.

"My turn to ride!" Trixy announced proudly with a wicked grin on her face as she slipped out of the harness.

"What's your pleasure baby?" Tanya replied

"Oooh I don't know! There are so many choices! You better give me Mustang so he doesn't feel left out!"

I didn't know dildos were capable of human emotions, let alone jealousy.

"But I want a little something extra too," Trixy continued, "Officer Steve....Do you like Anal?"

To be continued!!!!

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