Friday, June 27, 2008

Traction Bound

When I regain consciousness I realize I'm naked and bound to the traction table. Everything is going as planned.

The only light is a small flicker from a dimly lit candle.

After what seems like an eternity you emerge from the darkness. The silhouette of your body glows in the dark. Your naked body is an artwork of perfection, highlighted with neon body paint. The only visible features are your vivid orange breasts, long green legs, and hot pink lips!

Your neon aura crawls towards me, ready to devour.

You stand before me, slithering up and down my muscular body. I stand there strapped and helpless, a slave to your seduction.

You glide downward and nestle my cock between your tits, massaging the shaft with your soft flesh in long sensual strokes.

"I told you I do whatever it takes to get what I want Sam," you whisper.

No point in fighting.......I let go!

I moan deeply as you take me into your mouth.

"I knew you wanted this all along Sam," you say in a dominant manner.

A smile creeps across your hot pink lips as you go in for the kill.

A collage of neon engulfs my throbbing cock. The pink blur of your lips takes me into your world completely.

I moan wildly as I release my hot juice all over your tits. Cum streaks down your chest, washing away the hot orange.

You grin up at me knowingly. Knowing I'm forever your sexual slave. The line between doctor and patient is now officially blurred.......Or in our case........husband and wife!

Who says married sex is boring?


Miss Honey said...

When married sex is this sexy no one would ever say it is boring. Wonderful!

Anonymous said...

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