Sunday, April 27, 2008

"The Wham Bam Thank You Van"

This week it was my turn to drive. Never in a million years did I think I would look forward to driving, but I needed the fucking rest. Our service was in higher demand than I could ever possibly imagine.

The Van was looking immaculate! Fresh out of the shop, a midnight black 1978 Chevrolet G Van Shorty. New paint and gloss on the exterior, chrome hubcaps that made the motherfucker shine. As far as the upholstery, the floor was lined with red shag carpet! Comfort was needed most when you were talking about a bang mobile. The only chair was on the driver's side. Three guys satisfying a woman's primal desires on the open highway, you needed all the room you could get.

Most of these girls who seek our service were sexy, smart, and sophisticated. They just needed an escape from the monotony of the everyday humdrum. At the core, I think everyone needs to unleash the beast from within.

Cruising down the freeway my associates were in the back ready to please.

Maceo a.k.a. “Big Chocolate”. A huge Afro-American buddy of mine who made Ving Rhames look like a fucking dwarf. He was chiseled out of stone, oh and yes, he's packing some “big” heat.

Rafael, a.k.a. “The Spaniard”. Model good looks with a medium athletic build. Long slick black hair and matching goatee, with a magical tongue that drives the women insane!

And David, a.k.a. “Tuff”. Nickname came from his 10 year stint as a minor league hockey player. Ruggedly handsome, the only thing he handled better than a hockey puck was tits and ass!

Our next stop was just off interstate 215, also known as the Belt Route. The house was located near Holliday in a neighborhood that was made for television. Very high class, mostly occupied by doctors, lawyers, business owners, and most importantly..........clients!

“Were here!” I shouted.

The Van screamed into Kara's driveway. Her CFM boots clicked loudly across the driveway as she practically sprinted to the van. A deeply tan brunette, huge tits bouncing in her white halter top, and denim shorts showing off her muscular legs.

She climbed in and the boys immediately mauled her, all three of them naked and ready to feed her hungry soul.

Maceo and David took her down to her back, quickly ripping her shirt off to get at her delicious breasts. Not far behind Rafael stripped off her shorts and enjoyed her smooth muscular legs, licking and nibbling his way up toward her pleasure zone.

Kara cried out loudly, sprawling out on the soft shag, furiously stroking Maceo and David's meaty cocks while they pleasured her luscious melons.

Rafael was working her wet pussy with that impressive tongue of his. I could tell she was on the verge of cumming.

I was doing my best to stay focused and get the van back on the Belt Route. We hit a red light just before the entrance. A fat balding man in a convertible mustang pulled up in the other lane next to us. He gave me an odd look. The van was shaking noticeably since Kara was now riding Rafael while taking Maceo and David's shafts into her hot juicy mouth.

I turned to stare back at Mr. Convertible through my razorblade sunglasses. He quickly looked away.

I spun the tires as the light turned green, speeding onto the freeway. Wind came screaming through the windows as I reached 80 mph.

The moans and groans were filtered out by the noise of the freeway. I struggled to keep my focus on driving, but it was hard with such an erotic display in my rear view mirror.

They were like a well oiled machine! David was fucking Kara in the ass while she kept grinding away on Rafael's member. Not denying Maceo any pleasure she continued working his massive black cock with an incredible suck job. Her hunger was being filled completely.

After our final loop the gang bang reached a colossal orgasm, all of them howling with pleasure, David and Maceo releasing deep inside her ass and cunt, while Maceo sprayed her chest with his creamy sperm. Kara quivered with pleasure as we sped back to her house.

Just like that we were back in her driveway. Kara hoped out of the Van, energized by the raw sexual experience. She walked around to the driver's side, panting, and leaned in for a quick kiss.
“I hope you saved enough for me,” I said in a stern tone.

“But of course! Think you can comp me this one time?”

“Maybe just this time,” I said with a smile.

Kara went running towards the front door then stopped abruptly and turned back around.

“Can you still pick up the kids from soccer?”

I gave her a quick wink and hit the gas..................didn't want to keep Mrs. Tuff waiting too long!

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