Sunday, June 29, 2008

My Muse - 8th Entry

I am forever a slave to your love!

From the first kiss and the first suck, to the last lick and the last fuck.........I am forever a slave!

From the moment our glances first met, to when are bodies become one.......after the fuck is over and done.........I need you even more!

I'm forever lost in the sea of your sexual soul.

Your lingering touch, your soft hair, your warm mouth, your amazing tongue, your smooth pussy, your luscious breasts, your piercing blue eyes, the small of your back, the curve of your ass, the nape of your neck, the lobe of your ears, your perfect touch, your moans before you cum, your body of perfection..........I'm forever your slave!

The various ways you pleasure my cock is intoxicating. Between your tits, in your mouth, with a strong fist, in your tight ass or your soaking cunt, there isn't a place I don't enjoy you draining the hot cum from my cock.

You drive me wild and it makes me want to pleasure you more!

I want to dive into a 69 while you're sleeping, lick your sweet juice after you orgasm, press your tits together while you ride me hard, slide a vibrator in your hot ass while I fuck you from behind.

I want to make you cum over and over and over again!

I can never get enough, my thirst for you will never be quenched! I long for you, I lust for you. I need to pleasure you again!

Tell me when.

Tell me where.

How long must I wait?

How long can you?

Please tell me!

All I need is you!

Give lust a chance again!

I'm forever a slave to your love!

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