Monday, June 2, 2008

My Muse - 6th Entry

Every fiber of my soul aches for you!

A day without you is an eternity to me!

Will I ever feel your touch again?

Trace your bottom lip with my tongue?

Nibble and whisper in your ear how I'm going to pleasure you as my cock enters you deeply.

Your soft moan validates your desire.

I long to feel your smooth skin pressed against my naked body!

I fantasize about the infinite possibilities of our lust.

Licking, biting, sucking, moaning, screaming, fucking, in every room in every position.

Will I see you naked in the shower? Watching the water dancing around your erotic body. Every drop clinging to your perfection. The soap makes you shine like a Goddess.

Will you invite me to join you? Our bodies sliding, grinding, and groping in perfect harmony!

Your screams of delight echo the room as I fuck you from behind. The water reluctantly bounces off of us. Our flesh makes beautiful music as your ass smacks back against me, fucking me hard, needing it deeper. It can never be too deep!

Take my throbbing cock into your mouth! Don't ever stop! Ever!

The steam filled shower creates a heaven like atmosphere. This is heaven! You take me deep inside your mouth. You tease my cock with your soft breasts and firm hands as I spray hot cum all over your chest.

Let me pleasure you again! Let me throw you on the bed and see your wet naked body slide across the satin sheets.

I want to taste you. I need to taste you! I lick the outer lips of your silky pussy before diving deep inside, driving you mad! I love how your body arches against me, driving for more.

Your wet slick hair is laid out across the bed. Your shapely legs wrapped around my head as my tongue thrusts deep inside of you. I massage your smooth breasts with my strong hands.

You're absolutely perfect!

I climb on top of you and fuck you again and again into an endless orgasm! Your cunt grips my cock with pleasure as I unload deep inside of you. My muscular body falls on top of yours as we both quiver euphorically.

I tremble and ache until I can have you again.

Will I ever have you again?

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